Air - Biological Lyrics

Thousands of hairs
Two eyes only
Its you

Some skin
Billions of genes
Again its you

That's why it's you and me

Your blood is red
It's beautiful genetic love

I don't know why I feel that way with you
I need your DNA

Your fingerprints
The flesh, her arm, your bones
I'd like to know
Why all these things move me

Let's use ourselves to be as one tonight
Apart of me would like to travel in your veins

I don't know why I feel that way with you
I need your DNA

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Air Biological Comments
  1. Antonios Koutsoyiannis

    Maybe Hungry Lucy took some lessons from this record.

  2. Gls

    Tan bonita para que termine el amor

  3. Ωякα

    3:55-6:07 Love this part so much ❤️

  4. Justin Reyes

    Eerily beautiful

  5. sandovinhas

    this is a part of my soul


    3:58.. stunningly beautiful 😍

  7. K-leb

    I used to think this song was "meh" in comparison to Venus, Cherry Blossom Girl, Surfing on a Rocket, and most of the other songs.
    However, one day I was listening to this, and it hit me...this is actually a really good song! Like all the other songs on the album, it brings about feelings of a very ethereal, atmospheric nature. My favorite part would have to be the breakdown at 3:57 onward.

  8. Karen Andrea Román Yonca

    When i knew this band i was triping on and was a realy beautiful and espiritual experience!, but before and ovbioulsy after that i saw all days the sunshine listening this song, even now♡

  9. luca passeroni


  10. sjaak bakker

    What I hear: biological, I told no one I feel that way with you. Even now I know i still sing it

  11. r.d. laing


  12. RomanCestMoi

    mmm..wondering if i tell the girl i love..I need your DNA? haha...or XX, XY..thats you n me? ...

  13. KX163F


  14. F0XYr4bB!T

    play league of legends now for free

  15. Wilson Honorato

    muito legal vcs canto bem pra carvalho.

  16. Julia M.

    the description is hilarious: "best album of the 2000s" and we're just like 16 years far from it.

  17. Ren

    Thousands of hairs
    Two eyes only it's you

    Some skin
    Billions of genes again it's you

    XX XY
    That's why it's you and me

    Your blood is red
    It's beautiful genetic love

    I don't know why I feel that way with you
    I need your DNA

    Your fingerprints
    The flesh her arm your bones

    I'd like to know
    Why all these things move me

    Let's fuse ourselves
    To be as one tonight

    A part of me
    Would like to travel in your veins

    (repeat chorus)


    Thank you for the lyrics!

    I think it's "the flesh around your bones"?

  18. Mateusz Murak

    3:55,this is real amazing(!)

  19. Kathleen Molitor

    3:55 on 💗

  20. StealthWorkx

    For Anne

  21. tanathos0414

    Nice lyrics, but the song itself is somewhat creepy.Haven't heard this in quite a while.

  22. luca passeroni

    Velvet Underground...

  23. Ashton Yarlett

    so relaxing, especially helps with driving among crazy city drivers. I always smile when i play this and the other drivers look angry. Then i turn it up at 3:58 mins just to make my day even better. The best part was not knowing what this song was called for many years because i couldn't understand what they were saying.....but now i know and it makes the song one of my favourites by AIR. Thanks guys :)


    @Ashton Yarlett lol when i first read your comment,i thought you said crazy cat drivers.. lol i guess i need to sleep huh. yeah very relaxing song like floating..

    Ashton Yarlett

    Those crazy cats! lol

  24. jean guillaume hefner

    j' adore ce groupe

  25. Jahaira Hilario

    Esta canción es mi favorita del grupo AIR

  26. Mama Shine

    So relaxing and beautiful...I also get a Beatles feeling in parts.

  27. XxxAndrew189xxX

    This song is so perfect and beautiful. The way is sounds is so intoxicating and Nostalgic..

  28. Sushi Bear

    I love it, it's so haunting.....

  29. randsholman

    The most beautiful love song ever written. Very sexy.

  30. ladymanzon

    Say What???

  31. Kah Deh

    What the fuck's going on in the comment section? O _ o ...Oh well


    this song is surrealistic as hell

  32. wulan ahmad

    musical orgasm with maximum pleasure.

  33. Berkay Şentürk

    And I think that part expresses "orgasm" as I come out from lyrics.

  34. Hollie Lillian

    its like tubular bells meets bjork played by elven fairies

  35. Danielle Guzman

    fave song off this album

  36. Alexis Otero

    Me gusto! :D

  37. dead chic

    ex ex
    ex why

  38. Alex McGinness

    This is right up my alley. Thanks to clothesencounters for sending me here!

  39. DaisyinSand

    Clothesencounters sent me here


    clothesencounters sent me here!

  41. Samuel Adams

    Lol elegantly put.

  42. Flan in the face

    Me cago en esta canción del choto verga que esta re buena

  43. Alfredo Nava

    es realmente hermosa esta canción, como lo dice la frase de la canción "It's beautiful genetic love". Sublime balada.

  44. Comrade Alek

    This seems like the equivalent to a Nihilist love song. One of my favorites.

  45. Mickey 1

    just air

  46. Nada M.r

    realmente es hermosa

  47. iZZi x

    that sounds fantastic. i'd love to try that out.


    the lyrics, sucks!

  48. mattcman87

    @OlmoLane lol left guy looks like he is actually looking at something while the other looks as if he is gazing through everything while in deep thought

  49. carteldelnegro

    I like this song alot thanks to M.Z

  50. OlmoLane

    Such a good song! I keep coming back to this one. Such a goofy album picture though, haha. Look away from the camera like you're thinking about something!


    All their studio album covers, besides that of le voyage dans la lune, are pretty goofy. It's because they all feature the 2 band members either in a really kitsch pose, or superimposed into another artwork. I like it, in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

  51. Bruno Amâncio

    @tbmike23 yeah, never thought about it. you're right. :)

  52. anwedk88

    Air is simple and elegant. Puts me in a peaceful mood.

  53. bartsignaal

    @3:58 total eliberation

  54. Ben

    @thekkl Maybe, maybe not, I actually saw someone comment with that quote on another of Airs videos :) I like the saying.

    What I like about Air's music is that they have a very organic / real sound even though it's 'electronic' music.

  55. Michael Anderson

    Reminds me of the Beatles in the best way