Aimee Mann - Goose Snow Cone Lyrics

Look into the face of the goose snow cone
Should be shaking it loose but you do it alone
Every look is a truce and it's written in stone

Gotta keep it together when the friends come by
Always checking the weather but they wanna know why
Even birds of a feather find it hard to fly

Thought I saw at my feet an origami crow
It was only the street hidden under the snow
Always snatching defeat, it's the devil I know

Gotta keep it together when the friends come by
Always checking the weather but they wanna know why
Even birds of a feather find it hard to fly

Look into the face of the goose snow cone
I could pick up the pace but I couldn't go on
I just wanted a place but I ended up gone

Gotta keep it together when the friends come by
Always checking the weather but they wanna know why
Even birds of a feather find it hard to fly

Look into the face of the goose snow cone

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Aimee Mann Goose Snow Cone Comments
  1. Movie News

    Fact is lucky 🥪🥙🌯🍗🥟🍱🍞🥖🧀🥗🥨🥞🍿🥓🍟🍔🍕🌭🍲🥘🍝🥧🍦☕

  2. Aliejha Cullick

    2:16 that high note she pulls off so well❤️

  3. newwavepop

    its been a solid decade since i lost my little girl, the way this video made me break down let me know i am still not ready to go through it again.

  4. kzysh

    some scene is not the same cat?

  5. Larissa Queiroga da Silva

    I’m so addicted to this song!!!

  6. kedai papaya

    He name aimee

  7. Youk Youk

    J'ai acheté l'album Mental Illness pour écouter cette Merveilleuse Chanson ! Tout l'album est Extraordinaire. Love from France !

  8. Aliejha Cullick

    everytime i play this song i was think that im all alone in a mystical snowy forest, lost on christmas eve

  9. Letizia Cella

    this video makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME

  10. depressed cockroach

    that's a good cat

  11. jonathan foya

    so this is where captain marvel removed the name Goose for her pet the cat

  12. Trevor G

    Such a talented songwriter, I’ve been going back to this song a lot these past few years ❤️

  13. Stacy L. Steele

    I love Aimee Mann, and I love her even more because of this video. Cat people unite!

  14. Tom Badil

    Thx. nice video. I own 3 or 4 Albums from Aimee, but never(!) saw a Video with her (you). Sympathic Smile. Cool Cat :-D. Looking forward, to c u Live in Germany (Hamburg, Leipzig). Last, but not least: thx for all the music <3

  15. George H

    The scenes where the cat's owner comes back to an empty house reminded me of when my two cats grew old and passed away. After spending years with them, and then to have all their stuff but no cat was so devastating. It was this eery quiet which took a long time to get over. I kept looking around the corner expecting to see one or both of them. It took me a long time to get over. I still miss them deeply. I'm glad Goose came out ok. Nice video. I love this song.


    sorry for your loss, theres other cats out there that may need you....

  16. Glass Empire TV


  17. susan baldwin

    I could pick up the pace but I couldn’t go on.
    I just wanted a place but I ended up gone... fuck. Got me

  18. Heidi Haltson

    My daughter and I had to stop watching in the middle because we were too worried that the cat was going to die!

  19. Patrick M

    Love your music Aimee, as always.........................your kitty is so adorable

  20. Gaurav Vikalp

    This legit fucked me up! Thanks Trixie!

  21. Zontaar

    Great song & vid !
    It reminds me of two of our cats, Chunk and Leon Petrovich (not their real names) that passed a year apart. Luckily we made some vids starring both of them, so we can still watch them in action. Initially I listened to the song, and told my wife about it. She just about lost it when it appeared that Goose wasn't going to make it at the vet, luckily things worked out fine!

  22. fruit bat

    glad im not the only one who cried about this, lol. even though the cat in the video ended up fine it still really got to me cuz i had to put down my sweet best friend last year after 13 years together 💔

  23. k80 andryc

    i wish my owner was friends wit aimee mann !! : ; ] meeew


    This video touched me so much,I watched it 5 times..sigh...

  25. Joe Hamilton

    Love it

  26. Will Berger

    Brb gonna go cry and hug my cat

  27. rob vinson

    My dear sweet little sister just passed away Sunday night at 9PM. I am now the New Daddy to several cats. This is yet another beautiful song by an absolute genius poet. yeah ...and I am crying...Aimee can always get me. This was a special treat to find this song today.

  28. J W

    As a songwriter I can't get enough of this delightful song!

  29. J W

    ❤ for Goose....

  30. Bill Katz

    Someone should tell Aimee that she should switch her cat to a wet food diet or her cat will have major health problems as it ages. I now make my own cat food from turkey thighs and chicken and grind the bones for calcium. We should treat our cats like they were are children, which of course, they are. See

  31. David Ficks


  32. YouTube Fan

    My opal yay she is amazing at singing

  33. Nessa Pirela

    te descubrì y me encantaste Aimee <3 y ademàs amas a los gatos <3

  34. Andre Ranieri

    Checking out this video after seeing Aimee at the LA Greek. We lost both our boys to cancer in the past couple years; this video brings out the water works.

  35. Cursi

    Crying .. not crying ... crying ... not crying. Beautiful song

  36. James Bradford

    I don't want to oversell it but this is the most important song and music video ever rendered to existence.


    i agree it's a classic, almost has a holiday feel to it??

  37. Lynn Willis

    I heard you play this last night in SLC. Wonderful show, and seeing JoCo made me go nuts! I've been a fan of his since his Thing A Week first hit the podcasts. Thank you for an amazing night!

  38. Demetrius900000

    Whoa, watched Big Lebowski and got interested in who portrayed the german girlfriend. Whoa. Never expected THIS =)

  39. Youk Youk

    J'ai découvert cette artiste grâce au film Magnolia, et depuis je découvre des Merveilles ! Respect absolu !

  40. Chris DIYer

    REAL men have cats and hug them. Nice work Aimee...loved the big smiles at the end.

  41. Capt'n Shred

    As a cat owner, this video hit me right in the feels

  42. Thomas McMahon

    Another upbeat number from the Queen of Happiness.

  43. James Newman

    Incredibly touching. I need a Goose. Thanks Aimee.

  44. Ken Simpson

    Aimee! You know I'm a vet! You could've called me for the part of Goose's doctor...

  45. Brooks Brown

    The combination of her thoughtful lyrics and a sick cat hit me in the gut every time.

  46. David David


  47. Adam Greenwell

    This song is the product of years of experience in the crafting of songs. I love it.

  48. huxley buxley

    Bugsby likes the grape vine

  49. mick_aka

    Still sounds incredible, still gorgeous! I doubt I'll age as well haha Great song.



  51. Jos Ron

    still hot

  52. Frances D.

    Gosh this video sure had me worried for a moment... Great song, great visuals. =^-_-^=

  53. Ryan Zimbabwe

    i heard this song somewhere

  54. huxley buxley

    plugsbee  aka Huxley Great kitty

  55. Martin Goodrich

    Only Aimee Mann pull off a song like this. So glad it had a happy ending.

  56. Weso Weso

    So.. don't let Aimmee look after ur cat when u go snowglobe shopping?

    christine carpenter

    that is clever! Such a beautiful, happy sad song, and then your comment made me laugh

  57. teddy G

    Cats rule. And so does Ms. Mann.

  58. ashley chambliss

    love this song ( ;



  60. Eric L

    Thanks for the music and the felling....💘💔💘😿😺

  61. SergioMartelli

    Aimee did not age well. Her music is timeless, but you can't help noticing she got old, very old. Illness, or German genes?


    She got old because she's 57. She's not exactly young now

  62. Mat C.

    Does anyone else's cat love q-tips like Goose?! I thought I just had a weird cat.

  63. Jane Millerick

    something I am damned if I’ll ever understand; what’s all the appeal for Taylor what’s it??? sorry to mention that here; gorgeous song!

  64. James Pearce

    This is everything a music video should be, and more.





  66. wildermidnight

    this is why i'm afraid to get another cat.

  67. black1582

    Congrats to Aimee for winning the 2018 Grammy for best folk album!

  68. Patrick C

    I never once thought the cat was gonna not make it. The wonderful Aimee Mann was there to save the day

  69. huxley buxley

    HI how is The Cleveland Show Going

  70. Duneedon

    I'm a dog person...but this still got to me.

  71. widM

    Only Aimee can make a video about sick cat so warm, beautiful and unpretentious. Stream of hot tears guarenteed.

  72. Limitsad

    Какой красивый и добрый видеоклип...

  73. Limitsad

    Poor judge - best song from album. Sad she didnt released as a single instead of this one.

  74. black1582

    I like it that Aimee is talented enough that she can make the video about "this cat," if she wants to.


    IS SHE AROUND? IT ISN'T PERSONAL, but EATON CANYON IS DANGEROUS. AND I AM NOT FOND of their presence. I hope the pep talk helps with medicine. HMO managed care is prolly cheaper than occupational health.


    i do not know where she got her "GROUP" idea from. but it is not GROUP HEALTH. JUST one


    if you recall, it is really dangerous going into SWEDISH MEDICAL CENTER like you did.


    THERE"S BEEN A LOT of changes

  76. Jennifer Turek

    Thank God the cat doesn't die. Great song as usual from Ms. Aimee Mann.


    THAT isn't funny. they want me naked with their DADDIES?


    looks like iones are infected with smallpox in their eyes! ! 90069

  78. Chris Zyyyz

    Just a great piece of work!

  79. Cristian Cortes


  80. AndyH3000

    So wait ... did I just learn that Q-tips make good cat toys from a music video? Is that a thing?

  81. marc hill

    I have been listening to Aimee for years, but busy with life and busy with music, she is approx. a year older than me, I do have some CD credits, but nothing doing...I play bass and back up vocals. Now about Aimee, I consider her the modern day JONI MITCHELL!!! Aimee nails it on EVERY song period! Songs about a day in your life and beyond. Not too many atrists can accomplish this talent. She is TOTALLY underrated!! Enjoy life and enjoy your music and support your favorites, because at any time, it can all END! Love U all.


  82. Morgan

    What a beautiful actor-cat they have there, magnificent, and she put up with that 'vet' too!!!! :)

  83. Gerard

    Love Aimee Mann since 'Til Tuesday. What a beautiful song. Come to Calgary Aimee! :)

  84. fluffythewondercat

    My beloved cat Teddy died suddenly and unexpectedly. For weeks I walked around in a state of shock. Just couldn't process it. A friend recommended this video and it worked its cathartic magic. The tears started to flow... the healing began. Thank you Aimee Mann

  85. David Enna

    I work sometime as a pet sitter, so this song was meant for me. I lost my 18+ year old cat a few years ago. But why am I so touched? For Aimee. And Goose. And Puloma. Healing is a good thing.

  86. David David

    Love this song, i cant stop listening to it

  87. huxley buxley

    Hi my little Plugsby   is on my dresser

  88. kittygator

    I jumped to conclusions and started blubbering half way into this. Whoops.

  89. Jeffrey Shivar

    We lost our sweet Twyla last November to lymphoma. She was an all white cat, so she looks like she could have been in the video. When I first saw this, I had the same reaction in my gut when the friend returns from the vet without Goose. The video does end on a happy note. It's a simple, beautiful video and song.
    We recently saw Aimee Mann perform at Dominican University outside Chicago, where she explained the song. I've been wanting to see her for some time. She put on a great show. She is one of the best singer-songwriters to come out of the 80's, or any decade, for that matter.

  90. Greg Outman

    So I just heard this on NPR . I hate NPR, with a passion. Self righteous, indignant, better thans...

    But this was the best song i have ever heard. Yep. Amee is a genious .. Yep, and NPR Sucks... just sayin

  91. Niklas Universe

    At first I thought the cat was going to die and I cried for the whole video. I gotta go hug my cats now.


    dude me too. Crying glad it ended well

  92. aviallejongleur

    In my mind I embrace everyone who is able to understand this.

  93. Georgia Kemp

    I'm a veterinary professional and that Vet is far too rough with a NICE cat