Aimee Mann - Voices Carry Lyrics

I'm in the dark, I'd like to read his mind
But I'm frightened of the things I might find
Oh, there must be something he's thinking of
To tear him away-a-ay
When I tell him that I'm falling in love
Why does he say-a-ay

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry

I try so hard not to get upset
Because I know all the trouble I'll get
Oh, he tells me tears are something to hide
And something to fear-eh-eh
And I try so hard to keep it inside
So no one can hear

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry

He wants me, but only part of the time
He wants me, if he can keep me in line

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, shut up now, voices carry
Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry
Hush hush, darling, she might overhear
Hush, hush - voices carry
He said shut up - he said shut up
Oh God can't you keep it down
Voices carry
Hush hush, voices carry

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Aimee Mann Voices Carry Comments
  1. Tania Mcphelim

    One of my favourite songs of my teenage years of the 80 s she is still so beautiful ageless and still has a great voice.

  2. Joseph Miceli

    Seemed to lack the drama of the original, but the emotions were deeper and more poignant.

  3. G. T.

    She still looks beautiful!

  4. Mark Cannon

    I've loved this song since its inception.

  5. Janet Vigil

    The words ring true, gives hope to women who think they must suffer in silence ✊✊✊

  6. keeferdog

    “Dumb” - nah - “CLASSIC”!

  7. Exo Hauler

    A journeyman in their craft never falter never waiver always producing their craft. Well done. Loved it. Aloha

  8. seattlejayde

    Pure joy andLove!

  9. TIMonTWO

    Remember seeing her on MTV for the first time. She’s still very pretty and her voice is timeless

  10. V L Nugent Jr

    Very talented and a very underrated performer. This song is a classic and I love it alot

  11. Juan Antonio Moreno

    Amazing song!

  12. jmc maxfield

    Total babe and talent all in one complete package 💙

  13. Headwinded

    just so good.

  14. Georgia Girl

    Surprisingly one of her biggest hits, but not one of her best songs. I have to agree with her.

  15. Patrick Jones

    Dear god, what an incredible voice.

  16. iaminbetweendays

    This was an incredible album.

  17. 1970 920

    I had to go she the original after I watched this you guys are all wrong she's alot better looking now. Must be the hair. I remember this in the 80's. Yep she's gotten way lotta mo prettier.

  18. Santos L Halper

    Aimee seemed reluctant to play this. I don't know why, it was fuckin awesome

  19. Sonny Lemoine

    Loved you when I was you now that I'm 50. Talent does not fade away.
    Keep on being you. ✌🇺🇸

  20. Toopy Anne Binoo

    Her voice carries well no doubt 👏

  21. OUTLAW2020

    My god how i love Aimee Mann..

  22. Cindy Griff

    Thank you for creating such an empowering 80's song Aimee Mann, you helped many of your fans recognise & flee abusive relationships, for this we are most grateful!

  23. Backlight

    So many of the comments on her videos are: "Wow, she looks great! ...and oh, yeah, good music..." People don't say that about male artists.

  24. Charles Lowe

    Awesome performance!

  25. Den Morales

    Always curious where are they now... these 80’s music icon! Thank God they are still around and still singing these beautiful music! Love you Aimee!! From Manila, Philippines

  26. scottcrf01

    Great song beautiful woman!

  27. Janene Bookyworm

    Too bad we won't ever stop talking about her looks and "how she ages" what ever the f*ck that means. She is a brilliant songwriter and lyricist. She happens to be very nice looking, so we could say "congratulations on your face, Aimee." Bet that means a lot to her. Or we could discuss, compliment and appreciate her amazing skills as a musician/singer/songwriter.

  28. Donnie Winter

    I think her voice is even more beautiful now.  So pure, I can't stop listening.  Thank you Aimee.

  29. lulu lulu13

    My Lord she is still so beautiful if not more!

  30. DonalOB

    "Jonathan was 17 when this song came out."

    Aimee was 24. You don't get to pull the "whippersnappers" card 32 years later. Still a great song.

  31. Jeff Capell

    Great song; beautiful lady.

  32. Youk Youk

    Thank you , Beautiful Voice and such a smart Composer ❤️

  33. Scott R

    Someone please tell me how the backup chorus is going at the end of this song? I hear him throw in the voices carry, but does he say leading to it?


    Time stamp? Back up chorus is just repeating "Keep it down now" then "voices carry...voices carry" several times as far as I can tell (original file isn't any more clear. Same with the version I caught in 2018) and she ends with "I wish he would let me."

    Scott R

    @2lassies it begins at the 4:20 mark. I have listened to many versions of this song (including the "original") and it sounds to me like the backing vocals goes something like "Hush darling, keep it down now, voices carry". But at the end it doesnt really fit the time signature, unless there is another over dub that comes on top of the keep it down now part. I am in a cover band, and we do this song. I am the only one doing back up harmonies, and I would really love to learn exactly what is being said in the back up vox at the end.


    @Scott R sorry I can't hear it.

  34. Colin Guevara

    Damn she still looks great

  35. em lee

    WOW she was 57 when this was uploaded, she looks amazing!


    Still 56 in June/July 2017 but who's counting.

  36. fododude

    A little faster maybe? God, I'm in love.

  37. Dallas Dickerson

    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  38. hunterofpike

    She was 56 during the filming of this show. Absoultely beautiful woman! The years have been very kind to her.

  39. Treasure Chest


  40. Samantha Anastasiou

    Love you Aimee

  41. Adam Bosworth

    Her voice is still perfect! Such a talented artist.

  42. Eamon Stafford

    What a talented, classy and sophisticated lady. Such a great voice and still pretty

  43. Charles Rast

    Beautiful voice.♥️

  44. Lo Co

    . . . And the reward for the LEAST changed musician from the 1980s goes to . . .

  45. Crab Stealings

    There's nothing I don't love about this woman.

  46. D S

    She's 57 here?!

  47. Tim Flinchum

    Pure talent and ageless.

  48. Zeluth

    Thank you.

  49. rbrtgrdn

    Wow....She is fine!

  50. kramercapriati

    She still sounds so Amazing and she's Live!!!!

  51. Craig Manning

    Time Stand Still. This is such a great song.

  52. Daniel Taylor

    Go back and look at an "86 version of this song. She looks the same, uncanny.

  53. bernardo mariano

    Beautiful and a classic

  54. Scott ackley

    Beautiful and classy . Still love you !

  55. Steve Roth

    ugh. original version, please.

  56. Joe Bell


  57. you r watching

    Well played.

  58. Louise Colvin


  59. paomadei

    That voice, amazing

  60. Joe O'Malley

    I loved this version of the song. Aimee is still a beautiful soul with a great voice :)

  61. Jim Leask

    What a beautiful woman

  62. David Robbins

    Saw her at Blossom in Ohio...great show👍

  63. A. F.

    Does she even age??? After all these years, her voice and appearance are AMAZING.

  64. Christopher Thomas

    I loved her in the 80s when I was a kid and I love her today… No one like Aimee and her minty cool voice!

  65. Bill Davis

    Looks more beautiful now than in 1985

  66. Mike Buckley

    One of my favorite songs. Keep singing it, Aimee!

  67. George Miller

    And Aimee is still smokin hot!!

  68. Rick Whear

    Johnathon Coulton is on that game show on NPR with Ophera Isenberrg,Aimee was a guest on the show once

  69. Barbara McCroy

    Respectfully to Aimee Man I never thought “Voice ‘s Carry” was a dumb song. For me it was a song about oppression which empowered me as a young woman at that time in my life. I loved the music and I loved your vocals then and I really loved the acoustic version of this song as well. So thank you for this song and may the good spirits always be with you!♥️✌️


    Barbara McCroy You say some beatiful

    Barbara McCroy

    When we found out about YouTube “Voice’s Carry” was one of the first songs I looked up from the 80’s♥️✌️


    I think she only said "parts of it", but I don't know what part she didn't like in retrospect. I think she strives for perfection because she cares about her art. At least she's honest with her audiences, which I admire.

    Barbara McCroy

    To PROYECTO RV, I promise my words are my truth and it comes from my heart and sincere thoughts. No b.s.! Thank you, take care.♥️✌️

    No one

    Barbara McCroy I agree having been married to a narcissist it speaks to me in volumes. She was then and still is a woman I wanted to emulate.

  70. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    I always wondered if this song was based from a real story of relationship.

  71. Amy v

    Real beauty xx

  72. Freddie Armstrong

    Still beautiful and still crushin' on her. Ageless.....

  73. Ericka Locklear

    She's raw with it and I love it! Yassssss

  74. fieldagent59 is in the forest

    still very striking looks, she has aged well,.... most people under 35 have no idea how big this song was when it came out, still sounds great no mater what form its played in, more acoustic without all the synth....... hope Aimee has been happy for the last 35 years...

  75. Cheryl Rosado

    I love her music and she still looks fantastic!!!!😍😍😍😍😎

  76. Carl Rosenfield

    Aimee is amazing as an artist and as a human being.

  77. David Kesterson


  78. T.D. Newsh

    That's crazy that she would still be this beautiful after all of these years.

  79. Justin Case

    there is absolutely no way she or any of her band mates could reproduce this song in the ethereal and moving way it originally sounded. not even close.

  80. Mr Tibbs

    I always thought they were a British band.

  81. Steven D

    Still beautiful

  82. Tom'sWorld

    Her eyes are hypnotizing. She looks like she's in deep thought and still playing flawlessly

  83. ashley taylor

    The only guest voice on a Rush studio album ever I believe...Time Stand Still from Hold your fire. Time has definitely stood still for her.

  84. wdharvey1

    What a beautiful song...I've loved this for many years.

  85. wdharvey1

    She looks like a blonde Demi Moore. Beautiful.

  86. McGee Poletto


  87. Scott Charney

    In the Til Tuesday era, she would play bass on that song.

  88. Da Reptile

    I still love the original studio or live version the best.

  89. John Smitherson

    Man, she looks good.

  90. Shad Chollack

    very rootsy version

  91. ApocaLIPS Gorgeous

    So beautiful no matter how it's played.

  92. Steve H

    Such an under rated performer. She's gorgeous awesome voice.

  93. Andrew Gamboa

    Song came.out before I was born, and I still rock it... Thanks Dad for introducing me to 80s music 🤘

  94. WB Trujillo

    Still beautiful with a voice to match. Way to go Amiee.

  95. Zach Botsford

    119 people don't know what ear or thumbs are for.

  96. Horzzo

    I love Amiee.

  97. Hector Diocares Martinez

    Septiembre 2019. Una hermosa voz, gran interprete. Inconsumible en el tiempo. SuperGirl. ❤

  98. Doug Sizenbach