Aimee Mann - Driving Sideways Lyrics

At least you know
You were taken by a pro
I know just how you feel
She talked a perfect game
Deflecting all the blame
You took the jack
And changed the flat
And got behind the wheel

Now you're
Driving sideways
Taken in by the scenery
As you're propelled along
And your companion
Will not help you to navigate
For fear she may be wrong
For fear she may be wrong

And you will say
That you're making headway
And put it in overdrive
But you're mistaking speed
For getting what you need
And never even noticing
You never do arrive

'Cause you're
Driving sideways
If you roll down the window, you'll see
You're where you don't belong
And your companion
Will not help you to navigate
For fear she may be wrong
For fear she may be wrong

And you're powered by
The hopeful lie
That it's just around the bend
And when this, by default
Comes screeching to a halt
Let's hope that you
Know what to do
To start it up again

Driving sideways
Hitting scan on the radio
So she can sing along
And she'll sit
Thinking you're gonna handle it
Until she's proven wrong
Until she's proven wrong
Until you prove her wrong
(Driving sideways)

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Aimee Mann Driving Sideways Comments
  1. Movie News


  2. Gerard Berk

    the slide is as good as you get ,,



  4. Rajander Philip

    And your companion...pulls you over for novacaine...:-)

  5. Andrea Piergentili

    Masterpiece. One of the best slide guitar solos ever recorded

    Sean Dwyer

    Totally agree!

  6. Vinicius Marques

    Something happened in that phase. She wrote lyrics that cut through flesh like a razor disguised as wind.

    Cl Simmons

    True story.


    I'm jealous of your writing skill. I hate you.

  7. Miss Caroline

    Taken in by the scenery
    As you're propelled along....

  8. lucrese1

    I haven't this album but I've bought years ago the soundtrack from "Magnolia" and most of the songs are also on this album. One of the best albums with "Lost in Space" and " The forgotten Arm"! Aimée Mann is one of the best american songwriter/singer/musician but sadly also one of the most unknown and underrated ones! If I haven't watched "Magnolia" ( a great movie BTW) I'd never have heard of this artist!

    Raymond McMenemy

    Ì first became aware of Àimee after seeing her on the Brian Wilson tribute concert. A great artist.

  9. Bored Now

    Love her voice. This soundtrack is just so dreamy, and compelling.

  10. Floto Music

    isn't she a bit like Carly Simon? Fabulous Aimee Mann, the focus and precision of her voice! Like a warm and enchanted laser beam...


    Yes! A bit of Karen Carpenter too. Brilliant performer, genius writer.

    Fred Garvin

    This album is worth more than Carly Simon's whole career.

  11. LadyBlue Pacsirta

    Bella voz 💖🎵🎵🎵❀❀❀💖🎵🎵🎵

  12. albertoclipper

    fuckin too cool

  13. JudeIceCool3000

    I wish I could write songs this good

    Beth B


  14. Nahanni Southern

    And you will say
    that your making headway...
    And put it in over drive....
    But your mistaking speed...
    Forgetting what you need...
    And never 
    even noticing
    you never do arrive....
    Cause your
    driving sideways....
    If you roll down 
    the window you'll see....
    Your were you don't
    And your companion
    will not help you 
    to navigate....
    for fear she may
    be wrong...........
    for fear she may be wrong....

    And your powered by
    the hopeful eye...
    that it''s just around the bend....
    And when the spider falt
    comes screeching to a halt
    lets hope that
    you know what to do
    to start it up again...
    Driving sideways.....
    Hearing skin on the radio
    so that she can sing along....
    And she'll sing....
    thinking your gonna handle it
    until she's proven wrong........
    until she's proven wrong.........
    until you prove her wrong..........
    Driving sideways.........................


    Thank you!

  15. Nahanni Southern

    Now your driving sideways.....

  16. Nick R

    muh feelz

  17. Laura Tencelski

    We need a group of us Magnolia, and Aimee Mann fans! If anyone makes a list pls add me to it!!!! ~Until she's proven wrong~ until you prove her wrong......driving sideways

  18. freedom77

    women are oppressed,in thier jaguars, bmw's, and mercecedes, in the shopping malls and salon,s in the gyms....

  19. Jessica L Mason

    Well, I was just waiting for you to prove me wrong, AdonisCross.

  20. Rafael Bastos

    Great track

  21. tpinaz10

    Isn't THIS called drifting now. Great song.

  22. juandhaltrich

    @Kemster79 yeah, magnolia!

  23. rae999333

    Better than riding a bike sideways....

  24. Walter Keup

    one of the best songs of her - i love it so much - and it´s so far away from mainstream

  25. gnalkhere

    @Kemster79 it would rain frogs

  26. Kemster79

    Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours