Aiko, Jhene - Trigger Protection Mantra Lyrics

Calm down
Calm down
Calm down eventually
Calm down
Calm down
Calm down eventually
Protect your energy
I am protected
I am protected
I am protected
I am protected
Calm down
Calm down
Calm down eventually
Calm down
Calm down
Calm down eventually
Protect your energy
You are protected
You are protected
Slow down
Calm down your energy
Calm down
Slow down
Slow down your energy
Calm down
Calm down
Calm down eventually
Protect your energy
I am protected
I am protected
I am protected
I have protection
Calm down
Calm down

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Aiko, Jhene Trigger Protection Mantra Comments
  1. Valerie

    Lmao this puts my toddlers to sleep 🤣

  2. Joa The Alien Goddess


  3. Lena C

    This is the best thing ever 😊

  4. Vanessa Avila

    I can’t explain what My Mind went through as i closed my eyes and listened to this amazing song. I seriously felt like I had an out of body experience. I sound crazy , but WOW! Amazing🙌🏻

  5. Alejandra

    This brought tears to my eyes without me even realizing and im not even an emotional person. whoa ... I’m so amazed this is so beautiful

  6. Heart of Gold

    🙏🏾Keeping calm ❤️ staying ready for 2020 😎

  7. Aramat Jackson

    For the ones that "don't like this," I pray that you stop forcing your negative energy on others.... "we are protected."

  8. Angela Pleasant

    Jhené Aiko Heaven sent 😘😘💞

  9. Brittany Speight

    I love it!

  10. Nat V.

    She literally puts the way my soul feels into words

  11. Daniella Karan

    As a Christian, I love to hear this. It's calming and soothing. Thank you Jhené Aiko for this wonderful mantra. 😊

  12. Percy 621

    This+dmt would be insane!!🔥🔥

  13. Dj Wring

    Snoozeeeeeing 😯

  14. Jolee Does makeup

    Every time I listen to this, I get full body chills and goosebumps. Then as soon as she says you are protected, I start crying.

  15. Jocelynn Rivas

    She should do asmr sound healing

  16. Steph Steph

    Beautiful!! You are beautiful. The song is beautiful. Your energy is beautiful. Thank you! Much love!

  17. Ty lexxy142

    She has to be an angel because this relaxes my mind n soul😩😇

  18. Sofia Q

    Much needed. I always come back to this when my anxiety feels unbearable. Thank you, Jhene ❤

  19. Lin B

    Beautiful lightworker she is.. This is beautiful.. <3

  20. Supernova Tarot

    Absolutely incredible!!

  21. Gayle K

    298 days clean of Marijuana... carry the message not the addict

  22. Ana r

    I am protected.

  23. Janey's Creations

    This girl made her own mantra, magnificent 💜💖💜💖

  24. Xoliswa Baker

    I need me some more of these mantras!

  25. Sharther Chatman

    Thank you

  26. E A

    This helped me through my first anxiety attack ever i am shook

  27. Shedosenteven GoHere

    She is making me want to get me some acid and jam to her music and music videos hahaha

  28. Goddess N The Flesh


  29. LaRhonda Shipman

    Love listening to this while i roll my weed & smoke 😌💯💕

  30. RSO Sin

    📍💎 headphones in

  31. Valorie's Vlogsss

    I have a fever and a bad headache

  32. Nashalie Santana

    I've been suffering from migraines and when I play this it alleviates it. This is very powerful 💯

  33. Bri Monroe

    When these b!$#%s at work getting on my nerves. I play this.

  34. Lesha Macc

    Saved my energy thank you so much was going through a total breakdown and came out of it!!! Good things well come to me 🤞🏽🤞🏽❤️ thanks Jhené once again

  35. first name

    Jhene you saved my life. Thank you

  36. Dj Wring

    (Snoring out loud )

  37. Talia Matthews

    This takes me to a serene place in my mind i didn't even know was there. A beautiful sound let alone the beautiful lyrics CMON NOW JHENE drop that meditation album sis 😌

  38. Slow Reverb Vibes

    Healing Queen.

  39. DaMan478

    Starting EMDR trauma therapy in a few weeks. Listening to this as I write out my timeline of traumatic life experiences to talk about with my therapist. In tears. Overwhelmed.

  40. jess diaz

    🙏I pray God always keeps you safe ... You've helped me deal with my anxiety so much... please make a full meditation album .. so many people can benefit from this i am one of them... 💛💛💓💓Peace an love always 🙏

  41. Marley Kali

    I love her for this 💖🙏

  42. Niyat

    I had a really bad migraine and its gone now after hearing this twice!

  43. Princess


  44. GuidedSpirit 7

    I wish this was 30mins or more long. 💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️
    Thank you for this love💜

  45. Chrissy Taylor

    she makes me want to make music..this is the type of music i want to make... you really can feel this.. so calming

  46. BabyyGuttahh Tv

    listen to this everyday 😩

  47. Bunny Bugatti3x9

    Anyone else cry

  48. Real Talk

    Good meditation music. Thank u jhene. Namaste

  49. Britney Hayes

    I like to listen to this when I’m having bad anxiety or panic attacks. Helps me feel grounded and more at peace.

  50. Cymbaline92

    I wish I had this a few days ago.

  51. La'Rae's Face

    Can you make one for postpartum depression please💖 thumbs up so she can see?

  52. Carolina Garcia

    This has been on repeat, just had the courage to leave someone whom I loved more than myself and that’s a No ! I wish them all the blessing but it’s time to love myself for the first time in my life

  53. Tamara Fleming

    How I soooo needed this. I’m inspired to open and release and calm down and protect my energy and love myself and do good for others and forgive more and be less judgemental and visualize more and be more mindful and create more and meditate more and do yoga more and be more grateful and stop over thinking and so much more and more and more and more. I’m so glad I found this and I can’t wait for a full mantra album from her with the signing bowls.

  54. Michelle Dobbins

    Listening to this on shrooms is amazing 🌝

  55. Ingeee

    This mantra resonated through my whole being!!! amazing =)

  56. Maat Frequency

    Play @ 0.75x playback speed.🧿💜😉

  57. Katt Zetta

    Once again here to alleviate my daughter's emotional distress through another sickness. First the flu, now a stomach virus with fevers. She calmly fell asleep just now. Thanks Jhene for your angelic voice.

  58. Nevaeh Epps

    Omg this is amazing I literally meditated to this, this morning ❤❤ what a phenomenal masterpiece Ms. Jhené Aiko

  59. K D

    Thank you

  60. Dovious


  61. Gemma Clement

    Thank you so much Jhene. This really helped me with my anxiety today

  62. Healer Xiou

    The Tibetan Singing Bowl sounds so good

  63. D Ferg

    The singing bowls though 🙌🏾

  64. Rachel Harriman

    She needs to make an album like this. Please. Please. This is the first subliminal in my meditation playlist and I use it over and over again. It works. Please make a whole album like this Jhené.

  65. itsyaboy *

    This calmed me down in a bad trip 🙏

  66. [Angel Moon]

    I absolutley love this. I hope to hear more of this in the future. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  67. Chayna Douglas

    Wow. I got goosebumps

  68. Courtney Himebaugh


  69. foundinwonderland

    This helped my breakdown so much wow

  70. RaShawn Golatt

    This is a Musical blunt at work lol

    Earth Color Portal

    Musical blunt..nice one

  71. Bethany Bethany

    Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.....eventually. Protect your energy. You are protected. You are protected Slow down. Calm down your energy. Calm down. Slow down. Slow down your energy.

  72. peek a boo

    Dont calm down Get up and put that energy to work....protected

  73. peek a boo

    She cute and all, but shes a karmic and chasing sean lol

  74. Ariel Brown

    Needed this right now...

  75. ckandiiee

    Please do more of these. Please. Please. Please.

  76. Ruby Yesenia



    This is pure beauty.

  78. Make Me Over WEC

    Thanks for sharing this gift with us, especially those of us suffering

  79. Terrell Capers

    Who taught you this? It’s perfect!!!

  80. Claim Your Inheritance

    Todah rabah

  81. David Herrera

    ... this is fuckin stupid

  82. Kenya Benton

    This saves my life everyday❤️

  83. Shann Smith

    Can we get a whole meditation and yoga album ❤️

  84. Thee_1ne

    Oh my goodness yessss I loveeee it !!!!!

  85. Angelie Irizarry

    Dealing with a bit of anxiety and this spoke to me on another spiritual level.. thank you Jhené for being a goddess of spiritual healing. When I finished I felt so relaxed and like the weight lifted off my whole body. I will listen to this whenever I’m having a rough day/moment ✨♎️❤️

  86. ButterFly Xpress


  87. Elisia Sansa

    I listened to this on my way home from an appointment and when I took a nap I saw a bright light come into my dream to warn me about something and tell me exactly who to protect which is my offsprings such an magical experience

  88. Jessika P Elizondo

    My son, looked so beautiful falling asleep to this while I massaged his calmed him down.

  89. LateshaHoustonart

    We need a whole album of this!! So calm and soothing... Goddess..

  90. Chencho Gallegos

    One word...

  91. Bogdan Radu

    This is what I want to spend my money on.

  92. DOG DAYS ARE OVER [TheSchwaWasntHere]

    This with binaural beats unwinds me SO well 😭❣

  93. Mac Sorry

    Thank you

  94. Nylia Nicole

    I wish this was longer

  95. La Raina

    Please someone help!
    Why does my head hurts while listening to this? This is the second time I tried to listen in a 5 month time frame
    The moment I cut it off my head stops hurting
    I’m afraid

  96. Deborah Norfleet

    Automatically puts you in chill mode ...

  97. Uniquley Bree

    I just clicked on this video , and I must say my whole body slowly relaxed. I always knew she was spiritually blessed but now she's helping others. I love her so much UGH!! ❤️❤️❤️