Aimee Mann - Whatever Happened To Christmas Lyrics

Whatever happened to christmas? its gone and left no traces,
Whatever happened to the faces or the glow,
Whatever happened to christmas, to christmas way of living?
Whatever happened to the giving, the magic in the snow?
Remember the sight and the smell and the sound,
And remember hearing the call,
Remember how love was all around, whatever happened to it all?
Whatever happened to christmas, bells in the streets were ringing,
Whatever happened to the singing, the songs we used to know.
Whatever happened to this christmas, and when did it disappeared from view,
Where was i, and whatever happened to you?
Whatever happened to christmas and you?

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Aimee Mann Whatever Happened To Christmas Comments
  1. Rusty Wolfe

    This song was written by Jimmy Webb. This version is wonderful!!! But I still wonder why Glen Campbell seemingly never recorded this magnificent song.

  2. David N

    Aimee is alright with me

  3. Damien's Number 1 Fan

    great version I personally prefer Sinatra version though

  4. Szőke Anna

    I've heard this song about a month ago in a shop in London, I looked  it online, and I'm so glad to find it! Beautiful! Thx a lot.