Air - Run Lyrics

Holy girl
Don't get up
For running

Stay with me
I feel sad
When you run

Sands of time
Are lying
On my chest

Stay in bed
I feel sad
When you run

Stay like this
On the hills
Of my chest

Don't wake up
I feel strange
When you go

Stop the night
Hold me tight
Holy girl

Don't stand up
I feel strange
When you go

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Air Run Comments
  1. Gregors Soundhome

    for me.... the greatest Track by Air! A minimal masterpiece!!!! the deepness and °rhythm by a voice loop° was made by the hands of god ✌️

  2. nyiela hayes

    Heard this in Starbucks today & I liked it

    C. Hix

    holy cow the apocalypse is NOW.
    stardicks informs,,,

    nyiela hayes

    @C. Hix what?

    C. Hix

    @nyiela hayes just a riff with a bad joke. PLEASE listen to more AIR. AIR GOOD !

  3. C. Hix

    comments on synths used here would bee IT.
    'cause reasons

  4. marvin silverman

    I like Air and Grimes
    there are other artists like these??

  5. MadMan731

    This is serial killer music.

  6. wow39


  7. ricancandy1

    I've never had a physical effect from music before. This made me feel like I was floating.

  8. nita

    Heard this song after a concert hosted in St. Louis; love this so much!!

  9. Filipe Dutra

    Love Love songgggg BRASIL BRASILLLLL

  10. WeeWeeJumbo

    I don't care what anybody says.
    This is the world's greatest love song

  11. Anonymous YouTube Account

    Love this song it seems creepy yet very soothing and relaxing.

  12. Will Lindsay

    Saw Air on the Talkie Walkie tour in Portland OR, and I only knew them from the Virgin Suicides film. Seeing them live was incredible.

  13. Santana H.

    The most awesome meditation/sports-training song EVER CREATED!!!!

  14. Elizabeth Chandler

    What are the musical instruments in this song?

  15. Kajun Shaman

    Lyla Says sent me here

  16. Nicole Lee

    Fuck this veronica mars shite ....lila says made this sexy

  17. El pueblerino


  18. s p i r i t u a l e y e s


  19. moriah bockelman

    I know this song from a foreign film on netflix

  20. Daniel Dillenbeck

    it's pritty

  21. Daniel Dillenbeck

    I think you people are silli

  22. Osla Xoiha

    I feel so loved.

  23. 73 maf


  24. Emmanuel Hogan

    Heard this track years ago, and it's still blissful as all fuck

  25. Frederic Letrun

    Avec "Dout dout" de Freur, ce morceau de Air fait partie de mes musiques éternelles.

  26. TheSWolfe

    Re Matt's ?: They do that 10CC thang w/voice filters/miix channels that sounds so cool, & they DO remind me of a band I liked a lot a long time ago, but I cannot for the life of me recall who they were, so for now, I'll just say I like them, a lot. Thanx for turning me on to their tunes!

  27. grzesl

    Lets read Cluster by Piers Anthony and listen Talkie Walkie. This is ideal connection!!

  28. James Hoyle

    From about 1:08 I hear so much inspiration for Tame Impala's 'Let it Happen'
    Anyone else hear that??

  29. Alex Benz

    Electrónica, de Enzo Maqueira.

  30. Jonatan Carminati

    Lila's butt... 😍

  31. allison

    I picture this creepy creature that lives underneath a woman's bed, and he's obsessively in love with her, and watches her sleep, and gets sad when she has to leave the house. also she doesn't know he exists.

    Artturi Nurmi

    No : "Spend some time"! That's how it is.

    Pol Pot

    @allison dumb bitch, all that bullshit does not at all fit with the lyrics or the sound

    forest temple

    @Pol Pot damn.... chill sweatie!

    Will Lindsay

    Cool little peice of writing.

    Anonymous YouTube Account

    Think thats ur sick in the head twisted fantasy. Weirdo.

  32. matinuska thunderphukk

    I love this song at a peak or coming down from a good 3 day. Spin spun around in my mind ...

  33. swifty1969

    I don't know if it's only me but this song gives me sensation of slowly rising and floating among the clouds.

    Smooth Earl

    swifty1969 h

    Anonymous YouTube Account

    It makes me feel high.

  34. Zach Hitchcock

    Portal 2

    Scrub Boy

    +Zach Hitchcock ahahah yes

    My Thoughts

    I thought about the same game series. Found out about this song from Veronica Mars.

  35. Maor Malik

    i run all the time

  36. Spider Jerusalem

    1:09 euphoric

  37. Mary prado

    like it so much

  38. Murmure

    incredible background pad...

    Jacob William Gorey

    @Murmure Reminds me of 10cc.

    Michael Flores

    @Jacob William Gorey Air employed the same technique that 10cc did on "I'm Not in Love." They recorded one long note being sung on each track of their multitrack system and then turned them up as needed on the mixing console. The faders were essentially played like a keyboard instrument. Very cool effect.

  39. Nick Annies

    I watched Air perform this track live in Cambridge on the one night they played there (I think it might have been 2007) and this track blew me away. I was right at the front and they were absolutely amazing, beyond anything I had imagined, even after being a fan for many years. Beautiful, gorgeous sensations and frequencies...

  40. jhpindy

    Souvenir from V.Mars but i still have no words to describe this.:'(

    Smooth Earl

    jhpindy - I discovered at least a half-dozen good songs because of Veronica Mars!

    J-H P

    Ha! Lucky you. This is one of the three songs I currently remember from the show and I already knew the other two. Kristen Bell was on Jimmy Kimmel a few days ago and she still rocks hard!

  41. Justin Duval

    This song is pretty sick. Used at the end of Veronica Mars S2 ep 7... like uh oh.. some shit is gonna go down.. Sheriff finds the parents of the abused kid when he was abused as a child.. uh oh... run run run 

    Marianna Antonopoulou

    i discovered the song when rewatching the episode yesterday

    Holly Boyd

    Justin Duval YES!! That's the scariest part of her life at that moment. I watch it in the dark. Also, I listen to it when I'm walking home in the dark. It's SO scary!!! But it's a cool trip.

  42. Virtual Reality Learning Lab - Robin

    Awesome song! Takes me back to our holiday in Iceland! Iceland (song: Air - Run)

  43. Catrine B.Martin

    That's how I see that tune : Free Ride

  44. James McGee

    air should collaborate with quantic to make a track


    My favorite track on the album. 

  46. InflatablePlane

    Love the atmospheric chromatic chorus bits. Just gives me goosebumps. And cool that I suddenly realized where Portal got their musical ideas from. Love this band.

  47. Administracja I rok


  48. Sean Tilley

    Just got into Talkie Walkie tonight. I've mainly listened to Premiere Symptomes, Moon Safari, and Le voyage dans la lune. This comes across as quite a different sound, but I like it a lot!

  49. nothin but the truth

    Holy girl
    Don't get up
    For running

    Stay with me
    I feel sad
    When you run

    Sands of time
    Are lying
    On my chest

    Stay in bed
    I feel sad
    When you run

    Stay like this
    On the hills
    Of my chest

    Don't wake up
    I feel strange
    When you go

    Stop the night
    Hold me tight
    Holy girl

    Don't stand up
    I feel strange
    When you go

  50. 1tomsta1

    I always thought she said "i'l feel fat, when you run"


    "holy cow"

  51. Aurore Eden

    Me too ;-)

  52. Putthatinur Pipe

    How embarrassing

  53. XtraScrapings

    Not my favorite AIR song, but I still want it at my funeral!

  54. Maria Rou

    Love that song...... great band

  55. Claire Cocteau

    Six seasons? Movie? are u serious?

  56. brock bierly

    Oh...hi GLADoS

  57. newindieelectro


  58. djdow203

    Knew about this song before Veronica Mars, but the show reinvigorated my interest. It was one of the more perfect uses of music in a tv show that I've seen

  59. A Suave Monkey

    You can edit the length of a song if you put it in a playlist....................(on a side note: Veronica Mars six seasons and a movie)

  60. jorgeOmurillo

    How does one create such perfection?

  61. Derek Martin

    Oh how I wish this song was only like it is from 2:36 - end. Pure heaven....

  62. Biklar

    One of my favorite Air tracks. I can listen to this over and over...and have...

  63. klm

    Veronica mars brought me here :) ..

  64. WorldXKIZOation

    Did someone say Portal? AND GLaDOS!?

    hallelujah children, hallelujah.

  65. Steph Chen

    Hands down, a favorite of all time for me.

  66. Whackadood

    Air + sexy GLaDOS voice = Cake

  67. Alex Berube

    @TheMrTumbs I came here to see if someone thought the same thing haha. Sound like GLaDOS a lot

  68. Tumbz


  69. Sasselh Cwac


  70. Lydia Zavala

    @B360Lightning Perfect way to describe this song <3

  71. ColdInTheStudio

    This song is SO sexy

  72. burter90

    Day[9] ftw!

  73. coffinskim51


  74. WeeWeeJumbo

    There's a lot to love about this brilliant song, but one of my favorite things is how the "Go" sample around 2:00 merges with a light percussive noise.

  75. vera simon

    i dont no i like it there something about it lol i like it