Air - Sing Sang Sung Lyrics

Write a song, know it
Overkill just a bit
Easy does it
Good and hard just may hit

Oh you see this working
You and me been hurting
All this time we're being spun
Just to sing song
Sing song sung

Drummer bleeding
It's his pulse you're feeling
Singer screaming
Words you been feeling

Oh you see it working
You and me been hurting
All the time we're being spun
Just to sing song
Sing song sung

Drummer bleeding
It's his pulse you're feeling
Singer screaming
Words you been feeling

Oh you see it working
You and me been hurting
All the time we're being spun
Just to sing song
Sing song sung

Just to sing song
Sing song sung
Just to sing song
Sing song sung
Just to sing song
Sing song sung
Just to sing song
Sing song sung

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Air Sing Sang Sung Comments
  1. beefyblacksanta

    i feel like this is just the best thing to listen to if you are having a bad trip, this is just so calming and nice.

  2. Caro


  3. Ben Neely

    I was high as hell to this song luv it

  4. Tuur Impens

    Ik ben fkn pone en deze video veranrt mijn toekomst ij voel mij lekker weetje

  5. Nate H.

    I was searching the use of sang sing sung and for some unknown reason I ended up here

  6. Priyankar Chakraborty

    Awww..high school days. The best ever. VH1 in the mornings right before leaving for school. I miss those days. :(

  7. Giacomo Sidran

    Da steccati è bellissima

  8. Ken Byrd

    Sing Sang Boys

  9. Mónica LedZam


  10. ꧁NєgαnTM꧂

    Alguien sabe que significado tiene esta rola?


    If only we could trip forever... It is the best way to fly Only with LSD have I been able to dip my head into the depths of insanity. But I always come back. No such thing as a bad trip if you know what u are dealing with.


    YouTube wont let me and they keep deleting my reply to you

  12. Tis Morgan

    Air , es quizás uno de los pocos músicos auténticos , verdaderos en sus composiciones sin pretender impresionar a nadie, solo transmitir música agradable y sencilla.
    Sin duda uno de los pocos músicos modernos que están en mi sintonía.

  13. Michael I. L. Friskey

    Shit's crazy

  14. Lucy Taylor

    I've not heard this song in ages and I love it ❤

  15. Peace B is my network ID

    This gives me hella Adventure Time vibes

  16. Lil Disappointing

    I feel this song, and I feel like this song can feel me too.

  17. Alwan Tamalus

    Underrated band. This is a great work of art

  18. Liliane Beeckman

    Remember ?

  19. Bruno VallésMuñoz

    Music health :)




    You still have time to spit out the kool-aid.

  21. Frank Scherkenbach

    I had the same science teacher for Biology and Ecology in my years of 10th and 11th grade, and he showed me this video, and I loved it. So I still watch it too this day. The video has a nice tune and beat to it and it shows signs of science in the video.

  22. Alene Tashjian

    who is the animator?

  23. Farmer Lovejoy's

    Definitely saw this whilst tripping. Masterpiece........

  24. Stephanie Henderson

    Me encanta esta canción, aparte de que fue parte de mi infancia, siempre fue una de las canciones que era relajante

  25. Alwan Tamalus

    Genial. On attend le nouvel album. Pour quand ?

  26. Adelaide hula hoopers

    Qui est venu d'abord...air ou tame impala??

  27. Remruata Pautu

    Searched "sing sang sung" in Google and came across this gem


    ha ha same

  28. ACNC1

    Is this air chilled out tribute to sesame streets pinball song????

  29. Tree Hugger


  30. Mateo Diaz Vélez

    I was doing an english proyect and searched for how "sang" was written (I didn't know it before) and ended up listening to this song.
    I don't regret anything, it's so calm and relaxing.


    same 😂

    Justin Mitchell

    I'm doing a theatre essay and I was wondering what the difference was for sung and sang. I looked it up, saw this, and was lowkey happy I found it lol!

  31. Jagannatha Swami

    Love it but how is this not in HD??

  32. Nikhil JK

    Was feeling sad and stressed, then I remembered this song.

  33. Sierrah Glass

    I spent years searching for this song

  34. Matt Evans

    In 2012-2015 he used to point at the ball at the end.

  35. Slartibartfast 42

    I love how psychedelic this is

  36. choosingasuperfund

    this was very nice thanks you


  37. Erick Landaburu

    such a great song

  38. Mathilde Mallow

    I have been looking for this song for over ten years. The first time I saw it ... Was in 2009. I'm in tears, I was sixteen. All I could remember was this ball traveling through an incredible scenery. I never knew who it was, until now. Thank you Air.

    Francisco Vasquez

    Was it on mtv2's subterranean? And how does it feel being that old? Does it bother you?

    McCoy Genfan

    2018 - 2009 = 9
    You've been looking for it for nine years, not over 10.

    Grant Rants

    I think it was free on the itunes store at some point. That's how i found it


    You don't have to thank air. It is happy to provide you the ability to breathe


    @Grant Rants Same!

  39. Kenneth

    During my acid trip this video took me into my own reality of truth and warmth. An utterly different world with an unimaginable feeling. I will never forget this.

  40. alex

    mushroom jellyfish!

  41. Maria you


  42. Mizuno水野

    This song makes me feel very happy and relaxed ...

  43. Sharan K014

    Is that an ear ? 00:44

  44. waderz nutz

    Nice video

  45. Denise Bundy


  46. cooperwinkman

    I always thought he said "don't be so dumb" but it's "don't be so down"

    Lucy Taylor

    Omg same 😂

  47. Florancer

    Its 2018 and still love it

    Tanuj Sharma

    Its 2019 and still love it

    Adrian Ramirez Bermudez

    @Tanuj Sharma almost 2020 and i love it

  48. กีโต้ โอโอ

    Good song

  49. Thibault Palix

    I'm trippin balls man

  50. Nole

    First listen to this on acid, changed my whole life

    Karlos Vandangalos

    First listen to this on mushrooms altered my life


    First listen to acid on this lifed my change


    Adoro essa canção e o clipe tbm, é muito criativo.

  52. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

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    biggest thanks for ALL of your ama zing zing zing ness all in & arrrround 360 :)

  53. Herschel Herring

    Watched this on acid, best video I’ve ever seen

  54. Ismael Aguilar

    Hmmm well, the remix by saycet is way better , just my opinion

  55. Icaro Alister

    Thank you, Air!

  56. ColombianFavorite

    Chin chan chun el que sabe lo entendera jajajajajjaja

  57. Mladen Stanimirovic

    My song...favourite. Healthy sound. Just wonderfull.

  58. Ten's left eyebrow

    I came looking for mork lee but this is good too

    Alison M.

    Ten's left eyebrow same 👇👆

    Peace B is my network ID

    Ten's left eyebrow LOL!!! I thought I would have been the only nctzen here 😂😂

  59. Stefan Gnjatić

    Is this what magic mushrooms feel like? :)


    Stefan Gnjatić kinda... Like a warm fuzzy feeling inside that sort of pressures your stomach but you feel at peace


    unfortunately no

    Bill Carrig

    Stefan Gnjatić

    No, but the video would be great to watch while tripping.

  60. Edgardo Gregorini

    70's French pop psychedelic revival


    1960s Engish, I'm afraid. The video is completely derived from the 1968 animation from 'The Yellow Submarine', by the Beatles.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    @Crispvs1 *inspired

  61. Nina Danaë

    This song brings me so much joy and happiness in a very pretty way.

  62. saityavuz76

    Listen to this while playing "The Witness"

  63. SinG Raps

    this is my fav<3

  64. r3g3n3sis

    nobody can beat the french :-)

    2019 DE

    Slightly unfair comment, however, I will agree with you in one regard, the French are masters of the unusual. In a good way.

    Kristian Lara

    i can but i wont because i love cheese

  65. Leila Sanchez

    amo amo amo amo esta canción!!! me trae alegría y paz a la vez! ❤

  66. Mattéô

    5 years ago, and now, we are here

  67. Alex Kastner

    So many Diglets! Such a good song ^_^

  68. Roodoo Zefreak

    cette vidéo est un chef-d'oeuvre. Et je dis pas ça souvent.

  69. Othmane Laraki

    quelle merveille!!!!!!!

  70. benzbubblecat


  71. Perilous3D

    @muahahaha101 I know, it's hard to believe it's 2 dudes singing. They must have been sitting on their balls for the recording.

  72. Perilous3D

    FUCK advertising.

  73. lolgurlyyy

    TRIPPY I love it :D

  74. michiganjfrog55

    @muahahaha101 AIR is two guys, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. It's just them, but on most of their albums they have other musicians playing other instruments with them (such as Beth Hirsch on Moon Safari and Beck on 10,000 Hz Legend), and will have the same people on tour. As far as I know, no major person played on this album besides them and most likely some studio musicians. They both sing, so it's not a woman, just a higher voice combined with a French accent.

  75. Michael Avgerinos

    all i have to say is lol

  76. Sim Jo

    i dont understand, the band is only two guys? Who is the singer? Is she part of the band?

  77. tavukciyan

    Pleathe, pleathe, pleathe don't be tho long.

    Ignacio Reyes Contreras

    weon que no entendió

    Francisco Vasquez

    @Rekner Esque no pronuncian please propiamente. Hablan con un lispe casi como los espanoles hablan con un lispe.

  78. tavukciyan

    Pleathe, pleathe, pleathe don't be tho long.


    I think he was making fun of the lisp

    Francisco Vasquez

    @Theromoore10 he was. Since the singer speaks with a lisp almost like the Spanish speak Spanish with a lisp

  79. Sandro Sherozia

    JE LES ADOOOOOOORE, ces deux-la!!! je n'ai pas de mots!

  80. Jum Jum

    I think I love and fav this song just for the amazing video...

  81. sergiopage24

    i saw this video but only the end !! and i loved immediately !!

  82. soulsick08

    aahahaha, mario ^-^

  83. Mariano PICCOLO

    0:57 diglett

  84. pandadaniele

    questo video è una meraviglia,animazione e musica coordinate in uno scenario fantastico e non privo di significati e metafore che rendono ancora più bella la bellissima canzone dei grandi Air.

    E. Fontanot


  85. Luis

    i know i'm almost one year late, this is the first time i hear this song and watch this video.
    i found it impressive, i was kind of hypnotised by the psychedelic images and involving song. I believe that was the intention, so congratulations to the artists.

    Wesley Aymond

    Luis congratulations for you even understanding the bottom line...

  86. jasharna

    LMFAO the people that made the music video must of been on drugs. its all rainbow and colourful! what have they been smoking LOL


    They took LSD and it was an absolute good

  87. olit92

    Gros vibe de LSD

  88. bananiolo2

    Stoned this video is a pleasure.. But knowing what Air arleady done as songs I really doubt that song is good

  89. Aston Taichu

    Awesome video!!!

  90. Katie Alldritt

    My 9 month old LOVES this video! I have been showing it to her since she was 2 months. It's the only thing that seems to calm her down when she's really upset. I bet we have watched it 100 times!

  91. vuelvetu

    LoVe from MEXICO DF

  92. vuelvetu

    rica rica

  93. CursedLittleLeg


  94. Job Dalle Fusine

    love love LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!