Aiko, Jhene - Stranger Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yea yea, ah
Similar ways, similar game
Starting to feel the similar pain
Are you sure we haven't met before?
I know ya face, I know ya name
But I don't know you?
Isn't that crazy? isn't that crazy?
I think we may be
In a different book
On a different page
You said you are different
But you're the same

I can not tell you,
How many there have been
That were just like you
I do not need you
Cause you're just like them.

I meet em' everyday...
They seem to be the same.
Lame. okay?

I meet em' everyday...
(Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh)
They seem to be the same.
It's strange.


[Verse 2:]
Familiar time, familiar place
Starting to feel the familiar shame
Cause I know what you have come here for.
You know my name, you know my face,
But you don't know me? you must be crazy.

Or I must be crazy. or is it maybe...
I've been here times before and
I've said yes, meaning no but oh...
Alot of shit has changed. lot of shit has changed.
Lot of lot of shit has changed.

Didn't I tell you what all the rest have done?
They were just like you, they have all tried to.
You're not the only one.

I meet em' everyday...
(Meet em' everyday meet em' everyday)
Seem to be the same.
(They are all the same they are all the same)
Lame okay?

I meet em' everyday...
(Meet em' everyday meet em' everyday)
Seem to be the same.
(They are all the same, they are all the same)
It's strange.

I think we may be
In a different book
On a different page
You said you are different
But you're the same

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Aiko, Jhene Stranger Comments
  1. Miracle Bradley

    I love you Jhene 😊

  2. Raya Jones

    ever since i started listening to jhene, i’ve stopped putting up with shitty dudes fr!

  3. Flower Of Life

    Giiiiiiiiiiiiirluuuuuuuuh, how many times will I come back to this song after a breakup. It's me, you attract what you are, be accountable. . 🤦‍♀️😥🤧

  4. Angel Stephens

    She is approached by guys who are the same

  5. Mark Williams

    this is a lie, you know what would happen if I was that close ignoring all of the other stuff. Just by nature, that close for that long is a relationship.(no not the spears kind, no blood here)

  6. Sydni Alese

    They should have used The video for ‘while we are young’ to this song

  7. Stevextate

    why did u stop making videos? omg I was a big fan

    Branique Rolle

    Stevextate hey hun! Sorry, I will try my best to get back on track xoxo 😘


    Branique Rolle do a bikini haul 😍

    Branique Rolle

    Stevextate I'll try! Stay tuned ❤️

  8. MadeIn Japan

    Jhene low-key the Goat okay? Okay🤷💁

  9. Linda Drums

    Similar to.Aaliyah

  10. Monroe Tiara

    Still listening in 2019!!
    Check out my cover to this song on my channel. Dropping it 5/5/2019😉💕💕💕

  11. Omarr Koroma


  12. JAYE

    Drop some new music jhene😍😍😍😭

  13. Theleafinyourpocket

    March 2019?

  14. Twicee

    Jhene’s one of my favorite artists & my Pisces sista 🧜🏼‍♀️.. I made a song inspired by her and this song. Check it out for me. ‘Stranger’..💜

  15. Mickey Rosa

    She's such a great lyricist. My god this song is so good. One of my favorite songs by Jhene.

  16. Brandi Smith

    Yeah some are just mean!! What she said truth.

  17. Music Lover

    My love life in one song smh

  18. Nicole Clark

    love HER

  19. Marlo

    shorty life is fucked up you are me, fly because i can't my wings are broken family turns against me and friends listening to you sets me free

  20. Grashaun no name

    H a l f t I m e t a l b e t shirt and Travis Scott

    Grashaun no name

    There goes my baby girl y z a

  21. Grashaun no name

    John and Travis Scott x Bei a

  22. Grashaun no name

    Miss call me when we ft Trey Songz and Dolla ty for

  23. Grashaun no name

    X Young Thug Justin Bieber

  24. Grashaun no name

    Drake and Travis Scott & Young Thug Justin Bieber

  25. Jose Velasquez

    Woman believe it's only us men but irony i disgustingly dedicated this song to these lames out here playing pretend trying be the men who played them
    Its unspoken us Alphas us Romantics are a dying breed all these lames on both sexes are taking over they are all the same reproductive organs on wheels

  26. Abrion Mitchell

    Her music has literally gotten me thru my first heartbreak and I have a feeling it’ll work with this second one as well

  27. NuLyteTV

    She's a beast lol

  28. Global Videos

    Me vs My Crush

  29. Erika Haze

    You said you were different..but your the same..stranger💓👀2018

  30. Rudegal Barnes

    Exactly how i feel about love.

  31. Nicole Griffiths

    nJune ago Akio

    Manuel Ambriz

    Jhene good things


    future Candy Land ft llyod

  33. Katara Brown

    I love you jhene

  34. Baby Girl

    Back in 2018 on my Jhene Throwback 🙌🙌

  35. Danielle Deisrael

    Similar pain💔

  36. Marcus Amiro

    I think we all love her voice so much because she’s a Siren, her music plays a important role, deeper than y’all know, i know she had to put Big Sean ass on to the conscious movement

  37. Madeline Lawrence

    Jhene Aiko and Khelani need to make a song together!!!!


    Thanks for this vid.
    This song is amazing!!
    Been listening to it like crazy for the past 3 days.
    That beat and those lyrics!!

  39. Racquel Johnson

    so crazy i found about her in like 2012 maybe 2011 like she got so many good songs that are SOOO old now

  40. Kimberly Soles

    Still playing this song.

  41. Ugly people call pretty people

    this sound like the thing my mom use for her song

  42. Ester Willis

    This song she sings dealing with humans beings all travelling through this maze called life. Seeing that life experiences are all the same. Whatever the experience is in most songs today they talk mostly about love. And those experiences when looked at collectively are the same. The only thing that in all truth that brings about a diversity is the SPIRITUAL ENERGY that can make the difference and change mundane human experiences. We must look to the spiritual aspects of our characters and make life diverse coming up with new ideas and making life exciting and new everyday. Changing the world making it a better place to live in for all people. "LOVE FOR HUMANITY AS A WHOLE!"

  43. Stephen Townsend

    It's so charming

  44. Kendrick D

    Tight lyrics


    Kendrick D
    Yes they are

  45. Kendrick D

    Nice beat

  46. Stacie Stacie


  47. Rowdy Bugazzi

    Omg she's my idol I respect her as a artist and person in general I love her 🎷 music and voice its different in a lot of ways well keep up ur good work us fans are looking forward to more....

  48. lovelyme83 !


  49. Bo Diddley

    Fell asleep listening to music on YouTube.... this song woke me up out of my sleep. That beat tho.... sim-u-lar

  50. Green Bean

    love it

  51. Robert Anthony Coleman

    I meet em everyday

  52. shawna1004 keepit100

    ooooooommmmmggggg this is my song


    I MEET EM EVERYDAY........

  54. Victoria Johnson

    bro this song was fire and still is to this day omgg

  55. Nina Harvey


  56. Curly Fro Vegan

    I've learned to let go of these revolving door relationships. no matter how beautiful or handsome the person is on the outside, they should look even better on the inside and treat you that way. I love myself more, and appreciate the people in my life who care.

  57. Kai Zen

    you're the same,
    after everything,
    the same

  58. mayadabest

    this will always be my song

  59. TorchBaby

    wrote a pretty good story to this song

    Wicked King

    On Wattpad ? I Would Love To Read It


    Wicked King have yhuu read the stranger series?

  60. SGEE247

    she fucking slayed this song....Yesss

  61. klp2013kp

    one of many of my favorites from jhene aiko!LOVE HER!

  62. Abydos •

    I LOVE her voice!!

  63. After Lyfe

    what is that sound in background of the beat it's driving me crazy not knowing

    The Viewer formerly known as Prince

    I dunno what you mean then, lol

    After Lyfe

    +The Viewer formerly known as Prince it's like dun nun dun nun dun nun nun


    +After Lyfe its a japanese instrument

    After Lyfe

    +PhoenixRyder21 thanks I'm trying to use it so I can put my own spin to a beat like this

    Captainn Nicola

    Of what?

  64. Nyla Coleman

    We maybe in a different book 📖📚

  65. Nyla Coleman

    You said u were diffrent but ur the same stranger ☹️😭


    True Shit👑💙

  67. Abeni Najera


  68. Coco Chanel

    INLOVE with this song.

    Esse Bailey

    Rose Gold ik your profile pic. Love that artist

  69. Darrell B

    Love this

  70. Aloneshadow Rosa

    i meet them everyday.. and of course the glimpse of beauty always is by the door...

    P.S. Be right back...

  71. Sara Araujo


  72. Tye Blk

    Ppl dnt know but she first start off with B2K. Along time ago..

  73. Latoiya Lynn

    I love this song so much its been on repeat

  74. Kendra McDonald

    My favorite song by Jhene!

  75. Kendra McDonald

    My favorite song by Jhene!

  76. Chef J

    Every time I here this beat it sticks in head all day.

    abi santos

    same 😂

    Monica Mori

    +abi santos sanchez


    Chef J

    Breezy Love

    Right. This and "Love or die " are very similar

  77. Nasser Mwinyi

    greatest song ever...

  78. Thirteen Nyree

    love all her songs on her new album

  79. Muñeca Lopez

    This song tho! Feeling it!

  80. Xzavier Webb

    i love this song i love HEARING HER VOICE PERIOD

  81. Mistah DaveKill5aLL

    I read a lot of the comments stating that people are just finding out about this girl, including myself. I want to know why the hell this Angel didn't get the exposure she deserves a long time ago? Smdh!

  82. shauna- Dee

    I'm so in love with this song.

  83. Shaii Daa

    **I meant t say when I heard this song it became my numba 1 $traight up

  84. Shaii Daa

    When I heard this song or became my nimba1 $traighty up no questions asked I'm telling yaawl I was on a jhene hype!! #💋

  85. Dwayne Bickersteth

    Imagine if Jhene, The Weeknd & Drake all collaborated together, the tune would be enough to send man into some deeper levels until 2020.

    Damino Whyte

    I agree.... wouldn't spark nutten for me. Empress is golden on her own. Jhene got a crazy fan in Jamaica for that style.... Timeless*

    city dream

    Dwayne Bickersteth Yep then throw Frank Ocean and Sade in there and it's a wrap☺️

    Mac 'Nificent

    Dwayne Bickersteth agreed

    Kim Taehyung

    I hate the weekend and Drake😂😂


    Dwayne Bickersteth true that

  86. Maya Good

    I loved her music ever since junior high and she was on the last bonus track on B2k pandemonium CD

  87. Mercy Oluwole

    Changing the song's speed to 1.25 is nice also 

  88. Barbara's Crazy Unique Family Acosta

    This song is on point she gets it

  89. Terri Jones

    A song I think every woman and man can relate too. Tight!!!

    Chenique Jennings

    Tee Jay Men cannot relate to this song. No.

  90. Alicia Toole

    Checkout the remix with to Stranger featuring siya