Air - Redhead Girl Lyrics

When the redhead girl goes by
The course of time stands still
When the redhead girl goes by
Goes by
Goes by

When the redhead girl goes by
It's a dream with a blue knife
When the redhead girl goes by
Goes by [X4]

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Air Redhead Girl Comments
  1. Erin Anderson

    Can’t get much more perfect....


    Si jamais je vais un jour en prison, j'écouterai cette musique pour m'évader ! 😯

  3. BHorst BHorsty

    I think it sounds very similar to gorillaz Plastic Beach.

  4. Joshua Juárez

    Totally Sweet Melody.
    Air 😍 🎹🎸🎶

  5. Abhigya

    Love this song

  6. Jackie Buckley

    Amazing record... Love Air.

  7. K-leb

    This song is such a powerful way to (almost) end the album. Whilst the song is very mellow like every other song on the album, the piano rhythm has a certain power to it, that delivers a feeling of conflict and resolution.
    I can imagine almost falling asleep to the album, and then this song starts playing and suddenly I'm awake and involuntarily transported through this nebulous soundscape that makes feel like I'm half-dreaming, half-seeing, and by the end my mind is blown. Then Night Sight moves me back to sleep.

  8. Joaquín Gutiérrez Alarcón


  9. Ankh Turrican

    twin peaks?

  10. Radek Ventruba

    2018, Jan 1... And Redhead girl.

  11. Rohan Khude

    My favorite artist. Since when i listened to AIR, they become top artist in my list