Air - Mer Du Japon Lyrics

J'en perds la raison
(I lost my mind)
Dans la mer du Japon
(in the sea of Japan)

J'en perds la raison
Dans la mer du Japon

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Air Mer Du Japon Comments
  1. Floriane Coutand

    De Bordeaux en France

  2. CronicasRandom

    Don't even care the video is in 240p, the music is magic

  3. Wave Nomer

    Who the hell dislikes AIR?

  4. TriassicPark

    one of them is east and one is west and together they do a hypnotic dance of pacific motion

  5. Junior Jr.

    This song was for years the ringtone of my cell phone.

  6. Gary McMichael

    OMG - I did that exact same dance on an acid trip in Balboa Park.

    Mrk Kdc

    And, how does it make you feel?

    Gary McMichael

    The dance, the acid, or the fact I did the dance on acid?

  7. N kzks

    💕from Japan😉

  8. yejin kim

    Hi, there!I just tried cliking this video because its title is "mer du japon", which means sea of japan.I'm not sure whether the musician wanted to talk general sea in japan or sea between Korea and Japan.But if it is the sea between Korea and Japan, It should be called "East Sea".Because it was called "East Sea" since 1880's. But during the Japanese occupation, Japan change the name for "Sea of Japan".Then in 1945, Japan’s defeat in World War II brought independence to Korea. But we still use "sea of japan" until now. WHY? we must not follow the japanese imperialism. In these reason, I ask you to use "East Sea" rather than "sea of japan".Thank you for reading !

    Gary McMichael

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up. It's a fucking song to be enjoyed.

    Floriane Coutand

    Quand on est français, on peut se permettre un peu de poésie, et pourquoi pas rebaptiser une mer ?

  9. Olivier Deloche

    J'en ai perdu la raison

  10. NFS2SE3HP4HS8U2

    I love how it says uploaded in 2016 while it has 8 & 9 years old comments. BTW great song.

  11. Valentalpha

    je perd la raison dans la merde du japon

  12. Valentalpha

    dans la merde du japon

  13. jose rodriguez

    I love this song,fantastics Mer du Japon.

  14. Novak Ilić


  15. Jason TheDogCatcher

    So clear, crisp, sparkling, yet dirty. Like applying a spritz of Givenchy Gentleman to ones neck on a perfect Summer's day.

  16. raedotted


    Gryff Longprong

    By whom?

  17. Heather G'Sell

    I lost my virginity to this song....and it became my ringtone for a very long time afterwards! Love this song...that was back when it first came out

    Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

    oh my god, I hope I lose my virginity to this song too... when I come out lol

    Gary McMichael

    WTF - talk about T-fucking M I. Nobody gives a shit. Hey, G-sell, youtube ain't the fucking garbage dump for thoughts farting out your head. Assuming this stupid story is even true, think about maybe not cheapening it by shitting it out here? But then you're probably not too attractive so there's that.


    @Gary McMichael Why are you so mad?

    Gary McMichael

    Aww delicate Queen Pawn - just because someone doesnt celebrate a dumbass comment doesnt mean "MAD!!!" or "HATER!!!!!" I sincerely hope you weren't TOO emotionally injured by a critical comment.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    @Gary McMichael You seem very emotional.

  18. Mimoun El Bezzazi


  19. Elaine St. Denis

    latvian pedos like this muse..what will they doe with them nazi (them)selves? whores pop outs.. cultured craps in a plastic dish
    cool tune .. machine hooked my hard drive long time ago..
    nazios looking to make muse between blow jobs for "air " times.
    oh shit.. i had better put my english cuke i the icebox befroe it rots with monsnto and syngenta dosease


    Bro, nobody likes conspiracies on random videos. I think I know what you're talking about, and I think I agree, but this isn't the place.

  20. Lucinegra

    This dance just got the feeling

    Gary McMichael

    Too bad your comment ain't just got the English

  21. Melissa Meh


  22. Robt. Neutron Sound

    @MasTriste If all videos were this good, we couldn't appreciate this as much.

  23. EvilTwinIndia

    lesbos and good music nothing is missing in this video

  24. Karina Niño de Rivera

    I got to meet them one time after a show and we were talking about traveling so I asked them what country they considered their favorite since they'd traveled so much and they - of course- said Japan..they said the colors and textures, scenery were thanks to Air now im dying to travel there

    Gary McMichael

    LOL - "got to meet them after a show." Ha. Yeah, I've known girls who "meet" bands after shows. You're called the post-concert splooge bag. Ugh. Groupies.

    Isabella Oliveira

    @Gary McMichael are you jealous?

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    @Gary McMichael You sound like you are jealous that you couldn't "meet them"

  25. AjarnHunt

    almost makes me wanna go for a swim off the coast of Osaka... almost

  26. Remy Fernandez

    Je perds la raison dans la Mer du Japon

  27. culas tsloo

    that kiss is amazing!
    love the video

  28. povkilla

    march 28th for us in chicago!! a total must see!!

  29. revenoiseehhh

    u r stupid

  30. Citizen #839X

    @oh2b16again it "sensual" the appropriate word?

  31. Husejin Dervic

    I live in Austin, TX and am traveling to Philadelphia, PA to see Air on March 18. I CAN"T WAIT!

  32. gearlock trinity

    @jwindyboy You said it.

  33. notears

    pocket symphony kick ass

  34. Leadfoot530

    Both girls are hot. Cool video. Very sexy video.

  35. e6400ultra

    This video rules. 8D-)--<

  36. MasTriste

    Why can't all be videos be this good?? This is what a music video should be. Not the kind of garbage that is constantly on MTV airplay.

  37. AgenteSmart

    Beautfiul song & vid, wish it was available in HD... BTW, that eastern girl steals the show...

  38. Destiny Webb

    I love this masterpiece. Is so beautiful. The ladies, and the song.

  39. Genie of the Lava Lamp

    Thanks to TVSEE15!
    These two enchanting ladies are Celine Galli and Nagisa Shirai.

  40. Tee Vee See

    Yes, I agree it's genuine performing art, up to and including the tasteful kissing scene. The dancers' names are listed on the credits at the end of the video, the first names are Celine and I think Nagiba.

  41. danielo S mata

    amo este vid!!!

  42. pepperxiii

    That kiss at 1:38, along with the dragon, blow my mind.

  43. pepperxiii

    Pure genius.

  44. broken1212

    Good song, great video, hot girls.

  45. songOmatic

    French and Japanese, the chorus bit seems to be Japanese words. I recognize.

  46. de Morsang .Isabelle


  47. Cristian Pintor

    is the song in french or japanese?

    Richard Signolet

    French.....but japanese too lol

  48. Gabriel Mac

    no men i been traying t see that but i cant see it on wath second ?

  49. Travis Hays

    who cares about penises, check out the legs on that asian girl. damn

  50. linkinway

    for instance ... "It's all about that kiss" +5 !!!

    FOR WHAT !!! Did he say a strong meaningful quote !!!! it's like children rating. i really missed the metacafe rating !

  51. linkinway

    like i even give a damn about their penises ... i mean ...their thumbs down!
    peoeple here are like children .... say "i love that band" and they'll give you +10 thumbs up ... say anything about any band ... even a true negative critics ... they'll give you -6 thumbs down ...
    they're not taking the rating system seriously.

  52. Roselyn Stevens

    Perfect...great song,awesome choreography and beautiful video!

  53. tommarques

    Sugoi! Fantastic! Awesome! Bravo! I love them!

  54. freshlypicked

    I´m the other one!!! When do we start?

  55. killerpollitaindie

    wonderfull... i can make the coreography!!!!!!! only need other girl...

  56. Ania Mazurkiewicz

    I loove their music, it's incredible!

  57. linkinway

    Air = Gay band

  58. paperfeathers

    The ending is great. AIR creates such great atmospheres in their songs. ^^

  59. Pablo

    muito bom ^^

  60. jan lehmann

    air as its best :o

  61. Rafael Muñoz Calderón

    Musical fantasy, that´s AIR.

  62. Zaflon

    It's all about that kiss.

  63. willrennie007