Air - All I Need Lyrics

All I need is a little time
To get behind this sun
And cast my weight
All I need is a peace of this mind
Then I can celebrate

All in all there's something to give
All in all there's something to do
All in all there's something to live
With you

All I need is a little sign
To get behind this sun
And cast this weight of mine
All I need is the place to find
And there I'll celebrate

All in all there's something to give
All in all there's something to do
All in all there's something to live
With you, with you

All I need

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Air All I Need Comments
  1. Paul

    1:12 Sounds like shes singing "Have a wank"

  2. Felipe Arantes de Almeida


  3. Music Loves Peace

    Oooey Gooey so lush...I may have melted completely by the end of this track! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Benjamin Engelberg

    One of my favorite bands, albums, and songs. The pitch on this upload is noticeably high though, wonder how that happened.


    Damn I miss these vibes! Music like this is always a perfect escape. Thank you AIR!

  6. David Cross

    Still love this album

  7. Kristina Ketelsen

    This reminds me of that Zero 7 album.

  8. IngoPagels

    would like to tunr back the time, to the late 90s, enjoy more and make better decitions...

  9. Nick van Betuw

    This and Saint Germain were gold in the 90' (and still are) 👍🧡

  10. Wüsten Blume

    Can someone believe that I heard this masterpiece first time in 2019 ... and I am really not new on this planet

    kuroro lucifer

    Wüsten Blume I just heard this today

    Breno Pires

    I heard it 1st time a couple of days ago too!

  11. Fly Courier

    all i ever needed to hear is this wonderfull song,really..

  12. light seconds

    This shit so heavenly Lucifer disliked it

  13. Jazzy Hop Soul

    This song is espirituality!

  14. marcio carvalho

    Perfect song to relax after a work shift!

  15. Paul

    It sounds like she's singing "Have a Wank".

  16. Khadhraoui Chouaib

    breaking news: this song made by aliens

  17. Kelly Appleton

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

  18. Laura Babes

    Nice tune, but quality is fucking wank ! x

  19. Spill the Tae, sis

    Below this song was a group named breathe, what a coincidence

  20. roo deejoo

    Suoer! Thanx! @~


    This song helps me find peace... it is funny though, peace is not as comfortable as i imagined.

  22. Rico Vroomen

  23. Bas Roos

    Chill relax and enjoy this magnificant track, ❤️ so much good this is ❤️

  24. Sohaib Ali


  25. Calvin Horn

    I was searching for this track for so long. Now I can die in peace.

  26. lee pearson.

    This song goes out to my first girlfriend in 1998, age 21 years.

  27. Mother F**keress

    This is sort of an anthem of Pannonian Challengers

  28. Arthur Lecomte

    Why do we consider this music as 'downtempo' or 'chillout', even though it's really the same kind of music as trip hop. Is it because they are French, and trip hop is considered a British thing?

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Arthur Lecomte A piece of music can be one or many of those descriptors. They mainly point to a sound

    Arthur Lecomte

    @Reprehensible Meshuggah I know, still doesn't answer why the music journalists see it that way

  29. William Larkin

    I'm currently being treated for anxiety. This music helps.

  30. siddbastard

    2019. Came here for a short break from the madness ...

    Kasper Hansen

    True f***ing stuff.

    Jola Cola

    Same here...

    lalo lalo

    Love these songs

    Nick Alli


    stoney mcstonerson

    lol amen

  31. Zuzana Zahorska

    Greetings from Slovakia 😍 2019 oct.

    Stuart Slade

    Hello from England friend

    Michal 757

    Ahoj Zuzka ja som tiež so Slovenska :)

    Zuzana Zahorska

    @Michal 757 cool.

    Michal 757

    @Zuzana Zahorska si mohla aj po slovensky 😁koľko máš rokov?

  32. Tom Vriend


  33. Tom Vriend

    Een beetje

  34. lee pearson.

    This came when I was 21 years old , in 1998, I had 2 girlfriends for the first time , that year.

  35. Paul Bäumer

    fun fact: I heard the song when my little girl has been born - 17 years later my girl talked to me about love the boys and the meaning of all of that ... and then suddenly on a german local radio station ring out this song.

  36. Oscar Leon

    I hanged out with the producer of this whole album up in the hollywood hills like a few months ago legendary shit

  37. Brian Earner

    Water and sun

  38. Shawn Miller

    All I need is a little time to get by and cast my weight

  39. Shawn Miller

    Du beat song eaver

  40. Mauro Madeddu


  41. Jamezdin Kurtoivic

    2:51 my favorite part...

  42. Rushi W

    I always wanted to find more songs soothing your mind like this. To see the stars while listening. But I found only two or three.... Anyone know more song like this? Thanking Deezer app for suggesting this song....

  43. Federico Lovo

    Beth Hirsch's voice... wow !!!

  44. Stranger 22

    my medicin...🥰🥰🥰🥰

  45. Nick Zano

    Chiudi gli occhi .. e vedi

  46. Vaughan Jackson

    Nearly 4.5 million views. Calm down people, no need to justify this one. it speaks for itself.

  47. Remco van den Brink

    Soothing... makes me cry

  48. lasmilyunamelodias


  49. Jackie Mackay

    Just pure bliss...

  50. Moran Music

    I miss music like this... ❤

  51. John Rose

    Timeless masterpiece..sounds better each time

  52. Curtis Foord

    The audio in this video is in the wrong key for some reason. The video with the alarm clock thumbnail and the "official video" are in the right key.
    I do wonder how it happened, though...

  53. Victoria Patterson

    Was lucky to have this album land in my 20's. What a mix. If one thinks of an album during the late 90's, it's got to be this.

  54. sickhours

    Back when music was soulfood

  55. luella reg

    Una canzone senza tempo....Non smetterà mai di piacermi 💖

  56. john smith

    Air .Moon Safari Lp .one of the best LPs ive ever bought. whenever i need 2 relax i just put it on and drift away...

  57. Alfredo Espindola

    Hermoso tema y album!

  58. Sam Rose

    turn it down a semi tone or two, way too high from what the original is

  59. ana delgado

    I adore

  60. bert_ im_netz

    the maximum in soft music - on the top !

  61. Llewelyn LaVista

    This really 1986? It does not sound '80s at all, it sounds more early 2000s.

  62. john rose

    All I need to listen to this masterpiece over and over again

  63. Tiago Jacinto

    The pitch/speed on this is wrong. It's too high/fast.

  64. Patrick

    Pain divided by All I Need = Peace.

  65. bumble1612


  66. coloursofmelancholia

    alltime fave!!!

  67. Zoe Austin

    I love air, it's like love music ❤

  68. Simon James

    Coming Up or down, nice one 😎

  69. Louise Hodgson

    Wow not heard this song since I was pregnant with my first born who is now pregnant with her first happy times beautiful song 😊


    Wow.....How times fly's Louise Hodgson. Some songs don't age, & this is one of them. Congrats soon to be Grandma Louise H :=)

    Louise Hodgson

    @Beeboy69 thanks 😊 and yes I can't wait exciting times ahead 🥰

  70. peter

    I remember listening to this while I was in elementary on my sisters ipod classic. I didn't even know how to define my taste in music but this always stuck with me. I always came back to the sounds of "ALL I NEED"

  71. Glenn Davidson

    pitched up

  72. wakeyboy

    some songs just draw you back time after time... hello old friend!

  73. slede love

    All in all there's something to live...
    With you ❤️❤️

  74. marco piccinini

    I kinda feel it's time to repent for not listening to this band on a daily basis . Magnifique 👏👏👏

  75. Richard James

    It's like falling in love with her

  76. Kinkjab

    I remember my mother always used to play this to help me sleep as a kid. Brings me back

    Patricia Healey

    Not TRUE

  77. Sosa 030

    Wish I could hear this again in the car while my pops is driving
    Rest well, i‘m thankful boss. I miss you every day.

  78. DjBreky

    This is pitched AF.....great job uploader....

  79. Molliee-Angel jones

    Mega boobs

  80. Molliee-Angel jones

    Dildo vagina

  81. tonyo2323

    Pure Bliss

  82. Carl Kermode

    Makes me feel like the last twenty years never happened, and life is still simple.

    Roy V 2046

    That's a little deep Carl, but all so very true.

  83. Andrew Power

    The song gives me a feeling of being healthy and wealthy, living off the coast...
    This is how it is supposed to be in heaven.

  84. Glenn Gomez

    this song harkens to the Spider-Man: The Animated Series intro song

  85. Luis S.

    I remember to listen to this in 2011, so much memories at home and now it's the same... Great music...

  86. christoper mark blunden

    This song helps me through the nightshift......

  87. Hoyt Morgan

    Fresh forever!

  88. Rob Maclennan

    reminds me of Ibiza before life got serious and my beautiful boys were born....still listen to this every now and then when im travelling with work.

  89. Puklej chleba

    Be fired today, but, what´s all I need?

    Isabel Nabinger

    Peace love and unity ;)

    Puklej chleba

    Of course :) Peace :)

  90. Lee Elsworthy

    Absolute masterpiece, sat on a beach with this in the back ground glass of wine I'd die a happy man

  91. Rhys Khelloul

    This song is timeless.

  92. Melodi Var Öngel

    listened to it all day nonstop

  93. Herr der Fliegen

    Alt, einsam und betrunken zu sein, hat mich hierher gebracht.

    Anna *

    Immerhin hast Du einen guten Musikgeschmack.

    Herr der Fliegen

    Anna * Danke, das war meine Jugend:)

  94. Zetta Me

    Very soothing, Peaceful as it Strange in a Good Way.

  95. Oscar Leon

    I met the producer 🔥

  96. Aleksander KOJ

    Jezu - to były czasy ! Cudna muza !!!