Air - Another Day Lyrics

'Cause it's just another day
You will lose it anyway

The time
That goes
'Cause it's just another day
You will lose it anyway

You lust
In Space
In Time
'Cause it's just another day
You will lose it anyway

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Air Another Day Comments
  1. Boko Bokolis

    original beautiful and brilliant.

  2. Billie Bob Norton III

    Don't touch the will be electrocuted. Trust me.....

  3. E. Fontanot

    very good

  4. Vadim Novikov

    Рихтер ФМ...на Серебряном Дожде)

  5. Patrice Delorme

    AIR guys are machine; that's why the mathematicaly aspect of musik perfectly match them! a 10 on 10 nothing less.

  6. Caterina Carlone

    capolavoro del2004. walkie talkie.

  7. Infinity

    This Band has forever fascinated me....

  8. JotaJota

    Ray Bradbury + this = Interstellar travel

  9. Chowbizful

    the guy on the r8 looks like Thom Yorke

  10. Nazlıcan Berfin Bal

    ellerin ne kadar da minnak. minnak* ?? what?

    Dost Rider

    Ne işin var senin burada. Çabuk eve!

    Nazlıcan Berfin Bal

    Dost Rider 👽

  11. IdahoFarmGal

    Sexy, sultry, dangerous, winding, haunting, ethereal, magical, numbing, delicious, PERFECT make out/intercourse sound!!!!! I've said too much, haven't I?

    Billie Bob Norton III

    no....not enough....we want more.....!

  12. Hypnoctopus Contact

    Here we have an example of 'drone' in music. Drone is when one or more constant, unchanging pitches provide a backdrop for melodies and rhythms. Notice the pulsating note which fades in at the beginning of the song, and how it really carries the song (best experienced with good speakers or quality headphones). And then notice the amazing effect created when the drone ceases at 2:09 to make room for the epic line "You, you're lost in space, in time..." After that line, the drone comes back, carrying through to the end of the song where it fades out, and is the final note heard.

    Cheve' Landano

    Wow Thank you for this insight. I always notice these things but did not know there was a name for it. I swear out of my friends and family I am the only one who cares about these things!

    Hypnoctopus Contact

    Cheve King No problem.


    I am pretty sure the drone is a repetition of the word air as well!

    ravi sundriyal

    One of my friend calls it as god music.... He says every song has its own God music in it. :P

    Daniel Vincent Romero

    Thank you

  13. walendxweg


  14. walendxweg


  15. Andrea Marchesi

    what a song...what a music...AIR contemporary miracle

  16. Sara Plazola

    Beautiful reminds me of a classic horror film..

  17. llezzamagu1

    fuck! love the gothness of this awesome song...

  18. Albert Jannette

    So many Memories working at DD's North East Philadelphia

  19. Cfactor98

    I'm reminded of the game, One Chance

  20. jonai -

    ス テ キ *★

  21. retrobebop61

    They are channelling The Moody Blues......album: "Days of Future Past"


    Right??? Get out of my head!

  22. kylefer

    One of the favorite songs from my childhood.

  23. Angélica Basoalto

    This is sort of Mr. Bungle / Depeche Mode 

    Rodrigo Ibarra

    You mean the mr bungle from the California period right?

  24. german antonio barrios muñoz

    oscuridad absoluta

  25. Lord Revolver

    i can see how mgmt kinda copied them

  26. xplayr_it

    Teachers of.. 

  27. Selcuk Ogutcu

    You'll notice my traces everywhere
    You'll see the pattern
    And then, the whole picture
    You'll regret, you'll suffer
    Not now, not today...

    Maani Bee


  28. Salma Zan

    It's just another day , you will lose it anyway .. 

  29. .:Lovy:.

    let me politely disagree, but yeah pretty good

  30. Darko Radulovic

    Its like a soundtrack from game silent hill,but better :D

  31. Buscemi


  32. Maria Ofélia Correia Pereira

    I like it.

  33. Florek

    You're one of the biggest douche I've ever met.

    Billie Bob Norton III

    Thanks! Hugs and kisses back at ya!

  34. Ryan Jason

    this is the kind of music that makes you feel cold and shiver, but also warms your heart.

  35. anshul srivastava

    music has great depth

  36. Luka D.A.

    Very Very Awesome

  37. Trawizz

    14 people likes Tokyo Hotel

  38. coldmoth

    Is this one slower than the original? It sounds a little slower?

    Mhmd Soub

    coldmoth you're on something

  39. speedfreakpsycho

    Don't know why but vocal sounds like Comfortably numb from pink Floyd!

    Simply Stepping

    the whispering

  40. SteezyfSaint

    i dnt need weed kuz this is gettin me high!!!

  41. Lachlan Still

    *their, apparently mine is though

  42. Lachlan Still

    they're english isn't bad

  43. Nymiris1

    je suis français et j'approuve ce commentaire :)

  44. Harkham

    Simple réponse pour plaisanter du peu de commentaires français ... ceci dit si ça te fait jouir de venir casser les ambiances, fait toi plaiz.

  45. george prete

    j'adore cette chanson


    French sounds sexier with a French accent B-)

  47. Erah

    Snowgoons <3

  48. jeanlouis cacace

    Air - Playground love tiré du film Virgins suicides. Depuis, que jl'ai entendu jsuis fan de ce groupe. <3 :)

  49. TheDeadEndProject

    well I judge a band by their music not by their lyrics

  50. Harkham

    Non y'a moi aussi.

  51. Vinyle Flou

    Heu, je suis le seul Français ?

  52. Claude Perraudin Music

    Find who inspired Air : Claude Perraudin a french electro composer from the 70's. His videos are on youtube now.

  53. Nezopu

    Can you say anything different from "omette du fromage" and "amour" ?

  54. dcast161


  55. kakka kikkare

    this getz me so emotional..!

  56. scuffryda

    scientology ad what the FUCK is wrong with our world

  57. HolyDevill

    @kalyptus How high you were when you wrote this?

  58. 63virgini

    Toujours un plaisir d'écouter Air !

  59. J.P. O'Keefe

    @kalyptus no thanks.

  60. kpalec

    English sounds sexier with french accent :)

  61. simona1day

    @wefunkdotcom you should listen the music not the english accent!

  62. simona1day

    @wefunkdotcom they are incredible, you should listen the music, not the english accent!

  63. Cesotoseot

    SO chill...

  64. Pierre Veist

    @snahdie Of course. And " Talkie Walkie" ist one of the best album I have ever heard! :)

  65. blonde7000

    good tune

  66. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst


  67. Arick crystalzx

    Pink floyd + Jean Michaels Jarre.

  68. Law Angel

    This song makes me feel an overwhelming feeling of dread, the thought of death comes to mind, when i die life will go on as normal without my existence ever affecting the grand scheme of things. 'Lost forever in space and time'!

  69. זיו צ

    2:28 tube bestttt ever!!!!! guines

  70. Garbanzo Esperante


    I love it.

  71. cherrydarlingxoxo

    @sleepylacepaws I agree with u, this song makes me think of a sociopath's mind set during a murder. They are justifying their crime saying "Well they are going to die me killing them doesn't matter.." If a victim was begging for their life the killers response would be "Cause it's just another day You will lose it anyway" meaning "If I let you live..whatever you do..will be meaningless..because you will lose everything eventually." Victims are stored in freezers or fridges, fitting

  72. cherrydarlingxoxo

    This song makes me think of a sociopath's mind set during a murder. They are justifying their crime saying "Well they are going to die me killing them doesn't matter.." If a victim was begging for their life the killers response would be "Cause it's just another day You will lose it anyway" meaning "If I let you live..whatever you do..will be meaningless..because you will lose everything eventually." '"Kiss The time That goes Away." is his way of saying kiss your life goodbye.

  73. Kero Trip

    Love from Switzerland

  74. Aimee Louise

    Air gives me that warm feeling. I love how emotional their songs are. <3

  75. Sempry

    I feel like I'm trapped inside of a refrigerator when I listen to this

  76. millakilla199

    Man oh man. I love some of your guys comments. What happened to just saying "I really like this song."? Oh, lulz were had. Not just this page either. Everytime I look for a song on here it's crazy comments. I love it, and I don't mean that ironically.

    As for me, this song is a boat taking me on a cruise through the fringe of consciousness! I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG.


  77. Tatiana Silva

    @Maenu87 Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation. :P

  78. Luciana Zárate

    Every time i heard this band, i feel that makes me fly to all ages...
    IT´S AMAZING!! :)

  79. Michel Oliveira

    I don't need to smoke weed to enjoy his song, but I have to hear this song everytime i get high

  80. GoSam

    their best , the best ...

  81. jilliebean3000

    I love this track.. I remember when i first heard it, i thought they sang "F**k Off" at the 1:20 mark, and now i can't hear anything other than that, it's stuck with me...

  82. GoodiTwoShuz

    peace and love from earth :-)

  83. jordanmarcus

    @kalyptus thats exactly what i envisioned when i heard this! thumbs up


    lo maximo

  85. Sushi Addict

    @kalyptus Whaaaat?!?! holy shit thats creepy.

  86. Veronika X

    Non c'è nulla da fare...questo gruppo mi manda via di testa. Ogni sua canzone è sempre in netta sinfonia col mio stato.

  87. 40jesh

    What a great track is this.
    Listening to this i get lost in space!
    You gotta love AIR.

    Peace from Holland.

  88. Manu J

    heyyyy, this song is great. there's an other song which sounds at the beginig almost like this song here. does anyone know it?

  89. tigrikias

    peace and love from Luxembourg!!!

  90. saemusire

    Peace and Love -----Massachusetts I love AIR!!!!

  91. Christine Huss-Doliana

    ur so lucky mate!!!

  92. Philippe C

    Great song .....