Aimee Mann - Jacob Marley's Chain Lyrics

Well, today a friend told me this sorry tale
As he stood there trembling and turning pale
He said each day's harder to get on the scale
Sort of like Jacob Marley's chain

But it's not like life's such a vale of tears
It's just full of thoughts that act as souvenirs
For those tiny blunders made in yesteryear
That comprise Jacob Marley's chain

Well, I had a little metaphor to state my case
It encompassed the condition of the human race
Nut to my dismay, it left without a trace
Except for the sound of Jacob Marley's chain

Now there is no story left to tell
So I think I'd rather just go on to hell
Where there's a snowball's chance that the personnel
Might help to carry Jacob Marley's chain

Help to carry Jacob Marley's chain...

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Aimee Mann Jacob Marley's Chain Comments
  1. Shakey Greene

    Aimee Mann's voice gives me more chills than an Arctic winter. Love it.

  2. kevin john thomas

    The woman deserves far more coverage than she gets - absolutely beautiful

  3. amerocker

    ...and then she was gone...

  4. Becky Smith

    When the echoes of a million yeah, yeah, yeahs, faded this echoed musics perfection. Wonderful. timeless, listen to the words and wonder!

  5. shrew972

    The Riddle?

  6. Chanataas


  7. Desmodontinae10

    I love the song :)

  8. Desmodontinae10

    I love "A Christmas Carol" and also the song because both of them are telling the truth...

  9. heapbigtalk

    a lot of people think of her as only a voice in a rush song ~

  10. Northseacrashes

    This whole series was fantastic, but it's great to see this five star performance of Aimee's again.

  11. kalm grist

    I love the underated Aimee Mann so much. She is one of the great artists of the past 20 years and it's such a pleasure to know her music, amongsts such dissinterest and hype.

  12. skullkap1

    Great song. Masterpiece album!

  13. joeyheadset

    A perfect holiday anthem (for those of us who hate the holidays).

  14. Thomario Moon

    i love it

  15. apusskidu

    I saw this when it was first broadcast in the UK and bought 'Whatever' on the strength of this song. I've been a fan of Aimee ever since. Thanks for uploading this, it's a lovely memory. :)

  16. Budd Dees

    aimee, i hate the shoulder pads... but i fucking love you and this song and Whatever... so i forgive the shoulder pads.

  17. kernowrock555

    Aimee is quite unique and amazing voice ..

  18. JC Pattie

    "Better with age," indeed. Mann's 1993 release "Whatever" has endured like few albums. A solid 5-star album that takes its time getting under your skin and repays your patience tenfold. Worth your time and effort.

  19. Caoimhin Tew

    Fantasy: Aimee with a string quartet to complement that wonderful voice. I was around when she was new, and like a fine wine, she got better with age.

  20. solwolfpunk

    I hope there exists a few of us.

  21. The Tange

    Wow. One of my all time favorite songs by Aimee Mann (well, with Mann's music, there's so many favorites). Thanks for posting!