Air - Seven Stars Lyrics

How long it will take you to reach the stars?
No [?] from where you are
No one could escape it, and hold it right
No had no companion, and you were right
It's you that I want, it's you the star
No one for the taking, it will be mine
No [?] seven stars, seven stars.

Twenty seconds in counting, fifteen seconds,
Twelve, eleven, ten, eight mission sequence stars
Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

[?] from where you are
To know where you're going, the seven stars,
The seven stars, seven, and seven more

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Air Seven Stars Comments
  1. Margaret Wilkie

    The whole album is great to do art projects to!

  2. Falling Star


    2019 S.

  3. MerryThoughts

    God, the beginning of this song🥺 such beauty

  4. Khadija Haynes

    I love this group

  5. XIV 14

    Tellement tellement beau! ㅠㅡㅠ

  6. Felipe Pool

    This is very pleasent to listen uwu

  7. alex ballantine

    I love her voice so much

  8. No Name

    I tried to do the lyrics (some may be wrong):

    how long will it take you
    to reach the stars?
    no man in this desert
    from where you are
    no one could escape it
    behold their eyes (?)
    no hand, no companion
    when you arrive
    put you where I belong (?)
    into the skies
    no one for the taking
    it will be mine
    forever you will in
    the seven stars

    no man in this desert
    where you are
    you know where you're going
    the seven stars...


  9. K-leb

    This song is particularly beautiful among the album's tracks.


    That’s what I thought as well. I find myself always rewinding the beginning, just to hear it again.

  10. Myth The Cat

    Victoria Legrand ❤

  11. Richard Sabak

    Absolutely incredible... je suis tellement fan a un point c’est abusé. Tous les sons depuis moon safari

  12. Camila G.

    Victoria Legrand ♥

  13. bora taşcı

    Very underrated!! This is masterpiece!!!


    exactly !

  14. Mark Kowal

    Baltimore represent! Great, great song!