Air - Kelly Watch The Stars Lyrics

Kelly watch the stars...
The stars the stars the stars...

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Air Kelly Watch The Stars Comments
  1. JMBluecoat8289

    Kelly doesn’t half look like a young Jennifer Carpenter!

  2. Samanthas ranch

    Hahah me parents give my the nom kelly

  3. DeeJay1210

    Nooooooooo (using Atari JOYSTICK to play pong instead of the paddle controller)

  4. Hum Res

    Impossibile dimenticarli a distanza di tanti anni !

  5. Steven Marshall

    THIS 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  6. rusav81

    Useful music

  7. French House Club

    ...legendary french house gem <3

  8. Kedge Whiteeye

    Did you know the Umpire in this video is the airport security guy in the film Fight Club? Well you do now.


    As in “Nine times out of ten it's an electric razor, but every once in a while... it’s a dildo!”? That had me laugh out loud when I first saw that scene!

  9. Gioly Ros

    I still look at the stars.......

  10. Danke Für Nichts

    Who watch this in 2019 --> click 1:37


    i see what you did there

    Shaun Ahn

    got goose bumps

    French House Club

    really nice hint ;)


    I am the arbiter from this video. I will always watch the game. and in 2019 and 2050. and I will follow you, personally.

    marco mostertz

    Me my friend

  11. Giacomo Leopardi

    1998 Mein erster Kontakt mit "Air" und seid dem ein Fan

  12. Brazil Chem

    spoiler: à la fin c'est Kelly qui gagne

  13. Stayros Paparunas

    My life is a game of ping-pong...

  14. Stayros Paparunas


  15. john smith

    Sounds awesome over a good sound system.

  16. richfrombristol

    When I watch this video, I imagine this conversation.
    Video Director: "We need two medics to give Kelly mouth to mouth."
    Band Members: " We can do that, it will be, uhhhhh, cheaper."
    Awkward ten second silence
    Video Director: " OK, guys. You can do it."

  17. Astrolite

    This version is so uplifting. Too bad it's not on Spotify.


    My thoughts exactly. Why not stick it on Spotify?! It's my favourite version, along with the extended version of this. The guitar really makes it in my opinion.

  18. Andrew Carson

    The scoring is so wrong. No point given for hitting her, it should be 20-20, then it goes down to 18-19, at one point 16-17 and back again.

  19. hans visser

    hell what a tripping song

  20. Dirk Hoff

    Top , Super Lied

    marco mostertz

    Ja mein freund

  21. Isaías Mora Quiroz

    20 19...


    Hi, what's the show on your profile picture?

  22. estrafalario35

    Impartial referee 😝

  23. Søren Frøkjær

    Weird how the score changes each time they hit the ball

  24. meg B

    I just happened to see this in a pizza restraunt. Now here I am.

    john smith

    get the LP Moon Safari by AIR . U will love it .

  25. TheUndert0ker

    my hair is as long as hers, but you wouldn't want to see me jumping around in a tennis skirt.

  26. zoli k.

    :)) and I taught Queen has the worst videos :p tough, they are one of the greatest rock band ever. in my opinion...

    Carl Marks

    I taught I tore a puddy tat

  27. 1BustedMyth

    Love this song

  28. dani L

    ah...a nice track if you take acid and dance till the stars fall down...XD(i mean a good yellow sunshine...

    Daniel Koskinen

    This is a great track acid indeed! As well as the whole Moon Safari.