Aimee Mann - Long Shot Lyrics

(Five six seven fifty)

You fucked it up
You should've quit
Till circumstances
Had changed a bit

You fucked it up
You jumped the gun
I swore you off but
You climbed back on

And when you said
Of course you know
Could I be blamed
If I'd wished it so
I don't think so

You fucked it up
Or was it you
'Cause when you said it
I said it too
What of it

And all that stuff
I knew before
Just turned into
Please love me more
Please love me more
Please love me more
Please love me more
Please love me more
Please love me more
Please love me

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Aimee Mann Long Shot Comments
  1. Simon Ginks

    Why isn’t this album on Spotify? 😞

  2. Jesus Mendez

    One of the best of I'm with stupid

  3. Iury

    I love this song so fucking much <3

  4. Iury

    Definitely one of my favourite Aimee's songs.

  5. mrizaulait

    Did anyone else notice the riff from 'Up The Junction' by Squeeze tucked in the middle there? Silly question....of course you did!

    Baron Kimball

    I'm Glenn Tillbrook, and I want y

    Mike Lasater

    Barely, maybe, around 1:30-1:35?


    Yes it was him ! He sang (along with Chris Difford on another ) and played guitar on a couple of tracks on this album

    drew waters



    I was in a band that used to cover Up the Junction, and at the end we replaced the chords with Long shot. It was always a moment.

  6. Metalhed Fishes

    Why can't you get this on fucking iTunes?!!

    Jon Payne

    You can in America....I Tweeted Aimme Mann as my original CD gave up the ghost and she replied and asked SuperEgo....and their working on it

  7. Klad InVermont

    One of my favorite of Aimee's tunes!

    Joseph P Liptak Jr

    She's got way better albums than this one

  8. Nick Milner

    I want to get Whatever, I'm with Stupid, Lost In Space, Bachelor Dodo and Smilers stuck in my 6 disc CD changer.
    Oops missed the Forgotten Arm - always gets me but its the best ever.

    Zero The Dragon

    theres more now

    Zero The Dragon

    and its bachelor no.2 or the last remains of the dodo not bachelor dodo

  9. davidpar2

    Such a great album!