Aimee Mann - Today's The Day Lyrics

Better pack your bags and run
Or stay until the job is done
Or maybe you can sit and hope
That providence will fray the rope
And sink like a stone
Or go it alone

And isn't it enough - for you?
Isn't it enough?

So better pack your bags and run
And send it to oblivion
Where you don't look like anyone
That anyone would care about
And do what you do
'Til it buries you

And isn't it enough - for you?
Isn't it enough?

And baby - isn't it enough?
Like Major Reno at the bluff
Wondering aloud if help is on the way
And baby, isn't this your chance
To make a break with circumstance
Isn't it enough to prove today's the day?
Isn't it enough to prove today's the day?

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Aimee Mann Today's The Day Comments
  1. hellen perez

    Enought movie!

  2. Paul Brown

    So many perfect songs from Aimee over the years and this rates with the very best. Absolutely oustanding!

  3. Gerardo Aviles Trejo

    Hermosa melodía

  4. qferrp ophvfa

    Recuerdo a carly Simón!!!!


    “ENOUGHT” MOVIE. 2002. 😊🎥🎞

  6. Nneka Coleman

    This have always been such a beautiful & Powerful song to me I love Aimee Mann soulful voice 😍❤️😍🙌🏽

  7. Marjorie O'dowd Mendoza

    Esta bonita cancion la busque por mucho tiempo la primera vez que la escuche fue en la película de "Nunca mas" con Jenifer lopez y una personita muy especial la encontró fue un hermoso detalle mi Fran

  8. Aoxo Moxoa

    There is some soothing sadness in this song that helps regulate negative mood and emotions.

  9. Jael Harrison

    Yeah it's time to say goodbye to this life....i can't hold on anymore

    Éll Gould

    Jael Harrison don't say that
    Please don't give up. You okay?? Please email me with your contact number... I want to make sure you're okay.

  10. Tony Jarrett

    yes I am here but do not want for you but do not want to lose your respect for me as a man

  11. Yessenia Riverah

    This song makes me emotional

  12. Stephanie Fox-Smith

    God bless your paths. Please don't forget to look out for each other 💓

  13. Krysten55

    I'm not sure if this is a nighttime or a daytime-feeling song.

  14. Miss Lexi Baby

    Eough brought me here love that movie

  15. João Stronda

    lover song´s

  16. Ozzie

    Late nights drive on I95 to johnston R.I

  17. Tarcísio Cavalcanti

    Estimulantemente relaxante

  18. Nereida Del Rio

    I ran...because it was enough! Love this song

  19. Krysten55

    "Enough" is what made me hear this song again!

  20. Lynne K

    Watching the movie 'Enough' starring Jennifer Lopez periodically as well as listening to 'Today's The Day' Has been so empowering & making me stronger to be able to get out of my situation. I've got one foot out of the door .... this past 2 weeks I've played them both constantly in my head. Just walking on eggshells so much of the time right now has me so emotionally & mentally drained. Also makes me feel so physically drained. I'm so close to getting out!! Timing is everything right now. Praying for all of 'Us'...

  21. Revelation Teal

    this song make me think about all the bad shit when i was young listing to it now it makes me cry

  22. chrissyparks2000

    For any woman who has been in an abusive relationship...this hits home. To get to that point when you say "enough" and leave. You feel the strength and courage, when you say to yourself Today is the day. It was October 15th, 1983 when I said it.

    Lynne K

    I'm so very proud of you & feel greatful you got out alive. I hope & pray your life is as amazing as it can & should be! WTG! xoxo hope you see this 2.


    Proud of you , had a friend who did the same thing ... be blessed.

  23. Glow Dawn

    This song always makes me cry :(

  24. Johnny Marrero

    Very nice

  25. Johnny Marrero

    Very nice

  26. Mel Jones

    Her voice is so peaceful

  27. Gisellfiorella.21 Fuster oré

    For you, music like " never... " trayler 👍

  28. Fabri Surffabri

    Well she's so beautifull and a awesome singer.

  29. jkleinatland


  30. Kayla Taylor

    Always loved this song, especially as a child when I heard it on the soundtrack of enough


    wow I like this song!!!!

  32. Juan Tellechea

    Enough brought me here...

    Joseph Hernandez

    Juan Tellechea yes

  33. Ardakapalasan

    she doesn't say "but you don't like like anyone", she says "where you don't look like anyone"

    Lynne K

    she says "Well, you don't look like anyone" Google the lyrics :)

  34. JOSE0219

    Good song !!

  35. Nina Fontana

    This is a redemption song....for those who can`t move from that dull place of dependance and pesimism...a hopefull mesaje.

  36. elizabeth morse

    I can't believe how fucking few views there are for Aimee Mann songs. Anyway, I find this song movingly depressing and incredibly relevant to my life, so I can't stop listening to it.

  37. Maz8413

    This song was in the movie: the last kiss, it is a bit depressive but motivating at the same time !!!

    Alan Darst

    Super underrated film. Zach braff is great

  38. Christian Ortega

    I loveee this makes me think about my itt ;)