Aimee Mann - Real Bad News Lyrics

You don't know, so don't say you do
You don't
You might think that things will change,
But take my word
They won't
You paint a lovely picture,
But reality intrudes
With a message for you
And it's real bad news

I was undecided like you
At first
But I could not stem the tide of overwhelm
And thirst
You try to keep it going, but a lot of avenues
Just aren't open to you
When you're real bad news

I've got love and anger
They come as a pair
You can take your chances
But buyer beware
And I won't
Make you feel bad
When I show you
This big ball of sad isn't
Worth even filling with air

And baby, let me tell you
You can get some things confused
Like whose secrets are whose
And that's real bad news
Real bad news
Real bad news

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Aimee Mann Real Bad News Comments
  1. The YouTube void of trash

    My heart melts at 2:43

  2. Aditya Mathur


  3. blacktee31

    Black Donnellys

    Antony Rafter

    you are correct my good man!

  4. Eobarde Thawne

    wow, how are you mel, not the other commenter, trying communicate through youtube likes you see because of the ....

  5. skullkap1

    Great song!