Air Supply - Chances Lyrics

There's a chance you will be there
I'd like to know the truth
I'll find it out somehow
The chances aren't too strong
A chance you will be there
Please be there alone
Help me speak of love
Chances aren't enough
One's too good to miss
Chances aren't too strong
A chance is all there is

There's a chance you will be there
Wond'ring what to do
How to play my role
I'll leave it up to you
If I disguise my smile
It gives too much away
And what if we can't speak
What then shall I say
Don't you be too long
Something has gone wrong
The chances are all gone

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Air Supply Chances Comments
  1. JJ Sundra




  2. JJ Sundra

    THE IRONY OF IT.....!!?



    CHEERIO ! ⭐🤗

  3. Fernando paulo Dos santos

    dez7-2019 besutiful video my favorite music i love air supply jesus chrysti from sanpaolo

  4. Musab Dreams

    i start hear this song sin 1995.. now 2019

  5. Jose Perez

    hoy 17 noviembre 2019 desde puerto rico

  6. shell sower

    Who is still listening to this great song in the Fall of 2019? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Heather Lynn

    Grew up on this.My mom taught me.This last year.... It's almost become a "prayer"
    Where are you God?

  8. Logan Leone

    This song was on the Lost in Love album which was released in March of 1980. Approaching 40 years and this still gives me goosebumps.

  9. immanuel solis

    i just love this song

  10. Master Jet

    That filipino guy brought me here i forgot his name.


    My most favorite very intense too haunting Air Supply song along with their song It's Never Too Late.

  12. Logan Leone

    Is it okay to sob to this? This songs meaning lights my fire.

  13. JGil. Musica

    Uma das melhores do AIR SUPPLY.... criada pelo próprio GRAHAM RUSSELL...LINDAAA,LINDAA

  14. Argie Managa

    nice songs

  15. Christopher McDavit

    Who else loves this beautiful song?

    JJ Sundra

    I do....!
    They do not compose them like they do those days....!

    The melody is breathtaking & emotive...!

    The lyrics are deep & wide & "poetic"...!

    The way he held the last note at rhe very end , tells me that he has been instructed in the correct singing technique/method....!

    There is undeniably..., "POETIC JUSTICE" to nominate them as the best duet singers for the whole of the 20th Century along with ABBA....!

  16. bhudram lalldas

    so much memories comin back when i hear this song....

  17. barbara hastings

    I'm going to tell you my story and what this song means to me. When I was 19, I was married a year already, left him and discovered I was pregnant after leaving. During that time I was friends with a man I fell in love with. Alan was sweet and kind and happy. Court Ordered paternity test announced the x Husband to be the father. The rest was disasters history. My now adult 43-year-old daughter did one of those family tree histories of your family tree things, and no one with her Dads name appeared. Back 43 yrs. ago there was no DNA as it exists today. I only knew what the court determined at that time. It wasn't Alans. But here's the real sad part, with no cell phones then, you had to try to catch people at home to speak to them. When first pregnant, and all this drama going on in my life I finally just drove the 50 miles to Alan's house to tell him I was pregnant and was not certain if it was his. He was not home and so this talk took place with his Mom and sister, and they told me they would give the news to Alan. I waited and waited for his call, that never came. When my Baby was born I called his family to tell them, three months later Alans Mom and sis came with gifts to see my beautiful little baby, and asked if the baby was Alans and I had to tell them the results of the paternity test. By then since I never heard from Alan I assumed he didn't want anything to do with it. I recently just told my daughter his name, and his family appears in her tree. My daughter tracks him down and speaks with him and he is gravely ill waiting for a lung donor. He knew nothing of me being pregnant. They never told him. He was astonished! I have only moments to take this "Chance to see this man poss. one more time. He lives in Missouri and me in Fl. My daughter (who is a bit of a control freak) is against this. Screw the whole damn world, This is my CHANCE.

  18. Ra Z

    Que chingona

  19. dzaztrouz bishop

    TNT brought me here. Ang galing ni John Michael!

  20. Felix Velez

    Amazing Pipes! Nothing comes close to that lead singer of Air Supply. I guess that's why they called the Band, Air Supply! Amazing!

  21. Julie Wardle

    Aaaaaa the memories 😌

  22. Louiejie Tinaco

    Welcome to my 2019 playlist💋

  23. izabel cristina Oliveira


  24. earl encina

    nice song....Air supply 1 of the best...i love your music....

  25. Harpuli

    guitar solo makes me cry

  26. zakienko

    My favourite Air Supply song of All time. Brings me back to 1991

  27. Mark Pangan

    who still listen now 2018

  28. joseph cristal

    San Miguel beer or red horse at a bar and it will be a perfect night out

  29. christopher bontuyan

    Growing up listening to them .. love they’re song.. miss those times...

  30. ItShydeenTV

    all love for 80's songs

  31. Gerald Montehermoso

    One of my favorite song chances air supplay

  32. bebang1584 fernandez

    if i only have the chances..before..I will make it right there and then..but I LET YO U GO

  33. miyuki chang

    maybe it will gone sooner later...
    i am tired.....

  34. Killergamer5557

    Woooww my love

  35. Jose Clemenia

    i really love that song because i want to have a chance bring back my partner

  36. minkara zaatar

    My fav Air Supply... Chances

  37. aerocooper143

    Something has gone wrong...

  38. Erna Peronalim

    I love this song very nice ,,,

  39. ranjankumar bhattacharyya

    My favourite song

  40. Mildred Hulet

    o o h h g r e a t s o n g

  41. Adj Solis

    Dec 2017 :)

  42. bouts rouse

    Esse música é linda..

  43. Amanda Arlete Oliveira

    Air Supply 100% love.

  44. Ivey Echin

    So sad..😢😢😢very sad...😢😢 chances are all gone😢😢😢 for the two of us😢😢😢

  45. Ricardo Ruiz Belo


  46. 許柏薰


  47. Brenda Outhwaite

    Air supply is awesome love all their songs since I was a teen even got to see them in concert

  48. Its_Bianca_YT

    my favorite song of air supply. i love this song

  49. Bob Tambal

    I remember my ex the moment i heard this song.

  50. Z Embajador-Omar

    really mzz the moment of being with him. the past & the story of us.

  51. jr Decastro

    greatest song never lost

  52. Teerawat Ruengruklikit

    HAY FUCK all your songs !!!! how can it ever be there for any deaf ? huh can we ever leave them all non sensing your works ?

  53. Juver Giraldo

    There's a chance you will be there
    i'd like to know the truth
    i'll find it out somehow
    the chances aren't too strong
    a chance you will be there
    please be there alone
    help me speak of love
    chances aren't enough
    ones too good to miss
    chances aren't too strong
    a chance is all there is
    There's a chance you will be there
    wondering what to do
    how to play my role
    i'll leave it up to you
    if i disguise my smile
    it gives too much away
    what if we can't speak
    what then shall i say
    don't you be too long
    something has gone wrong 
    the chances are all gone

  54. Noha Mabang

    nice song

  55. Carlos ernesto León aguilar

    nice song

  56. Susana Moniz

    Beautiful song

  57. Soso Never

    miss my love ones..hmmm lyf talaga is my lyf..

  58. Elsie Alcaraz

    the chances are all gone.... love this song....

  59. Genia BFloyd

    I Love Air Supply ☆♡ all their songs so Beautiful music to my ears ♡☆

  60. greg furtiere

    i like the string section,

  61. Some body

    that voice

    Sung Yul Taylor

    Straight from God my friend. Talent like that can't come from anywhere else. That's my view anyway

  62. Bong Floralde

    oh my gosh I love the song of air supply I cant believe my eyes ,,so nice hamming

    Jerome Tilbe

    Bong Floralde
    ohh !! my favorite song

  63. Arlen Comilang

    chances be there....

  64. Hyj Store

    I really remember her. I mzz you u apart of my life I love u still ...

  65. geraldine circulado


  66. Hethuhami Saranapala

    @dipisor Was this a vinyl cut?


    A vinyl cutter (or vinyl plotter) is a computer controlled plotting device with a blade instead of a pen.


    A vinyl cutter (or vinyl plotter) is a computer controlled plotting device with a blade instead of a pen.

    Hethuhami Saranapala

    +dipisor lol That's not what I meant. I asked what was the source media been used in the video. I asked, did you copy from a vinyl record? :D


    +Hethuhami Saranapala yes, I know! 😂😂😂

  67. Xandy Ribeiro

    essa música é linda,curti vcs dos anos 70,

  68. Romulo Amuan

    there is always a chance for who deserve the chances

    Urvish Graves

    Thank You ♡

  69. Clint Lumarda

    for me air supply is the best singer....

    Beck Jacobson

    check out my cover of this song?

  70. Arlen Comilang

    Chances by airsupply I like this song so much

    Beck Jacobson

    check out my cover of this song?

  71. beth caro

    very nice song,

  72. Mashod Salik

    song reminds my yesterdays childhood...😄

  73. are0706


    Beck Jacobson

    check out my cover of this song please?

  74. Adrian Alob

    Reminds me of when I was little.

    Beck Jacobson

    watch my cover of this song? It'd mean a lot.

  75. Maria Latorre

    chances is always there who deserve but people doesn't want to give chances

  76. Luis Rosario

    the best song of Air Supply and best solo

    Chinar Services

    Luis Rosario I feel the same way, it's perfect in every sense

  77. Karson Crawford

    So queer

    F.L. Hawk

    You would know

    F.L. Hawk

    But, would you

    F.L. Hawk

    Maybe not

    F.L. Hawk

    Yes you would :)

  78. Maribeth Morales

    there is always a second chance

  79. Lai Altrecha

    I love this song

  80. segitarylin

    1:21 How to play Marrow

    Xinli Xu


  81. Bhong Sultan

    love u tol thanks s pgknta nito...

  82. Irene Gotic

    Nice songs

    Jerome Tilbe

    Irene Gotic thanks!!

  83. kearneyghost

    Stunning visuals, Great song...thank you

    Aireen Missa

    This song ddcated to some1 i love..

  84. Jojo Chingjon

    me encanta...

  85. Saeful Bahri

    This song for Icha

  86. happy lui

    Aaww....omg...this beautiful song brings back so much bitter-sweet memories to me! Thank you

  87. Patricia Rojas Morales

    Great it!!!!


    One of my favorite airsupply songs.

  89. Nelson Cagaanan

    i love this song ,,,,,,

    Nelson Cagaanan


  90. DearMakeUpDiary

    Amazing song. Nicely done!



  92. matikas quinto

    i love air supply..

  93. Willy Sanding

    i love this song 

  94. Rose Phoenix

    I just saw Air Supply in concert last night and it was amazing. They did this song and I instantly fell in love with this song. 


    i love this song.chances

  96. Vickie Lynne

    beautiful video and song Air Supply and this is 100% proof why