Aiko, Jhene - The Pressure Lyrics

I care about you baby, baby
More than you'll ever know
More than you'll ever know
Please do not drive me crazy, crazy
Unless you're gonna go
With me

No pressure
No pressure, I know you're real
The pressure
The pressure will make you feel

Up till the sun rises
There's no compromising
I know, I know, I know
You are such a liar
I never denied you
I was for sure
But it's really out of my control
The way you feel is not my problem
I don't wanna see you go
But I don't have time to solve this
And you don't have the right
After all you put me through
I'm starting to realise

The pressure I know you feel
The pressure just keep it real

Major weed smoke in the air
Pass it like you just don't care
Have you seen my fucks to give?
I have none, I cannot live with

The pressure
The pressure you know I feel
The pressure
The pressure to keep it real

Pay attention to the signs
Stay and listen, you will find
Everything, ain't rocket science
Every gem is not a diamond

But the pressure
The pressure will make you feel
The pressure
The pressure

The pressure
The pressure will make you feel...

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Aiko, Jhene The Pressure Comments
  1. Kaneisha Howard

    I can't think of one song that I don't like by this lady 😩💜😊

  2. Daisy Minted

    💎 🎵 🦋

  3. Terronda Harris


  4. Brooklyn Levo

    The Fisticuffs with the LA vibes 😱☺️....

  5. Savage 0999

    She’s okay not bad but I wouldn’t consider her as Sade Sade didn’t have to show anything like her breast out and stuff she was just sexy overall and her voice was 100%better

  6. melissa white

    Love the song, but why are you sitting under the planets emulating a black sister

  7. Maddie Hernandez

    It's really out of my control the way you feel is not my problem I dont wanna see you go but I dont have to solve this I felt that😞😞

  8. Debra Marshall

    Don't give up

  9. Debra Marshall

    Beautiful star don't give uo

  10. Debra Marshall

    Very talented beautiful voice

  11. Katt Zetta

    Still here Dec 2019. Jhene your music never gets old and it will transcend.♥️

  12. Revemupman

    My fav song from her.

  13. Creativevids

    How is this explicit and Cardi B's "money video" isn't??? I'm confused!😕

  14. Zee K

    I just remember everybody at school doing their hair like this after the video dropped and acting like they were the coolest kids around 🙌

  15. Theron Preston Washington

    Where you come from out the blue, It's like you made things brand new, hearts to hearts things become true complicated never had the rights everybody sung tonight when we were together oceans that spray on your face, i'm there forever just like the world is in you when we are together we finally found love is true.

  16. alan perry


  17. jessica clay

    She those Sade vibez

  18. WT Actual. . .

    The pressure to keep it real. She ain't lyin.

    WT Actual. . .

    Glad she said it first.

  19. Darwin Blue

    She makes me really thirsty

  20. Leah Kendall

    her best song.

  21. Aussachia Echols


  22. Zandile Khumalo

    She not making more music I hate it
    Waiting 4 the album like dog I am 4 Jhene

  23. Pamela Nichols

    Omg shes bad ! Loving her !

  24. Tehya Lewis

    I have been listening to this for days on end.. And its really good 💝💝

  25. Sthandile Mpanza


  26. Cadence Sings

    Willow -Female energy?

  27. Strap I'm sorry

    she like that type of girl u can bring home too mama and around the guys

  28. Tanaysia White

    Gosh I love her music sm one of my favorites

  29. Khumalo Sbonile

    Still a vibe November 2019 🤸

  30. Paul Blatchford


  31. Fission Pulsar

    Jh'ene Aiko
    ☯ Kemosaubi
    Oni AKUMA
    Acupuncture & ya sochi'
    Bamboo & 🍯 drizzled ✝ yo body
    Sensei Sufle' asparagus & broccoli
    Black & Brown 🍚
    New 🌙

  32. Evalina Niuca


  33. mandisi mathenjwa

    This album got me through Varsity. Jhene has always been my study partner.

  34. chrissy baby

    Love this song and willow female energy good meditation 👌👌

  35. Lee Cruz

    I care about baby baby
    More than you’ll ever know
    When she said that I felt it in my soul ❤️

  36. NeSheetta Nance

    Yes I'm feeling this (The pressure)

  37. Robin Booth


  38. heriberto moreno

    I love this song baby

  39. Dapheny Pierre

    Wtf, I love this song and literally never knew there was a video for it 😬

  40. Jannah N

    thanks mom

  41. Taco Hblg

    1:35:Willow smith,female energy.

  42. Edith N Zacarias

    I just love her music because it really smooth and filled with deep meanings 💗

  43. chazzyjazzy

    Why does every song have to have the same drone

  44. xXBambiiXx Duj


  45. Ahdree23

    Listening in 2019.....this makes me think of Common Used to love H.E.R.

  46. Marie Davis

    I'm still here

  47. Bomb Bae

    Still bumping this like it came out just yesterday 💥

  48. MissLatosha Dunn

    We wuvv YOu thank Yuu Jhen3

  49. Christene Waldon

    September 8 2019 3:[email protected] 🎶🤞🏾

  50. Phoenix De Leon

    I know I am late, very late. I’ve been bumping this track and the next one I’m gonna give you props for. L❤️Ve

  51. Racquel Robinson

    I genuinely don't think Jhene will ever be as popular as Rihanna or Ariana Grande or Beyonce. And here's why. The world in it's entirety isn't on her train of thought. Her songs are reflective and very personal and leaves you feeling melancholy from the beat to the lyrics. She has some fun songs but her primary target it soul evolving music. People gravitate towards upbeat and occasionally mindless music. And that's fine. I do too sometimes. And this is not to say upbeat can't be reflective (ex: Ariana Grande) But it's just that not everyone appreciates this. Not everyone is soul searching. It hurts too much to soul search. I fell off her train for a while for that exact reason . And for this reason, she'll always be somewhat of a hidden gem. I thought about this while thinking about why SZA blew up so big and Jhene has been around for quite sometime.

  52. Lovnlace

    Wow!! I'm just hearing this...
    Love it!!!

  53. Dice Charming

    Blunted & vibing

  54. Latile Masisani

    Who else is listening in 2019????

  55. Karima Ellis

    Her music takes me to another place when I feel down lifts me right back up I love her

  56. shineoff23

    I close my eyes and lift weights to this song so soothing..

  57. marcus jones

    When i’m high she only thing I listen too

  58. Butterfly Confessions

    Could someone pin the lyrics ... for like every song I youtube.

    Those who enjoy not accidently exposing themselves to unwanted vibes (If any)
    Lyrics help with the understanding... It's not enough to vibe to the beat.

  59. coecoe nice

    very smooth singing...

  60. Barbie VIRAL


  61. Low Boogie


  62. Tabitha Lavigne

    This song needs more recognition

  63. KAM Elyse

    I can listen to her all day 🎶

  64. Theresa Childs


  65. Alexia Hackshaw

    More than ever know

  66. atomickitten1993

    "there's no pressure... it's really out of my control, how you feel is not my problem"

    10/10 ISSA VIBE.

  67. Tony Oliver

    Jhene= the Asian Eryka Badu i know she's half black but her sound is r&b, neo-soul,alternative pop a great singer, and writer like Erykah and she loves her bad boy rappers too.

  68. Tinah flindornah

    "Have you seen my fucks to give , i have none i cannot live with the pressure "😣🔥🔥

  69. Mari Waring

    "But its really outta my control the way you feel is not my problem". That part really speaks volumes to me i live for jhene aiko real definition of chilled R&B 😩💙

  70. Oeshi X

    Still bout this song since it came out

  71. Empress Nia


  72. uren akim

    Anyone bumping this in 2019??

    Cristina Marie

    uren akim yasss🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  73. Emma Seshoka

    Jhene is so calm & takes you to a different world

  74. J. Hall

    Every Jem is NOT a diamond.. perfect words..

  75. Wayne Clarvoe

    This is one of the songs I used to listen to over and over again in the middle of the night while I was having a drink, but anyway I don't drink anymore but I still love this song anyway😘🤗😇 !!!SMFH....

  76. NynyGotFlava

    This song is so clam and relaxing 2019 anyone????😀

  77. Toni Go


  78. Eunice Vite


  79. Alex Campbell

    Put me on a balcony, with the sun rising above the sea with this song playing😍

  80. Amber B'Dabbin

    Who here in 2019 ?

  81. Jame Brewington

    The voice that comes out of that body is the voice of a ANGEL/GODDESS!!!! EYE C U

  82. Silk Queen

    I like her so much she needs more recognition and im mad bout that😠 her talent serene

  83. James w Bigrully

    This woman sing so beautiful

  84. deep than deep

    Love everything about jhene aiko freaking amazingly beautiful 😍

  85. Brandy Henderson

    Sade vibes

  86. Keven Monteiro

    She's ffffff gourgeous dude.

  87. Love Pleasure


  88. Myron Miller

    She is so BEAUTIFUL!

  89. Sharon Brown

    2019 anyone? 👌🏽💖

  90. Great One


  91. Tee Dee

    Song Starts At 2:40🎶🎶🎶🎶🌟😎💕

  92. Destiny Wilson

    the hair, the beat , the lyrics I just can't her voice is like lyrical ASMR