Aiko, Jhene - Wait No More Lyrics

So here we are again, boy this always happens
It ain't like we scared, but we know what happens
When things move too fast but should be moving slow
And makes me want you more...

Oh boy, I've been wanting this more than you know boy.
It's killin' me but we should take it slow boy
It'd be so much better if we wait til' we can't wait no more, no more
Wait no more..

Boy the love is there,so there's no need for rushing
You can come right here, but don't you start that touching
It'd be so much better if we'd let this build up, it's worth the wait for something bigger..

Oh boy, I've been wanting this more than you know, boy.
It's killin' me but we should take it slow, boy
It'd be so much better if we wait til' we can't wait no more, no more
Wait no more..

Baby, yeah..

[Break Down:]
Baby we've got time, I'll be worth the wait
We've got the ingredients, just let em' marinate
When the time is right, promise you it'll be a night
That you won't forget the rest of your life

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Aiko, Jhene Wait No More Comments
  1. AlexisOn TheBeat

    Someone recently put me on this song

  2. RollUpUnfukwittable25

    Them blackplanet and MySpace dayz lol

  3. kyra evans

    she couldn't wait...

  4. Ney Rose

    Back in the hip rolling days 😭😭♥️

  5. Rese Whitener

    my favorite song by her !!

  6. Kina&ShaunPlus4

    Still my fav 🥰😍

  7. Anyea Hynson

    2019 ppl wya😂😂😂

  8. don jamison

    *i made up an whole dance to this i just need someone else who can dance.....Aliya janell should make a dance to this*

  9. DiscipleOfJesus

    Aaaaaaah!!! This is my jam! 👏🏾

  10. Janice Adamson

    I grew up on this

  11. jaylynn cooper

    Apple Music need to get this😫😫😫

  12. shonnishia hall

    Still play this in 2019 💕

  13. ChiLL

    Freaky Jhené >> 😩💦

  14. La'Tina Baker

    The shittttttt!!!!

  15. Shannelle Uneake

    Myspace days.

  16. 巴刹那

    whew this was an ERA

  17. theblackbarbie87

    I forgot all about this song

  18. Sydney •

    Can this be on Spotify pleaseee 😩

    Danielle Belle

    Sucks that it’s not there but it’s on SoundCloud if that helps! and a lot of her other old bangers

  19. IAmAlexisDanee

    This song made me a fan of jhene Aiko this was in 08’ !

  20. Marquie Currie

    2019 and I'm just now hearing this Jhene is a fckn GEM💜😭

  21. Alanna Myers

    Anyone here from I lost my virginity vid

  22. Nailah Clarke

    can someone please tell me why this isn't on Spotify?

  23. Kayla Kianna

    Shoutout to the real fans that been on this song since it dropped YEARSSSS ago

    Yansa Toussaint

    I just heard it a coupla days ago am I've been a fan of Jhene Aiko since 2014.

  24. Shanniece Herrera

    The background music on my myspace page in 08” 😂🤣 Still a vibe in 2019 tho



  25. Imani

    If anyone is really a fan fan u should know this was her first song and first album.

  26. Slaylafromthehamptons

    Still bumping 2019, who else?

  27. Daniella the Human

    Why TF am i only finding out about this song now😭😭😭💔

  28. China Yates

    I love jhene

  29. Latoya

    Still listening in 2k19❤❤❤

  30. Shamiyah Palmer

    I been wanting this more than u kw boyy

  31. tennisha mccray

    been killin the game

  32. 7 Ascension

    Great song jhene !!

  33. mo2moca

    Shit still slaps in 2019 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ idc idc

  34. Nurse Asha

    Still listening 2019

  35. bjfinle

    Being Nightshift Supervisor at Job Corps I remember all the lights were out and all the dorm was quiet 10 Minutes later a student starts singing this song loudly with her headphones on waking up her whole bay.lmfao The good times!

  36. boojieblaqbarbie

    Still how a girl feels when it’s the right man ...2019 and still banga 💯‼️♥️

  37. Jalyn Miller

    Listening in 2019 <3

  38. Tajae Rose


  39. LovLee Creations

    Still Vibing in 2019 😍🙌

    Julie Gasologa

    Same here

    Venus Aderele


  40. Joy Partridge


  41. Jeremiah Zen

    First time hearing this, ran it back like four times smh. 👌🍃

  42. Best Of The Best Videos

    Song is so bomb 🔥

  43. Myesha Jarrell

    Listening in 2019

  44. Shailana Williams

    Who’s still with me 2018!!! Bumpingggg ❗️

  45. look4vida


  46. Namaste Thailand

    I been wanting this more than you know boy !!!

  47. Love Soul

    One of the 🐐

  48. Olivia James

    Almost 2019 still slamming 💯

  49. Mariah Makenzie Online

    Yes yes yes 😩💚

  50. Eryssia Stegall

    1st song I ever heard from her. Real fans know about it!!

  51. Jessica Bryant

    Still Loving This Song,

  52. Beutiful Ella

    Love it 😍

  53. Something Original

    2018 anyone ??

  54. Breanna Hall

    Jamming in 2018 ❤️❤️

  55. Ciera Ollarsaba

    Who still here in 2019? 💖❤️💖❤️

  56. Zori Jones

    Here still 2018❤😘😘

  57. Shmoneey x

    Still listening in 2018

  58. Smoove Vlogs

    Takes me back to High school😍

  59. dominique Hysten

    2018 🙌🏾

  60. Victoria LaShay

    Still on my favorite list in 2018

  61. Gods Gift95

    Pretty song💞

  62. Kayla SoSmooth


  63. SunKissNicole

    such a throwback

  64. NaaNaa M.

    My Fav 💕

  65. Winjai's etiquette

    still my shit #2018

  66. Arereal P

    Was listening to this in high school.... It's been 5 years, damn Jhene we growing up together girl 💟

  67. Tiy Tye

    still listening 2018

  68. Manofmusiq Jackson

    this will always b my song... like this song is sooo intents

  69. Yaya Sloan

    🔥#Jhene Aiko

  70. Gregoria Arriaga


  71. Kenya Greene

    2018 & I’m stiiiiilll here🌎🌼🍃 Sending love,peace and joy all over the world and especially to everyone reading this comment.. ✌🏾

  72. Gladys Arana

    Still listening in 2018! 🔥

  73. Monae Hobson

    Still listening in 2018 :)

  74. Star 420

    Who listening in 2018?! This my girl 💜💜💜

  75. V. Celeste

    Just hearing this for the first time...and I now have it on repeat!  Love her voice and this song....

  76. Carson Gerard

    literally been in love with this song for the longest 😩

  77. Brittany Jessie


  78. Shalonda Harper

    will forever be my cut

  79. Kay N

    One of my favorites 💕

  80. Latonya Wolf

    Very romantic song my fav right now❤💯

  81. Steph Beauty Artistry

    Fuckin classic so underrated ❤️ been tuned into her since pandemonium b2k album when I saw her flyer inside the cd package . 🌸true fan.. and for some reason I never forget the words to none of her songs that’s how special and meaningful they are.

  82. Latonya Wolf

    Yes 🔥🔥🔥

  83. mszjuicyy09

    #Classic 💜

  84. Gia-Marie

    Still can't stop listening 😍😩

  85. Neisha Neish

    MySpace days..

  86. xo Anne

    Stil my fav ❤