Aimee Mann - Christmastime Lyrics

It's Christmas again, December is here
Hasn't it been a wonderful year?
For the plans you're making, all the time you're taking
Greet the next one with good cheer
Won't you dear, as you ring the chime
Just because its Christmastime
And on the tree all the ornaments glow
Tinsel will cover where the branches don't grow
There's lights on all the houses
Spouses with their spouses
Children playing in the snow
One in the swing and one upon the horse
Keeping on tracks another matter of course
Thats the great divisor you are now the wiser
Maybe just a bit less so
Touch and go til you stop on a dime
All alone at Christmastime

Its Christmas again, December is here
What did you wish for what did you fear
Look at your behaviour looking for a saviour
Underneath the mistletoe
You should know that it is less a crime
To be all alone at Christmastime

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Aimee Mann Christmastime Comments
  1. Rebekah Marks

    Hard eight <3

  2. Erik Cameron

    this is what turned me onto aimee mann in the first place, this version. absolutely love hard eight, and wish the instrumental of christmastime (that they scored the movie with) was available!

  3. Stormwatcher

    I like Michael Penn's vocals added to this. It makes it that much better!

  4. Justin Burks

    kanye with the sample

  5. Karen Gill

    I am a huge Aimee Mann fan. that's why Christmas time is my favorite Xmas song

  6. Bill Lord

    Nicely produced - would love to see Tim Burton use this!


    it already appears at the end of Hard Eight

  7. Alexey cherniak

    best xmas song
    this is from lennon and abba fan

  8. Weston Reisch

    This specific version of the song plays in the credits of HARD EIGHT. I love that film!!! All 4 leading actors were excellent in their roles. Even Philip Seymour Hoffman was pretty stone-cold humorous in his minor role (R.I.P.) Great neo-noir drama this was!!

    Erik Cameron

    loved the lounge-style instrumental they scored the movie with, too. it's just the verse portion of christmastime

  9. Bud Judkins

    Another soundtrack from a film featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Sad that he's gone. :-(

  10. jo diggy

    kohls is shit, i work there unfortunatly, but they did turn me onto this song

  11. David McLean

    oh, in america? i live in london, never heard of it. target rings a bell though

  12. Alandon Joe

    @McBane10 Kohl's is a retail store like Target or JCPenny

  13. David McLean

    what is kohls? or khols?

  14. Alandon Joe

    I agree and I also heard this in Khol's last year :)

  15. FrmSyriaWithLuv

    Finally found this. They play this at Kohl's all of the time and I've never heard it before, but I like. I love both of their voices, but I love when Michael comes in.

  16. RandyGT2000

    I know what you mean. When I first hrerd this I thought it sounded a little like John Lennon and Chrissy Hynde, but knew it wasn't.

  17. Paperbagman555

    Aimee Mann was great in this and Magnolia... damn, PTA knows how to choose a great cast and some great composers.

  18. lajas44

    Watch 'Hard Eight'...a hidden jewel. It has this awesome song's melody playing in the backround throughout the film in a different style.
    It was written and directed by the same person who did 'There will be Blood' and 'Boogie Nights'.
    Aimee Mann is the shit.

  19. mysterywb

    I LOVE this!

  20. ciosborn

    Awesome fresh sound for the season. I love it!

  21. Alandon Joe

    Why isn't his available anywhere?? :'(

  22. Alandon Joe

    Damn I love this song! It's on repeat! Wish it was on itunes.

  23. Shaun Sages

    about time! love how this ended Hard Eight aka Sydney, a f***in masterpiece

  24. Shi Jie

    one of my favourite songs!

  25. greedymuppet

    This is a really great version of this song. I've been trying to figure out who sang it for years, now I know. Now I'm happy.

  26. kringles Paul

    Thank you so much for posting, it is so difficult to find the duet version which I think is much better....Joe.