Aimee Mann - Yesterday Once More Lyrics

When I was young
I'd listen to the radio
Waitin' for my favorite songs
When they played I'd sing along
It made me smile

Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wondered where they'd gone
But they're back again
Just like a long lost friend
All the songs I loved so well

Every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-o-wo-o
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're startin' to sing's
So fine

When they get to the part
Where he's breakin' her heart
It can really make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more


Lookin' back on how it was
In years gone by
And the good times that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed

It was songs of love that
I would sing to then
And I'd memorize each word
Those old melodies
Still sound so good to me
As they melt the years away

Every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-o-wo-o
Still shines
(All the oldies but goodies)
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're startin' to sing's
So fine

All my best memories
Come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more


Every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-o-wo-o
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're startin' to sing's
So fine

Every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-o-wo-o
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're startin' to sing's
So fine

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Aimee Mann Yesterday Once More Comments
  1. Wolfsky9

    As a lifetime fan of Karen & Richard Carpenter, I have to say, this is an excellent attempt ---------well done !! -----------------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o

  2. Mark

    Just beautiful!

  3. Erin Kraft

    Amiee, Please come sing the Carpenters at The State Theater on Falls Church, Va

  4. Kelly Burns

    Aimee's voice is like no other. Brilliant, heart breaking, impossibly beautiful.

  5. Stefan Jansen

    i have searching this song for ever! now i found it!

  6. Leslie Pamela

    Aimee Mann is my idol.

  7. Janis70

    Man, I miss Karen Carpenter... she had such a fantastic voice. She was like the female Sinatra!

  8. Med Kautsar

    old but gold. 😊

  9. Komgorn Pongsiricharoen

    nice song

  10. Frasereder236

    Congrats on creating a cover that sounds exactly like the original


    the point of the song, if you missed it, was a recreation of the original in a scene in Vinyl. She is supposed to sound like Karen Carpenter. They had an actress that sort of looked like her in a daydream sequence while she rode in a car next to one of the characters while the song played on the radio- back in 1973. You get it!

  11. Jim1971a

    Aimee is so great on this cover. I wish she would do more like this!

  12. david lopresti

    A perfect cover, great job Aimee. You and Karen Carpenter are two artists that can express such naive vulnerability through your singing, and the very timber of your voices...fantastic!

  13. Roderico

    I love Aimee's voice, but Karen had a 3 octave range with a lower end I'm not sure Aimee has or didn't use in this song. It's still beautiful and very well done.

  14. zephyr84

    I've liked both singers for the longest time and it just never clicked in my head that the timbre of Aimee Mann's voice is about the closest thing you can get to Karen Carpenter's today...

    Greg Antoniono

    Rumer is close as well.  Both Bacharach and Richard Carpenter are big Rumer fans.  And I love Aimee, seen her dozens of times (and met her as well.)

  15. בן וייסמן

    wow. so we are gettin a MIDI drums in RockNRoll tv show soundtrack.

  16. tommyboat64

    super talent ! love Aimee....big younger fan...

  17. Azaelia Slade


  18. MsD Meanor

    Every Canadian will remember the chorus as the commercial song for Hudson's Bay

  19. William Marinho

    I did not knew it
    God it's good

  20. John Digital Marketing

    Great Anne Murray!


    Uh, I never thought I'd see Aimee and Anne mentioned in the same sentence.

    But big props to Aimee, the greatest woman singer/songwriter of my generation, for bringing attention to the extraordinarily talented treasure who was the late, great Karen Carpenter. Profoundly poignant.

  21. Kito Bianchort

    brava brava brava

  22. Magical RD

    i love this song

  23. Khuê Đặng

    nice song

  24. Bent Pedersen

    Absolutely wonderful.

  25. vonskull

    Very well sung.  Is there a reason they aren't using the original artists?  Is it just money and rights or do they want digital music?


    I think I've forgot something

  27. carmen Aiello

    She is so amazing - loved this scene

  28. Alejandra Arias

    I need urgently the version of "I'll take of you"!!

    Mark Leslie

    bobby bland I'll take care of you?

  29. TheBeatlepacoProject

    To be honest, at some point i couldn't tell the difference between this singer and Karen Carpenter's voice.


    seriously? they have totally different voices

  30. Victoria Sarinelli

    nice, but that's it. Everybody knows that no one will ever come close to Karen's perfect vocals, so if I was Aimee I would have refrain from imitating Karen and would have done my own thing with it.

    Illumi Notme

    +Victoria Sarinelli Well, and she's not a big fan of covers, or wasn't years back that is. Remember what she says about playing Beatles covers on her itunes originals album...which is fucking regards to her and Michael Penn's cover of 'Two of Us'. This cover just didn't work. It came of as cheezy to me.

  31. Sharon Durmaskin

    As ahuge Karen Carpenter fan, I have to admit I didn't think anyone could sing this song as well as Karen. But Aimee's version is pretty darn good. I'm impressed.

  32. Polly Pie

    So awesome! Thank you Aimee!!!!!

  33. Noah Messiah

    HI AIMEE!!!

  34. Matt Rockbridge

    Very flat. I like Aimee singing her own, but this is ...flat.

    Greg Antoniono

    If you mean "Flat" as in "off pitch", you're wrong. If you "flat" as in "you don't like the amount of emotion she puts into the song", go grab your stack of Adele disks and have a nice day.

  35. John Poole

    LOVE Aimee Mann!! Beautiful, as always.

  36. daleyboygough0

    I love this AND I love Karen's voice too. Both resonate slightly different in me. Big thank you for recording this Aimee it's lovely.

  37. RobbiesVideoArchives

    A favorite singer doing a favorite song. A dream come true that I hadn't even dreamed. Beautiful!

  38. No1KCfan6

    she sounds so flat and like she's dead inside. evokes no emotion from me, unlike the carpenters' version. and no other vocalist's voice is half as beautiful as karen's, imo.


    +No1KCfan6 Aimee's voice is surreal!


    +No1KCfan6 My mom often made this complaint to me, that Hillary never "opens up" with her voice anymore, she doesn't feel the song enough to make it hers. Now I have very little musical knowledge, so maybe after all these years ones voice gets weaker, or perhaps Aimee's smoking has had its costs, I don't know. But she just seemed LOUDER, more REAL, and INVESTED in the songs as she sang them in her 'til tuesday & Whatever days, at least to me. Granted she has also been through label-hell what, 3 times since then, so maybe that's it. But I agree you here, whatever the reason.


    +dratheart who's hillary? and i think aimee's voice sounded good on some of the songs she sang with til tuesday, like "voices carry" and "coming up close," but on this one, she sounds completely monotone.

    Illumi Notme

    +dratheart I became a huge Aimee Mann fan the moment I saw the film Magnolia. I've seen her 7 times or so, the best show being New Year's Eve '06 I think it was with Michael Penn in Milwaukee. Shit was tight. Her voice used to bring me near to tears, especially the Bachelor #2 through The Forgotten Arm albums...then she got kind of commercial and boring...whatever it was I just wasn't feeling it anymore, and haven't since. I really dug Nellie McKay, who I first saw at an Aimee show...and still think Nellie is more hardcore and sillier than Aimee, and I am a sucker for silly, as I am for the piano. This song in Vinyl does nothing for me, though I knew it was Aimee immediately, and that confused me, because it was obviously a 70s song...a Carpenters song, and the rest of the soundtrack seemed to be legit from the 60s and 70s...Anyway...the second episode of Vinyl was fantastic. I wasn't stoked on the first episode, but it's got it's hooks in me now.

    dermot fitzgerald

    +Illumi Notme check out her first solo album, "Whatever". It's an all-time great.

  39. Maddie M

    Aimee, it is so great to hear you articulate your lyrics as you did early in your career. Your voice is so beautiful it is wonderful to hear every subtlety. Please keep sing like this, even if only once in a while...

  40. TheFifthDementia

    OMG so wonderful. Beautiful, Aimee. Andy Kindler sent me here!

  41. Scott Ellison


  42. Ken Lydo

    u got the same sort of clarity u legend IMHO

  43. Neil Kaltenecker

    More, please.

  44. juan almanza


  45. Alejandro Mello -

    nice song