Aimee Mann - I've Had It Lyrics

We made it down to New York
With everything intact
But as for getting back
It was Boo who made the joke
They don't give you any hope
But they'll leave you plenty of rope

And Dan came in from Jersey
He went to get the drums
And if Buddy ever comes
We can get it off the ground
I hope someone's coming down
Else I can't see hanging around

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
And a chance is all that I need
And I've had it
I've had it

So we all just started playing
And then something strange occurred
Not a person stirred
Oh, it started out one way
But it turned out to be okay
And I felt that somebody should say

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
And before you know that it's free
You've had it
You've had it

Like most amazing things
It's easy to miss and easy to mistake
For when things are really great
It just means everything's in its place

When everything was over
And we loaded up the van
I turned and said to Dan
Dan, I guess this is our prime
Like they tell us all the time
Were you expecting some other kind?

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
But I'll never get that disease
Cause I've had it
I've had it
I guess I've had it

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Aimee Mann I've Had It Comments
  1. Emilio José Guimaraes

    Aimee Mann is the kind of artist that you wish to have every single gig on cd and dvd. All her performances are unique, and the more she sings her songs the more they get precious!

  2. AlessandroFili80

    I love Aimee Mann.

  3. David Cowles

    Perfect song.

  4. Wade Raney


  5. nemesis1970

    from my view three deleted vids

  6. nemesis1970

    whatever would be nice to be at one place not all over the world?

  7. Gary Geraghty

    just love this song

  8. Joe Paul

    One of my fave albums, and my wife loves it too. One of our faves from it. Keep on.

  9. Kim Gloria


  10. nemesis1970

    vituttaa jenkkien sensuuri

  11. Андрей Марченко

    one of my favourite song since the times it was written thanx from west russia...

  12. Chris Sampang

    If any song could capture the ennui of the record industry (a regular theme in Aimee's 90s compositions) and the uncertainty of the last days of 'til tuesday, this has to be it. Timeless.

  13. shiznicks74

    My favorite female artist of all time. She can simply do no wrong in my book.

  14. A Galli

    great song great songwriter

  15. MrPirlimpimpim


  16. Raul Leon

    this is song writing at its best

  17. Wolfgang Woldt

    Look at those beautiful long guitar playin Aimee...she is just so gorgeous...there is just something so very special about her

  18. Wolfgang Woldt

    Love love love...beautiful poignant song...and yes...shame it is not more revered/appreciated....

  19. LexingtonBBQ4ever

    I listen to this song all the time. It paints such a vivid picture. I imagine Boo, Dan and the others in an uncrowded bar playing a gig when suddenly they hit the sweet spot and everyone in the room, bartenders, audience and musicians are in the groove.

    Wolfgang Woldt

    @LexingtonBBQ4ever Beautiful description...could not have said it better myself...thank you !!!

  20. Tummayo

    Happy Birthday Aimee xxx

  21. Glenn Rigby

    This was on the Rare on Air album, the second one I believe. 90s.

  22. rebelwaltz7

    This is different that the version on the "Whatever" album. It's a lovely stripped-down version of this great song. Where did it come from?


    It seems a live version of this song

  23. Davy Blackburn

    heard of this song in Nick hornbys book 31 songs and came here..pretty nice song..pity not many hits :)

    Doug Smith

    Me too just got the book 31 songs used yesterday now I have to look up all these obscure but awesome songs.