Aimee Mann - Can't You Tell? Lyrics

That bastard making fun of me in front of all my peers
Those people think I own this town, you're stripping all my gears
Well guess what Mr. President, I'll be seeing you
In four years

Though on the campaign trail the papers paint me like a clown
Still all I see are crowds who want to fit me for a crown
I point out all my enemies just so my fans
Bring them down

Isn't anybody going to stop me?
I don't want this job
I don't want this job, my god
Can't you tell
I'm unwell

You try to pin me down but you don't really try that hard
I throw out any shit I want and no one trumps that card
So dazzled and distracted by your fantasy
Of Hildegard

Isn't anybody going to stop me?
I don't want this job
I don't want this job, my god
Can't you tell
I'm unwell

You ask about my plan but baby my plan is to win
I wind up all the tops and watch the others keep the spin
You handing me grenades is just compelling me
To pull the pin

Isn't anybody going to stop me?
I don't want this job
I can't do this job, my god
Can't you tell
I'm unwell

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Aimee Mann Can't You Tell? Comments
  1. gaussagain

    Anyone else here (for the first time) via the NYT?

  2. Elto Desukane

    Read this:

  3. thomas seven

    Brilliant! Came here from the NYT comment section.

  4. Jeri Hough

    Scary times, love this song. So relevant 2 years in I think we all understand just how unwell.

  5. Another Stupid Channel

    Can't wait for Donaldov Trumpovich to turn America into a province of Russia

  6. Brandon Whitesell

    Haha losers guess who’s president bitches

  7. ꧁Cat G꧂

    This song makes him look like some sort of victim!

    William Hall

    He is -- of his own ego. Trouble is, the rest of us are too.

  8. David Lawrence

    Awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jen Bennett

    can we buy this song somewhere?

  10. R M "Melania Trump was horrified at the prospect of becoming First Lady and on election night "was in tears — and not of joy," according to an excerpt of Michael Wolff's book, "Fire and Fury: Inside Trump's White House" published in NY Magazine.

    Wolff writes that Melania "had been assured by her husband that he wouldn't become president," and could "return to inconspicuously lunching." Wolff also writes that President Trump and Melania have separate bedrooms in the White House, "the first time since the Kennedy White House" that such an arrangement has been maintained.”*

  11. Mike Howell

    Just a child who 's never been told no. An insecure bully who evidently went to a school where they protected him from maybe even one good ass-drubbing. All about himself/ & his GOD : $$$ . what a shame ; & disgrace - Scary part: (35%) of Americans have THAT MUCH HATE INSIDE. They got scared when a nice guy with a darker skin pigmentation was elected POTUS. A human who is not, never claimed to know it all & didn't. Please wakeup America ...he's not to blame for your lousy lot in this life .

    Asteroid/Earth 2016

    The human experience is to struggle. The fact that we choose to blame each other for it instead of band together in the face of overwhelming natural forces is bewildering, at best.

  12. Verna Avarell

    Brilliant. And I think compassionate. It's all so awful. This points it out that it's also awful from his side. Wow.

    Asteroid/Earth 2016

    America's Shakespearian tragedy.

  13. Albert Morelli


  14. ndg43

    "Can't you tell -- I'm unwell." That sums him up pretty well.

  15. Dudley T

    The irony is of all the pundits who have tried to explain the Trump phenomenon she has gotten to the crux of it best. I never believed Trump wanted to be president. It was just too good a branding opportunity to pass up. If your life and your income revolves around getting people to talk about you how could you miss running for president? And the more out there you get with your public statements the more publicity you get. It would be like putting a pile of cocaine in front of an addict and promising there was more where that came from. Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute. He just probably never guessed there were so many of them in one place. Aimee Mann is brilliant and this is just more proof.

  16. CaptainMyCaptain

    She can still write a great song no matter what it's about.
    "Don't forget to right! What you have wronged..."

  17. Joyce Brackbill

    Is this really happening? I'd rather die...

  18. Alfred Wodgesmythe

    Ha ha I won anyway!
    Oh dear god we're fucked.

  19. Art Peacemakers

    this song IS haunting--and it will haunt us for a long while; MEANTIME we need new song-writing and creative challenges of all kinds to encourage us to build and strengthen nonviolent popular movements to reclaim and protect our water, air, soil, climate, wildlife ––and our beautiful multi-colored, multi-cultured democracy.

  20. Reality Handbook

    Given I dream a lot (and do so whilst knowing I am dreaming) after the election I found myself in someone's dream office discussing this matter of the presidency. The being I was speaking to thought it was funny, and drew out from what seemed to be like a printer a color poster for an election of Jeb Bush with Vice President David Duke. I asked what it was about (like, do you have a virtual machine where that is what happened, running, winning?) but didn't get an explanation.

    (True story. Well, true dream report, I mean. But perhaps I should worry less about whether I am regarded as a reliable witness, in a world that doesn't care about facts regardless.)

    Maybe these things are indeed some kind of aliens doing character studies of some kind, to see how people react. I like Aimee's spin of Trump as more sort of a mentally ill victim, being egged on. Seems about right.

    Excuse me while I go re-watch Dark City.

  21. Anomie Aith

    Beautiful song, as always- but- trump ain't sick- he knows exactly what he's doing. Really wishful thinking to believe he is some wonderfully deep human who is somehow confused. Trump is of the dictator mould. He is of the dark triad mould. It's really important for you Americans to realise this quickly. look at how the republicans bowed down to his dark majesty-- When the republicans pass Obama's stimulus package- giving credence to Trumps all knowing righteousness - then you have on your hands a serious, serious long term problem. Steve Bannan has already said it best- the darkness is power,

  22. Nancy Blackett

    Aimee Mann is fab

  23. AidanofVT

    "Well guess what Mr. President, I’ll be seeing you
    In four years"

    Can someone explain this line to me?


    I think it means that in 4 years we'll have a chance to vote for someone that isn't a pathological liar and a self serving, greedy sociopath!! Gives you something to pray for ;)


    So you think that the singer temporarily steps out of Trump's voice? I kinda doubt it, considering that this song was written long before he won.

    Kirsten Dieker

    I think Nathan Destler is spot on. Mr. President refers to Barack Obama, who dragged Trump through the mud with his jokes at the Correspondents' Dinner several years ago. This is how I've always interpreted the first part of this song. I think it was Trump's humiliation that compelled him to run for POTUS. Unfortunately, the US citizenry is being victimized as Trump seeks to avenge himself.


    In a statement, Mann discussed the idea for the track:

    “I wanted to write about Trump in the first person because I think it’s more interesting to speculate on what people’s inner life might be. I had heard a theory that Trump’s interest in running for President was really kicked off at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner when President Obama basically roasted him, so that’s where I started.

    Asteroid/Earth 2016

    Dual meaning. Trump at the correspondents dinner in 2011 vs. Trump in 2020 getting his ass handed to him. It's a brilliant line IMO.

  24. DeadKoby

    Finally, someone actually put some effort into their song. Most of these 30 songs in 30 days stuff sounds like it was written in 30 minutes or less. Enjoy your new president.... He said he's actually a nice guy.

  25. Debi White

    Those who voted for him are unwell too.

  26. Ted S

    Got my reservations about Hillary; namely that she's a dirty politician...perhaps even more than most...though granted Republicans are generally a lot cheaper to buy than Democrats.

    Trump however..this is the greatest country in the world (yes even still) and the election of a fame-obsessed charlatan so pathological as him would be an absolute obscenity to our heritage, history, people, and future. And the Right should've known as much not to nominate an insane vulgarian, not that they don't have some legitimate grievances..though not that the rest of the party's been acting in good faith either.

    Let's be honest here, they propelled Sarah Palin before Barack Obama even sat in the Oval Office and Mitch McConnell was out on Inauguration Day campaigning and demanding abject blanket opposition to the President from all GOP Congressmen from Day 1 yet in the wake of the two longest wars in our nation's history, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. a planet in peril from the threat of Climate Change that they don't even recognize, a healthcare system in absolute crisis, and against a guy who had the biggest electoral mandate since Reagan beat Mondale in '84 in an election the turnout the highest it'd been since the 60's!

    Other than all this, Aimee Mann wrote a perfect song for this tragedy.

  27. Nancy Duggan

    Great, haunting song.

  28. Sam Goldwater

    Love it :)

  29. A Huge Fricking Turtle

    "I can't do this job..." dang right!

    A Huge Fricking Turtle

    And now he won.  So now he can.  I hate everything.

    Kevin Brettauer

    Having the job and DOING the job are two different things.

    Someone in the comments

    I'm commenting in September 2018 and by now it's clear for everyone with half a brain that he can and he does, despite all the resistance. Although I can totally believe that he didn't want it in the first place.

    BADCATZ Game Development Company

    @A Huge Fricking Turtle I voted for him, does that mean I won too? #unwellohwell

  30. Drinkandrive4fun

    This movement is so poor it has to share the same footage across multiple videos. Haha

    Joseph Khalil

    You're right. This is an absolutely stupid idea and is totally outweighed by anything at all similar in favor of Trump. That must be why he's doing so well and winning so hard!

    Rainer Hokan

    What are these multiple videos you speak of? Show us some evidence.

  31. So you don't have an angle, huh?

    --- $300,000.00 have been deposited into your account. ---