Air - Remember Lyrics

Remember together remember forever
Souviens toi ce jour là toi et moi

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Air Remember Comments
  1. gusano

    just heard this song in the 2001 documentary ""

  2. GSD

    Can't believe this album is 20 years old, where's the time gone?


    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  3. the adventure of a small wrist

    Got this CD back in late nineties. It’s been one of my most favourite albums since

  4. Fort Wendy

    This has been popping into my head every few months for over 10 years but i could never find it. Today i finally found it :D :D :D :D

    Sophie Nathaniel

    Fort Wendy how did you track it down on the end? :)

  5. DerpyDosh

    Dat URL, B0rk

  6. Peter Docherty

    Lost a girl 2 this still think of her yvone!


    what do you mean you lost a girl to this?
    you broke up while this song was on?

  7. MrCerebellum2

    The 2 minutes of silence at the end was a fucking eulogy or something?


  8. Sachin Hosmani

    This song reminds of Morning Bell by Radiohead. Dark AF.

  9. 진이

    Love air

  10. Tate Hudson

    How'd you stay hidden from 98.

  11. shatterjack

    Something very ELO about this track.

  12. KrysSovsky

    *Souviens toi, ce jour l? , toi et moi*

  13. Sérgio Isla

    Very beuty!

  14. nati abarca

    Siempre recordaba esta canción en mi mente y jamas podía acordarme del nombre y por fin la encontré 💖😊

    Cristian García


  15. Scooby Doom 8-bit radio

    the perfect love song

  16. Jack Vanderhyde

    Souviens moi. Ce jour la. Toi et moi....

  17. Rhythmista

    Love the way they sampled that Beach Boys drum beat and sound from the song 
    "Do it Again" and put into their own tune.. Superb !


    +Rhythmista Thank you! I couldn't figure out where I heard that drum beat before! This is exactly it!


    @Miltefar You're welcome !

    Johnny Shocker

    More like the The Surfers "Windsurfing".

  18. Pierpaolo Sbarra

    one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

    Patri Hernandez


  19. Alan Geoghegan

    great original tune!

  20. 김유원

    s m

  21. endrizo

    Jeff lynne didnt like this haha...amazing.loved it.

    Eddie Ortiz

    endrizo you are fucking insane ... get your ears checked.


    @Eddie Ortiz i love elo and lynne....and air

  22. Randy Preval

    ELO meets Daft Punk! 

  23. windomaker

    Love the Beach Boys sample in this. Very clever. :-)


    what part is beach boys?

    Mariano Pereyra

    @DrParanoidAndroid The drum is a sample from the Beach Boys' Do It Again song.

    Burp Reynolds

    @Mariano Pereyra And the bass

    Norfolk Enchants

    @DrParanoidAndroid Steve Desper, the Beach Boys engineer explained how they achieved that almost grinding & metallic snare drum sound -  he commissioned Philips, in Holland, to build two tape delay units for use on the road (to double live vocals). [he] moved four of the Philips PB heads very close together so that one drum strike was repeated four times about 10 milliseconds apart, and blended it with the original to give the effect you hear.

    Chris Devine

    I thought it was 96 Tears by Question Mark and the Mysterians.

  24. dreamlusting

    is this what it sounds like to fall in love in space?

    Simen R

    Yes, but only on Halloween.

  25. Alex

    Sounds a lot like ELO.

  26. Dan Dabberson

    Thank you for the post much appriciated

  27. vomalites444

    ¡recuerden,juntos por siempre!
    GRACIAS por subir este video,es una resonancia muy ARMONIOSA