Air - Playground Love Lyrics

I'm a high school lover, and you're my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You're my playground love

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains, time's no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love

You're the piece of gold that flashes on my soul
Extra time, on the ground
You're my playground love

Anytime, anywhere,
You're my playground love

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Air Playground Love Comments
  1. glokyful

    i dont like most of air album but this one i love


    well i listen too much in the early 2000

  2. Brian Earner

    I love annie Lennox 😀

  3. Brian Earner

    I will attack madness, last time a vote was that lobsided was 1935,, calm insuded

  4. JAMET betty

    J'AIME Cette Musique Merci "airofficial " Betty De Bretagne FRANCE LE 12.12.2019

  5. la barrière highlander

    So good

  6. Brian Earner

    Age and.a stage, laughing out loud

  7. Diego Sánchez


  8. Jessie Blossom

    The Virgin Suicides was a spellbinding movie/book. And this song is a: Nostalgasm! Lol.

  9. charly Manson

    French touch... Good song❤️

  10. nadienoslee

    This songs always makes comeback my memories of my first teenager love. A lot of sun and peace. Good times.

  11. hanna beach

    Literally one of the best songs ever

  12. Israel Perez

    Si no la hubiera cagado. Esta canción habría sido nuestro vals en nuestra boda.

  13. Scott Marcom

    Mark Suciu.........

  14. Bran dao

    haha when you find comments on Suciu even here, you know suciu did something to the people

  15. Yoshtopia

    2319 anyone?

  16. Eddy Palogrande

    Liberté, Égalité, Phoenix!

  17. A C

    Air seemed a 70s throwback when this released, but as the recent skateboarder-driven resurgence has proven, it's simply timeless and heartfelt songwriting. Groovy!

  18. Josh Denis

    Thanks suciu

  19. packman1

    Cowboy bebop made me as a kid appreciate jazz vibing music alot more

  20. Leo Migani

    Me siento tan afortunado de poder escuchar esto por segunda vez en mi vida <3

    Sandy Hope

    Cuál fue la primera?

  21. simeon smith

    What a beautiful piece of music they say everyone's gotta have a song they want to be buried to I think I've found mine

  22. Gérard Quenet

    Très beau titre, très beau film, noir mais vraie, merci sofia et air..... 🤔🤔😢😭😇😇

  23. James Marker

    Pause the video,
    search "Blade Runner Blues"- Vangelis (1982)
    play both at the same time
    Feel the magic

  24. Insomnia

    Mark suciu anyone?

    Reese _


  25. Jose Sanchez


  26. Janette Ruiz

    I dig it, heard it from verso's part


    whats the second song?

    Reese _

    @brrnay That's what I want to know

    Jean Cocteau

    was so fucking stoked when I saw he put it in verso!!

    Ninja Raym

    I watched a movie with this in it then heard it in his part

  27. olive rows

    I'm a high school lover
    and you're my favorite flavor.
    Love is all, all my soul.
    You're my playground love.

    Yet my hands are shaking
    I feel my body reeling
    Time’s no matter, I'm on fire.
    On the playground, love.

    You're the piece of gold
    that flashes on my soul.
    Extra time, on the ground.
    You're my playground love.

    Anytime, anywhere
    You're my playground love.

    Jacob Mcbride

    😅love you!

  28. Sol Gomes

    This is magic for my heart & soul

  29. Paul Bäumer


  30. Kanesh Chai

    Just discovered , what a song. Sax is so awesome.

  31. Kurtis Kaskowski

    I love you Caroline.

    Logan Maubert

    Kurtis Kaskowski I love Caroline too


    Logan Maubert me three

  32. Donna brown

    I just heard this song on an old episode of medium, brilliant tune x

    Mr. Libertine

    Omg me too just watched the episode about Devalo's daughter who committed suicide 😔😢💔

  33. Andreas Astrinakis

    The only good Sophia Coppola movie.

    Erik Frost

    Andreas Astrinakis Lost In Translation is much better

  34. Ennuibody

    One of my all time favorite chill tracks. Thank you for sharing such a high quality recording.

  35. Mandrake Fernflower

    Always makes me think of fancy rich kids getting high on opiates

  36. Michelle Jarosh

    I LOVE that movie


    Ideale questa canzone questa sera soprattutto il titolo del film


    Colonna sonora di un film bellissimo

  39. Rampant Obesity

    I wish I was dead :D

  40. Alonzo Kincaid

    What a beautiful song. Sad it doesn’t have more views

  41. DunkinGrad

    2023 anyone?

    Yes, I travel in time.

  42. F. J. H. A.


  43. Dans Laneko

    You're a piece of gold..

  44. Daniel Morse

    Love it.

  45. JAMET betty

    Merci "airofficial" j'Avais oublié Cette Belle Musique de "Air" j'ADORE //Betty de Bretagne FRANCE Le 29.07..2019


    Playground love, sounds like the title of a pedophile song.

  47. David Licea

    Y el vato que pone las lyrics donde está?

  48. MaryAnn Lisi

    I'm really diggin' this.

  49. Pinky Smithers

    Hermosísimo. No tengo nada más que decir.

  50. hazeroid

    A E S T H E T I C S

  51. Lunoira

    a pleasant surpirse to see this uploaded, The Virgin Suicides really marked my years as a young girl like maybe no other movie did, this song evokes those images as if they were my own memories, i will forever love it.

    h w

    guess you read the book

  52. jimbizzzale67123

    I've always just described this song as cool. As if it's in it's own category.

  53. Tis Morgan

    Air una de las pocas bandas modernas que compone música y no musiquilla.

  54. Psychogenesis

    the pictures of Virgin Suicides appear when listening to this song

  55. Rick Pipes

    Lux Lisbon 🖤🖤🖤

  56. Muad'Dib

    Old but gold

  57. warren

    every 2 days i go on night coast trip with my best friend. The best feeling is when we listen to all your song's AIR. Thank you very much Guys. ❤

  58. Guillermo Bocanegra

    Que delicia. Simplemente una genialidad.

  59. Sancochef


  60. Elizabeth Treviño

    For the love of my life ❤ ...

  61. Ayesha Razak


  62. NyanMary

    Den a conocer su musica con un nuevo album, enserio son increibles!!!

  63. Helena Sakura

    My favorite band forever ❤


    Same here... I can't get over them

  64. amapolavioleta

    I would LOVE to see a improved version of the Electronic Performers video. Not the sound but the 3d on it. Is one of my favorite videos ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Aesthetic Stuff

    This song is pure magic and gives you vintage summer vibes . I adore it ❤️.

  66. N L

    Beautiful forever!

  67. Master G

    finally an official version. i love this song, so sexy and sensual

  68. Rohan Khude

    Awaiting for your new album

  69. Rohan Khude

    Love from India.
    - A Extreme fan.

  70. francesco birdi

    Des frissons..

  71. HiForgetMe 666

    What a surprise. Welcome back 2000.

  72. Dopamina

    <3 la parte sax è orgasmo. Vi amo.

    HiForgetMe 666

    Dopamina confermo

  73. Pamy Frazão

    Amo vocês

  74. Greg Thomas

    Classic ! Btw, why isn't the album on spotify anymore ??

    Lollie Pops

    @Greg Thomas Oohh Really?

    Ilir Cami

    @Lollie Pops still there?

    Lollie Pops

    @Ilir Cami

    Lollie Pops

    @Ilir Cami

    Ilir Cami

    @Lollie Pops suck it