Air - Cosmic Trip Lyrics

Welcome to the astronomical club
The rocket shell is now ready to take off

It's better not to know

Dreams, gigantic stars
Comets and meteors
Enormous mushrooms
Volcanic explosions

All of you will be back home safely
So don't hesitate, join us with no fear
On our fantastic trip to the moon

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Air Cosmic Trip Comments
  1. Trevor Kuxan

    Palomitas de Maíz!

  2. Nina M

    I really love the sigh at beginning and at 2:48. There’s just something about it that I love so much :)

  3. Sounds of Color

    This track has a vibe that reminds me of something you might hear in a sci-fi mystery movie/video game. When it comes to creating atmospheric soundscapes, Air definitely knows how to deliver. 🎶💯

  4. UPLband

    I would like to hear Air in Poland or record with you at least one sound together. Give the signal "Czila i Tara" {yt}.