Aimee Mann - The Scientist Lyrics

Come up to meet you
Tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are

I had to find you
Tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets
And ask me your questions
Oh, let's go back to the start

Running in circles
Coming up tails
Heads are a science apart

Nobody said it was easy
Oh, it's such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy
But no one ever said it would be so hard

I'm going back to the start

I was just guessing
At numbers and figures
Pulling your puzzles apart

Questions of science
Science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

So tell me you love me
Come back and haunt me
Oh, and I'll rush to the start

Running in circles
Chasing of tails
Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy
Oh, it's such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard

I'm going back to the start

It's such a shame
It's such a shame

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Aimee Mann The Scientist Comments
  1. Movie News

    Dear god, don't let our seed be stolen

  2. Justin Berg

    Lol I listened to this first and thought it was her song

  3. Hostile Fork

    First time I heard her do this was at the zoo in Seattle. Why was Aimee playing a zoo? I dunno, look it up. Anyway, she gave a bit of an intro and said that she had previously covered Oasis and then had a sort of negative experience meeting Noel or whoever. (Ostensibly the source of "you could make a killing" lyrically). So she decided to change it, and covered this one. I sing it at karaoke every now and again, but I like her version. :-)

  4. Zero The Dragon

    Aimee Mann made this song so much better!!!!

  5. Aj B

    Im discovering that she must be one of those rare stars that are an open secret among the insiders - the industry people because everytime she surfaces in s.thing i love , i find how she was involved, wrote, produced or otherwise inspired the wonder that im marvelling at. Is it modesty or the way things are?

  6. Hostile Fork

    She sang this at the Seattle Zoo, and gave a bit of a lead in about meeting Oasis and being she picked to cover Coldplay as rock stars she liked better. True story. Why was she playing the Seattle Zoo? Why was I there? Why snub Oasis to do a Chris Martin song? Why do people say I look like Chris Martin when the only thing we have in common is being white and sorta British? You'll have to decide all that yourself.



  8. Piero Md'E

    I prefer Crhis Martin voice!

  9. Stamango-Metal

    One of the very few singers who can sing this with such beauty. Aimee really has a beautiful voice.


    Beatiful song 😘♥

  11. J Boo

    it says 4:20 length in the thumbnail but now it says 4:19

  12. Braindea Braindea

    I've been having a serious musical relationship with Aimee Mann for a long time now. What an honor this cover is.

  13. Morgan Markus

    "Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me..."

    The only thing that could make this song better is Aimee Mann's beautiful voice.

  14. Ethan Hagan

    She's Playing Another Artist  Music, and Lyrics, Cold Play wrote it, she replicated it. It was awesome but never better then the original. PRO's - Performance Rights Organizations! ASCAP, BMI, SONY, WB.

  15. Thom Montana

    Nobody said it was easy, nobody said it wpuld bee sooo hard

  16. Ken Langley

    This woman, this artist, is such a rare blessing, and I am thankful for knowing about her gifts. And yes, so much better than Coldplay. Check out the film Magnolia, if you have not.

  17. Wilson Harris

    Who the fuck disliked this

  18. Colonel Hogan

    Yawn...Fall out Boy's version is much better than this rather soulless rendition.

  19. Lalo Lacinato

    Excellent cover

  20. George Armour

    not in the same league as coldplay

    Mogan Lichael Pro-Funko Pop

    George Armour finally common sense in this thread. Aimee is extremely talented but Coldplay are the kings of feels

  21. Leif Wigren

    I sure as hell hope Chris Martin doesn't get a penny off of this.

  22. Jan Graf


  23. Wanderlust61

    Lovely. Off to purchase a few of her albums.

  24. alestorcrowley

    This is the most perfect rendition of this heartbreaking song.

  25. phishphan97


  26. jack saller

    Aimee is an amazing artist!

  27. Julian Milner

    WOW- I hate the Coldplay version, but Aimee makes this a PROPER song! TY again  hun :)

  28. Chris Knox

    I like the original, but think this is one of the rare covers that's superior to the original.

    Scott Mantooth

    her cover of One is also amazingly powerful

  29. Randy Aven

    Had no idea Aimee covered this song. LOVE IT!!

    Jenna Waldman

    Randy Aven her cover was the first of this song I've heard, meaning I heard Aimee Mann before Coldplay when it comes to the scientist lol

  30. F. Y.

    Very beautiful woman

  31. oldsarge101

    Has Aimee ever sang a bad song?

    Sterling Hayden

    oldsarge101 , oh yeah plenty. now just wondering if she is a shim. Getting into young women's minds, and disturbing them. 'she' certainly knows how to make mountains out of molehills. Oh, the drama.

    Renee Johnson

    Has she ever sung a mediocre song?

    Zero The Dragon

    No, never will.

    Chris Moos

    No. She couldn't

  32. Kim Gloria

    She got prettier as she aged


    she is great live.

  34. Joseph Chastain

    I love AImee Mann don't get me wrong, but the original is better IMO.

  35. Laura Paz


  36. moonmillghost

    This song never fails to make me sob uncontrollably.

    José Gómez

    +moonmillghost Questions of science Science and progress Could not speak as loud as my heart ...THAT line sets me off.


    +José Gómez The whole song for me. It was my subconscious trying to tell me that I loved someone and that I had for a long long time. It's a deep wound.

  37. Amy Morris

    My divorce from my husband, the scientist. After ten years, my biggest regret.

    Real Left

    Amy Morris

    Niklas Oliver

    Saddest youtube comment thread ever

    louis mason

    Do you think I only have 1 scientist in my life?

    Tom Frazier

    No words

    James Barth

    I broke up with my fiancé four years ago because she was older than me and I thought I could do better, and that I could find a better looking woman. I've thought about her frequently in the past few years while she has moved on since then.

  38. jazmin gar clem

    Sorry,sorry,sorry, SO SORRY, BUT THIS IS TERRIBLE :(

  39. Philomath67

    Gosh, this song is so beautiful.  She really made it her own.  Makes me cry. 

  40. Dorra Tunisienne

    amazing song i realy love it

  41. Jeff Willis

    Plus she looks just like my mother! I love her case closed😍

  42. Jeff Willis

    Aimee wrote and sang great songs and does covers better than the originals!

  43. Flower

    Love it since 2008

  44. BJ p

    Not for Aimee to cover Coldplay here...

  45. Kimberley Fay

    She is it! Hands down and no doubt!


    Amen sista

  46. Philomath67

    Never heard the Coldplay original and I do love them, but this is really lovely.  So much feeling and vulnerability. 

  47. Sabine Desquines

    superbe chanson

  48. Ayo Oluwajuwon

    anyone who says this is better than the original is out of there goddamn mind!! dumbfucks, how in d world is this better than d original???? pls someone tell me!!


    I think both versions are very powerful. It just depends on the individual and what resonates with them. I personally do like this version better, but I heard this one before the original, so I would think most people that heard that original version would prefer it. However, to me, the sincerity of the emotions comes out more with her vocals than with coldplay. I also think the piano conveys the complexity of the feelings expressed in the chords more effectively that the guitars. But that's just completely subjective. Hopefully it offers some insight as to how someone that is sane and intelligent might possibly prefer this version.

  49. Mert Tozakoğlu

    better than coldplay.


    Mert Tozakoğlu Correct!

    thomas Pavone

    idk about that
    Chris' album version is a bit better


    I think so too. I think the gentleness she adds is a better fit to mood of the lyrics, and the way the guitars gradually drive the emotion of the song at the end is very moving.


    Turk varmis.

  50. joystick65

    NICE "AHOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

  51. russ massey

    omg take that back. what an insult

  52. Tabitha Hollis

    Instant respect Aimee. She likes Coldplay.

  53. Scott Mantooth

    think Aimee's voice and inflection gives this song something very special 
    have the Lost in Space CD and it is one of my absolute favorites 

  54. john dean

    Thanks for the obnoxious commercial.


    Use AdBlocker.


    My commercials are all in Japanese. Move to Japan. Commercials are just funny here. ^^

  55. john dean

    who's singing thiss  ??  that's not aimee.

  56. Martin Del Carpio

    Great cover!

  57. Hector Salinas

    Yeah, Aimee Mann was in a very famous band in the 1980s called Til Tuesday. They had a hit song called Voices Carry. Their music in that time period was very different and you might not recognize her.

  58. Hector Salinas

    How immature. You should be respectful enough to Aimee Mann not to compare her to Coldplay. People don't compare Willie Nelson to Coldplay and he covered The Scientist as well. Aimee is a fan of Coldplay and musicians should be allowed to appreciate the work of other artists.

  59. Hector Salinas

    Right on! Willie Nelson is great. I really like his album Stardust. Willie has always been doing jazz songs, but his own way. It goes back to when he started in the 1950s with the early material.

  60. Hector Salinas

    Yep, Tupac and Coldplay are awesome! Kinda the anti-heroes/anti-rockstars of yesterday and today. I own all of Coldplay's albums and have never found lyrics indicating they're gay. Like most major label artists, Coldplay do follow a formula as directed by their record company, but they have enough good material to outweigh the bad. There are plenty of other artists less famous than Coldplay and Tupac who deserve equal representation and fame, but nobody said life is fair.

  61. 博梅木


  62. Steven k

    Nicely said Autry!

  63. Anikó Barankai

    Just enjoy music...

  64. Anikó Barankai

    For those, who want to introduce a partial ordering on the representational set of the Musical Universe. It is meaningless and just a waste of time...

    Faulkner Orkney

    Were those the letters you had left at the end of a giant game of Scrabble?

  65. Kat Stockwell

    coldplay is better

  66. msjeopardy24

    im a huge fan of coldplay but i will dare say that this is as great as the original..

  67. mbahdiddo

    it's "Wicker Park".. the ending scene with this song inserted is very daunting

  68. Justin Beaver .JustinBeaver

    Bill Hicks FTW

  69. Ed Agehiron

    Thanks for the advise, I apreciate it a lot. XD

  70. jnunnally

    could listen to her all this cover

  71. Frank War

    I really like this song because it brings me joy

  72. TheVideoGuy360

    @twotallijarhead Oh my goodness, coldplay wrote this song, think before you post!!!

  73. ka-ri nagata

    This song is good. I like movies using this song in ending. romantic mystery film of the Josh starring. Diane Kruger shined very beautifully.

  74. PorkEatingCrusader

    libertbo!!!! are u retarded? willie wrote this song

  75. Joy Kim

    please check out my cover,

  76. 2117turbo

    Always thought this was an amazing song but I never liked the coldplay guys voice. It's nice to here a cover that's well done.

  77. Joe Degavan

    The country version of the song :)

  78. Julia Kayhart

    Wow what an amazing cover :) would love it if you could check mine out, definitely not quite as good but would really appreciate the feedback!

  79. Cátia Santos

    this song sounds good covered by real musicians.

  80. Largactyl Kid

    Obviously back on the vodka....You started with insults & profanities.I didnt 'research'.I read the music papers & I might not like Coldplay Im still interested in peoples inspiration etc.I dontlike what Hitler did but Im still interested in the history etc.Does that make me a Nazi or Anti-Semetic?You need to calm down mate & dont drink if you cant handle it.

  81. Kristofer Hardin

    despite my apology for my obvious ignorant mistake about the writer of this song, i must ask, if you hate coldplay why do you care and why have you researched the writing of this song? Call me a "keyboard warrior" all u want, but please...your use of profanity and asking me to listen to that liberal creature talk in interviews clearly shows that all you are doing is looking for a fight. calm's ok that you have a small penis. nobody cares. you have to do the best with what you have..

  82. Kristofer Hardin

    lots of good extras, a silent acoustic version of "it's not", and othet good stuff. try ebay too, very much worth the extra $ if u are an Aimee fanboy like me

  83. Kristofer Hardin

    the 2 disc edition is great, it is made like a book, i dont know if you can still get it new, but try amazon my friend

  84. Kristofer Hardin

    sorry stevobath, seriously. i have a major problem with vodka...i do not even remember posting that. family and friends tell me that i call and text them late in the evenings, leaving totally coherent but insane messages, the constant reply i get is "we couldnt even tell u were drunk" because somehow i can still articulate and sound normal when i am completely out of my mind. so bash me all u want. it is well deserved. i admit i was wrong, and i do not live in a trailer, but a duplex, :/ hehe

  85. lucrese1

    I didn't know there were a "two disk edition"! I have the album 'lost in space' but not this marvelous song! where could I find this special edition?

  86. Largactyl Kid

    No.Chris Martin wrote this song,inspired after listening to a George Harrison song...

  87. MesaTheinsane

    i thought coldplay covered willy nelson's song...

  88. Andy Day

    the more i listern to this..the more and more i'm liking it.

  89. Andy Day


  90. hotrodius

    I'm going back to your mom.

  91. NewsicHome

    wonderful cover! congratulations. I did my piano cover too, check out my channel.

  92. MrAsphaltSquadron

    I like Willie's version the best.

  93. CallmeToddy

    I imagine Aimee from the 80's singing this song, it would be so different ! ; )

  94. Anthony Holliday

    She dosnt fit the part go actually sings it, he makes it his own sound, she dosnt

  95. Stoic1

    Don't feel the soul in this version, although she is a good singer

  96. BluEJ6

    You sound terrible!

  97. madlen sotiropoulou

    ..σε παρακαλώ...σβήσε το σχόλιο....

  98. EmmaTKirstenWmusic

    Would love to know what everyone thinks of our cover of this wonderful song,, not quite as professional as this amazing video, but we hope you will enjoy!!