Air - Le Soleil Est Près De Moi Lyrics

Le soleil est près de moi...

Anywhere, I want you
Anywhere I want
Anywhere, I want you
Anywhere I want

Le soleil est près de moi...

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Air Le Soleil Est Près De Moi Comments
  1. Giacomo Leopardi

    So schön lässig

  2. advocate of thinking

    This song is like sun kissing your face during very hot day- it's shameless pleasure with a beat of sour

  3. FunkyAgnostic98

  4. Low Vibe


  5. Aiden Donohoe

    dakotaz og music

  6. Janna Fokkink


  7. MARIT

    als je je geduld niet bewaart///

  8. Derrick DePalma

    FIRE.. french people make amazing music..


    check out m83

  9. Stevonnie SU

    Watch is is osu-untitled

  10. 이송민

    queste esse bella musica e,
    le soleil est pre demoi.

  11. Omar Padilla

    Anyone here from dark

  12. Grant Butler

    Let me know what you all think, the back half is my favorite 👍🏽

  13. savvas katir


  14. MonkeyD Luffy

    melting in love...

  15. Sergio Diaz

    This is amazing!!!!

  16. Mofaz

  17. Kasper Sveinsson

    Dakotaz brought me here.

    oh yeah yeah

  18. Compton's Finest

    I was going to sample this until I found another sample that fits just for my bullshit, im being honest

  19. Sera Lars

    Camera's op mijn face, anyhow, anytime, any place.

  20. clément fronty

    remember me 1997 the first time i heard this 5 titles album from air....magic moment casanova70..merci pour le partage ! and the magic concert in "la cligale" in paris in 1998...fantastic moment when they played this one and "la femme d 'argent" , "Kelly Watch the starz">...

  21. MAR10HD

    I dont understand how someone makes something sound so good and mixes absolute shit with it. Wtf is that at 2:38? Went from a really deep chill song to some crap elevator music.

    Love the song no doubt but damn could have been soo much better. Pls redo


    It's called an interlude.


    you are tasteless

    Jeremy G

    It's just a less usual harmonic progression. Less comfortable...

  22. Christophe Lamoureux

    L'Amour commence à percer ses jolis rayons de lumière et un jour il arrivera tout plein de belles manières!!

  23. Seram RM

    ik kom van Ares - Camera's

  24. akalegendzz


  25. clément fronty

    thanx for the post ! 'premiers symptômes ",1998..remember me i concert in paris "élisée Montmartre" , magic intense concert an other time when we had no stupid selfie , no fouckin' hipsters ...

  26. Jaume Genaro


    Bri Futties

    Jaume Genaro yep

  27. iDiedForFun

    this sounds fuckin good high

  28. Boumi

    Je le savais qu’il/elle chantait “Le soleil est prêt de moi” AH!
    Here from dakotaz outro btw ;)

  29. ciaga.

    0:00 - 0:14

  30. Gassicus

    Anyone here from Dakotaz?


    what did he do?

    Derrick DePalma

    naaaah but its good to see his music taste is as good as his snipes :D

  31. KranxMusic

    Dude culprate sampled this on his avian life on mars

    CHI TOvvN

    Lol yea. He plays this song during his outros. So good

  32. Aaro Bruun

  33. ananya patel

    Wait so what is Ouse- Untitled

  34. TheRealTakumaji

    My life in a nutshell. Or song, to be precise. Dunno why but it's the truth.

  35. Underground Chemist

    im about to experiment

  36. Craig Corea

    I flipped this one and got my girlfriend to sing over it!! Would appreciate any feedback or comments

    Alofic official flipped it too!


    hard man, one of the few i check out from here that are dope haha props.

    Craig Corea

    Ay thanks man!! I feel lucky. Glad you liked it!!


    don't feel lucky, you put the work in, you made it!

  37. Tre Bolden


  38. YinttBo

    My Version:

  39. Stefan Vasiljevic


  40. Edoardo

    oh my this is too fuckin pure

  41. Lucid Soundz

    holy shit :o

    Lil DevyXo

    Sample Thisssssss Pleaseee

  42. smultronstallet1

    Great song :]

  43. Casti

    I used it, go check

    Søul Central

    s.aarin ayy this sounds cool

    Compton's Finest

    did u remove this

  44. king dong bundy

    the sun is close to me.....

  45. Vijay Bansal

    so nice yrr I love this song nd love this band

  46. Peter Dawson

    This i first heard on a freebee cd. Love this band

  47. Proper Wumbo

    Good vibes dude

  48. Julie


  49. Michelle De Angelis

    Thanks for uploading Air songs.
    More people should know them...

  50. Anissa Landeros

    I think... yes

  51. Lextasy

    this is playing at my wedding.

  52. Style Artisan

    The trumpets, I love it

  53. thatnonchalantguy

    buying this album

  54. Zap Rowsdower

    I don't think there exists a more chill song in the universe. You cannot physically get more chill than this.

    Edward Morris

    Yep, this is Kelvin zero.


    Try The Green Kingdom - Untitled2

    Gabriel Gamer

    id have a huge tracklist for you :D


    @Gabriel Gamer link me brah

  55. VictoriaSobocki


  56. InflatablePlane

    Jazzy. Almost a Mizell Brothers vibe!! Thanks for posting.