Air - Don't Be Light Lyrics

Don't be light
Don't be light
Maybe like me
Don't be light
Wild life
The grey surprises of our days
Singing in caves
Fabricating a new abandon
We don't see the master' hand
We bang on gold tamourines
In the cross hairs of some transient gun
Trading desires on the banquet line
La la la la

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Air Don't Be Light Comments
  1. Variety Edits

    les sorties du mercredi du zblare

  2. Flav

    French people incoming don't ask me why


    Les sorties du mercredi !!!

    Ualido _shd_

    Comme tu te donnes une vie mdrr xD retourne faire des vidéos YouTube poop

  3. C. Hix

    if this the "official video" sorry it's resolution sucks compared to earlier versions.
    please grace us with MORE tunes AIR


    The audio quality is crap too.

    C. Hix

    @K-leb Yep just can't even listen to it. Soo bad. Just needs more golden tambourines & banging in caves


    @C. Hix I don't understand why Air mostly uploads horrible-quality videos.

    C. Hix

    @K-leb I stood upon a high place,
    And saw, below, many devils
    Running, leaping,
    and carousing in sin.
    One looked up, grinning,
    And said, "Comrade! Brother!"

    -Stephen Crane c.a. 1905

  4. Tracy Presley

    one of the best videos(hard to find)


    Don't be light embrace your darkness

  6. Василий Абрамов

    вэри саксэсфулл

  7. Badger at Toad Hall

    Dat guitar though

  8. Bruno VallésMuñoz

    Beatifully haunting!

  9. Manu Tess

    very bad quality for an official channel... sad....

  10. Laura Heard

    anyone knows who made the illustration/animation

  11. Erika Marie

    I have finally find this song after the longest time!

  12. Generic Fox Main

    Ayo I remember watching this music video when I was like 6, and I had nightmares for like a week

    Rob S

    That sounds awful

  13. saityavuz76

    Light is something that has to reach you,It is the fastest thing In the universe,you can't chase it.It has to come to you for you to see it.

  14. Roodoo Zefreak

    is it me or is this video very much inspired by the Residents ?

  15. MrsBobonn



    MrsBobonn Acid or peyote, yes

  16. Lucia Stanzel

    Love this, but gotta turn it up very loud....!!!

  17. KingKook

    Amazing Animation like in AVATAR!!! The 3-D Dinosaurs are so life like! Ha! Ha Ha...

  18. aadriyanta

    Interesting music

  19. Salah fcb

    @Randlor people who watch MTV can't understand this music...

  20. Oric

    actually, I would say "please watch this on drugs"

  21. John Richard

    Yikes, those are some nasty scary plants!

  22. Jesus Lopez

    fucking fantastic

  23. Hello

    The question is what was the scope of that duty of care and whether there was a breach of duty.

  24. Crimsonphilosophy

    @Randlor omg your so right but Palladia and Fuse have some good programing here and there.

  25. nintendokings

    so isn't this also by thomas bangalter (daft punk)?

  26. Artmic8neo

    great work!5stars(^_^)

  27. Veronika X

    Fantastic video! Truly hypnotic ...!
    Always beautiful their songs

  28. vanpetsy

    awesome vid

  29. retroclasic


  30. pritzi101

    I'm gonna light up and watch it again...

  31. Cyber Garou

    epic song

  32. Haruka Sawaguchi

    Yeah. To be honest, that creeps me out each time. It's almost subliminal. It's also eerie how it pops up and vanishes at the final "Don't" in the entire video.

  33. ClaraNotClaire

    Tentacles and Man-eating plants GALORE

  34. 101spk

    This song is a headphone masterpiece!

  35. Don Sitjaipetch

    LOL at Ruanda

  36. ruanda

    don't watch this on drugs.

  37. Jim Kincaid

    possibly my new #1 favorite music video

  38. emilrude

    Reminds me of my first mescaline trip

  39. phil crisp99

    hmmm straight edge is getting to me...........

  40. milmilproductions

    Sounds like the thing on space mountain in disneyland

  41. Ethan Williams


    (watch the movie teeth )

  42. ryllie07

    awesome. or indie.

  43. 3593893

    The song is VERY VERY cool !

  44. yg hj

    exactly! i'm having the exact same problem its my duty!

  45. Bobban

    cant find the mr oizo remix anywhere...

  46. Connor Leighton

    It doesn't have to have meaning. Or, maybe it has infinite meanings. It means whatever comes into your head whenever you watch it.

    All that really matters is you love it.

  47. Sixoclock Hashishim

    I have watched this vid NUMEROUS times and think of myself as somewhat intuitive and have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what this song and imagery are conveying.Don't get me wrong, love the song and vid...just don't understand the...meaning?

  48. Chris Chadwick

    If you like this vid, then you'll love my artwork vids. They're on my channel.

    Peace & love people.

  49. Jes Cee

    nevermind. i was thinking of "cavern" by liquid liquid.

  50. Jes Cee

    does anyone know the name of the music video that looks like this but its like hand drawn and cheap looking??? the song has a repetitive bass and hiphop beat and the singing sounds lazy. i wish i knew :(

  51. lors999

    c'est bon

  52. gabriel smiesko

    gr8 animation!simple,but message received....

  53. Jakob Yazici

    YIEHAAAAAAAAA....Hammer...die Franzosen!!!!!

  54. Matt Gardner