Aimee Mann - Ghost World Lyrics

Finals blew, I barely knew
My graduation speech
And with college out of reach
If I don't find a job
It's down to Dad and Myrtle Beach

So I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down
Or probably more like hanging around
Hanging around

Everyone I know is acting weird
Or way too cool
They hang out by the pool
So I just read a lot and ride my bike
Around the school

'Cause I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down
Or probably more like hanging around
Hanging around

And all that I need now is someone
With the brains and the know-how
To tell me what I want... anyhow

12th of June, a gibbous Moon
Was this the longest day?
I'll walk down to the bay
And jump off of the dock and watch
The summer waste away

Then I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down
Or probably more like hanging around

Then I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down
Or probably more like hanging around

Hanging around
Hanging around
Hanging around
So tell me what I want

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Aimee Mann Ghost World Comments
  1. Andrew Brooks

    This song is one of my favorites ever. The opening couple of chords remind me a bit of "Jet" by Wings.

  2. cicobuffy

    Top quality

  3. Iury

    aimee is absolutly brilliant. all her lyrics are so comforting.
    greetings from brazil.

    Steampunker X

    Comforting? You are very mistaken my friend.

  4. Timothy Germann

    If she blew her finals and college is out of reach, how did she get chosen to deliver a graduation speech?

    Allen McLAUGHLIN

    I think the line is "I barely knew my graduation speech". The rest is obvious...

  5. John Strange

    Almost time for another watch of Aimee's Christmas special.

  6. Kim Medley

    I believe this song inspired the film Ghost World about teen girl graduates who don't fit in.

    Sam Lichtenstein

    That is not the case

    Sam Lichtenstein

    No, I'm pretty sure it's the other way around

    Richard Moulding

    "The last one I wrote I'm calling "Ghost World." I had just read Daniel Clowes' graphic novel Ghost World, which is about two girls who have just graduated form high school, and it was one of the best things I've ever read in my life. Then, when all the stuff with Interscope was going down, I had a persistent feeling very similar to the one I had when I graduated from high school, which is, What do I do with my life now? Maybe I should just forget music altogether and do something else." Details Magazine, 1999

    Sam Lichtenstein

    Right, so clearly the song was inspired by the comic (not the film, I was mistaken). Still, there's no evidence that the film was inspired by the song!

    Richard Moulding

    +Sam Lichtenstein sorry, yes that's what I meant. The screenplay for the movie was co-written by the writer of the comic book, both come from that.

  7. Jordan Fortner

    I can't stop listening to this over and over. Too relatable.

  8. Benjamin Lo-Fi

    the late Benjamin Lo-Fi is listening to this, typing blindly, and he thanks Aimee and ye, and we still find in the dust the songs of Benjamin the Late, and post them up on our channel here on ustube...for curious ears to hear.

    lemurian chick

    Bath salts are a hella drug...

  9. djb8132

    I only clicked "like" because there is no "adore"

  10. Luis Angel Santos

    It's the first time i've heard this song, I really loved it.
    What a great song Woo

  11. Murl Center

    Remembering the feelings of high school.

  12. Jake neveryoumind

    I'm not insulting The Beatles. Just their idiotic fans who worship them like religious people worship a god. I don't like them and I like their 'they're better than everything' fans even less...

  13. Jake neveryoumind

    I know, imagine having a different taste in music... makes me a cretin doesn't it?

  14. Rakhesh Martyn

    It obviously hit me so hard I lost my ability to construct a sentence properly!

    It's just so cleverly written. Captures the essence of getting to the end of your formative years and not really knowing what to do, wanting to be brave but not having the guts to do it. Possibly the most under-rated songwriter of our generation.

  15. algerhistogram

    Only Aimee Mann could make the word "or" carry a great melody

  16. lemurian chick

    I am seeing her in November in Chicago! :)

  17. Rakhesh Martyn

    This is song is fucking amazing.

  18. dairylandbogurt

    "I'm bailing this town or tearing it down or probably more like hanging around"... Those lyrics are to good

  19. HeartoftheDragonColo

    Aimee Mann claims writing credit on this. I have not heard any different.

  20. matthk

    I heard that this was written by Stephen Merritt (The Sixths, The Magnetic Fields etc.)?
    Anyone know if this is true?

  21. WholePlay

    "Everyone I know is acting weird or way too cool" My god that is such a perfect lyric and I've discovered this song at the most absolutely appropriate point in my life. Its so weirdly accurate.

  22. Bremaro1

    EXACTLY. Captures the mood of confusion and just not really having a plan. Brings me back to 18.

  23. Alicia

    Yep. That's it right there.

  24. joe blah


    Not that artfully, though.

  25. tcutie87

    @keyehaw The lines aren't that hard to come up with. Look up any "I'm scared of the future as a teenager" song...

  26. Rosa Barroca

    have just discovered her through my brazilian idol ROBERTO FREJAT. Nice sound!


    Rosa Barroca ele fez algum cover?

  27. thepocarisweat

    <3 aimee

  28. joe blah

    "Finals blew, I barely knew
    My graduation speech,
    With college out of reach,
    If I don't find a job
    It's down to Dad and Myrtle Beach."

    There aren't a lot of artists who can encapsulate the uncertainty of life after graduation in 5 lines like that.

  29. Jake neveryoumind

    @whimsicalocean Yeah Imagine is genius but have you heard Yellow Submarine? I thought it was a joke at first. Literally one of the worst songs ever.

  30. Cicilo1983

    @whisky110, I feel the same. When I heard "Voices Carry" for the first time, it was love at first sight for me. Her music has been with me ever since, whether as a solo artist or as Til Tuesday's frontwoman.

  31. 06hatter

    Such a lovely song, and the video is a great companion to Guster's video for "Fa Fa" in the sense that it has to do with post-education ennui, something a lot of people are experiencing right now.

  32. Allen McLaughlin

    I can't believe it's nearly 25 years since I first heard Aimee sing...! This is definetly one of my favourites.

  33. Jake neveryoumind

    @apemanstreetwalker Shes the opposite to The Beatles. Hideaously underrated compared to The Beatles who are the single most glorified thing thats ever been and ever will be. The guy that cures cancer or even comes up with a formula for everlasting life won't be spoken about in the same breath as The Beatles. Thankfully I have ears and don't go on what the media say, or should I say dictate. Beatles aren't shit but they're pretty close.

  34. bacholerno2

    loved aimee since I was about 13 and she still holds a permanent place in my heart :)

  35. Atomic Lobotomy

    Agree with Nazno. Bachelor No. 2 is allround best rock album since Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band.

  36. Angela Ray

    voice and singing style much like liz phair...

  37. Jeff Thompson

    @nazno aww c'mon seriously??? the Beatles? I've listened to Aimee since 1986 and love her stuff but....the Beatles?

  38. Mauricio Rozo

    I dont speak good english, but I know the expresssion to say what I think about Aimee Mann: ¡WOW!!!

  39. Mauricio Rozo

    I dont speak good english, but I know the expresssion to say what I think about Aimee Mann: ¡WOW!!!

  40. Josh’s Journal

    She does have a talent with words. Even her Til Tuesday songs were very deep.

  41. kakumei77

    I loved the graphic novel when I was a freshman in high school! Then, I got into Aimee Mann and heard this song and fell in love with it! Then, a year later, they made a movie of it with Scarlett and Thora Birch!

  42. nazno

    Batchelor No. 2 best all-round rock album of last 20 years!

  43. MOJOPIN1960

    oh god i love this !

  44. Solaris#666

    great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. brianne13910

    wasnt this song like inspired by the ghost world comics??

  46. theramble

    I saw Aimee Mann last night in Brisbane, Australia - she is awesome.
    Aimee is really at peace with her work - she took requests from the crowd.
    Not many artists are talented enough to do that.


    xpoppiox wrote: " I knew her as a teenager in richmond virginia "

    "bailing this town ...."

    She eventually did in a huge way. I see her every time she comes back to Richmond to perform.

  48. Jeff Thompson

    nother great one....

  49. Serena Celestial

    thanks!, that was really nice.. your soo lucky to meet aimee man andd michael back stage! what i wouldent give to do that/!

  50. Serena Celestial

    thanks.i hate it when i get some thing wrong and no one corrects me. thats kinda cool.

  51. kbkushalutube

    even i think she looks like a ghost sometimess

  52. nazno

    Aimee Mann is one of the greats of contemporary music.

  53. JelloFarming

    Found the answer myself: The comic was the influence for Aimee Mann's song "Ghost World" on her album Bachelor No. 2.

  54. BNL07604

    yep. same woman.

  55. Serena Celestial

    in the book it says that this is how he got inspired on by to make the book.
    so i geus it does

  56. JelloFarming

    Does anyone know if this song has any connection to the movie "Ghost World"? I know it wasn't in the movie but the lyrics seem to go along with some of the plotlines.

  57. PowerOfThePenTV

    Perfect song and video *****

  58. valetten

    what a divinely voice!!!

  59. CrystalFier

    The episode she was in was 'Sleeper', season 7....she mentioned she hates playing vampire

  60. CrystalFier

    Am I the only one that realizes she's in Sunnydale High??? The library, the halls, the pool, the football field...all Sunnydale.

  61. iluvmorrissey

    This is a gr8 song, its on Bachelor no.2 or last remains of the dodo.. great album

  62. Joel Tarpanis

    I fell in love with AM when I first heard Lucky and Telescope about 20 years ago. She has a way of pulling your heart right into the song. I just wish she would play South Florida!

  63. 232323C

    needs to sing higher in this maybe...just sometimes at least... Ido liek the song and Aimee is great!

  64. Laura Prado

    interesting. I gotta get this CD.

  65. abendbrot01

    From what I understand, this song was inspired by the graphic novel, Ghost World--there was a contest some time ago (SIBL project for literacy)--the song appears on "Songs inspired by Literature, Chapter 1") This CD was for songwriters who wrote music/lyrics inspired by different literature that they read. So essentially, the song was written for this contest to support literacy.

  66. emptybluecows

    Everyone I know is acting weird or way too cool, they hang out by the pool so I just read a lot and rode my bike around the school.

  67. Islam Messi

    i dont think so
    its kool though !!

  68. Merlikas

    She is like a fairy.

  69. Laura Prado

    cool, thanks. the comic is awesome as well. daniel clowes is wonderful :)

  70. Corey Pietrzak

    It's about the cahracters in the graphic novel, so indirectly yes...

  71. Laura Prado

    does anyone know if this song has any connection with the movie Ghost World?

  72. Norm Rosteck

    I know ..Aimee's perseseverence...thankyou Aimee

  73. hpmendes

    she is awesome

  74. kommanderKIK

    wow i've never heard some totally ruin music so well gg aimee mann

  75. nazno

    Aimee Mann is best lyricist since the Beatles--and a lot of her songs have melodic Beatle quality. She writes and sings real songs.

  76. interrogator27

    Aimee is a soldier for humanity. I love!

  77. Tony Agnew

    3:24, I never see her smile. I love this song. I wish she was a musician EVERYBODY knows. I love you Aimee!!!

  78. Saulo Silva

    Everyone I know is acting weird or waaay too cool....ehehe true true. I love Aimee...

  79. Normal Jean

    Yay Aimee Mann!! Thanks for posting this.