Aiko, Jhene - Stay Ready (What A Life) Lyrics

[Jhene Aiko:]
We do not exist in
Any other instant
Here in this dimension
You and I are meant to be
I have waited lifetimes to find you
Now that you're here
I can remind you
Of the things you've been dreamin'
Times two
I promise you
If you just give me 24
Man, all I need is 24 hours
I promise you'll want plenty more
You've probably been waiting forever
So how does it sound
Us on the ground
Giving you my love?

There's no place quite like here
There's no better time than now
You gotta stay ready
There's no place quite like here
There's no better time than now
That's why I stay ready

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Tell me find your spot with the warning that I might slip
And when you climb on top that's the ultimate road trip
Ride on me like your Pac got me thinkin' it's '96
I can rap on some nineties shit, wrap your leggings around my hip
I'm so hip to it tourists want to come speculate
But if I stay monogamous promise this kiss will always taste like candy
And yeah, it's obvious momma now probably can't stand me
I'm sure they're tired of this look that you have when you're antsy
We gon' fuck around (Mmm), we gon' fuck around
And triple through triplets of babies right now
And that might break the record and no, that don't mean you're fertile
That means we're fucking reckless, plus we don't use protection
I find myself reading old text messages when I'm bored
We find ourselves sexting 'til that connection is restored
I know that sounds immature, but if we never grow up
Then I wish you good luck on the seats that's inside this Porsche

Come to me
Come, come to me
Look at what you've done to me
You put a gun to me
Then you brought the sun to me

Shine like blood diamonds
Learning to have patience
Only cause you are timeless
The universe energy doesn't lie
And this chemistry is infinity at a million times
I wrote a million rhymes describing your star power
And after 24 bars, you get 24 hours

There's no place quite like here
There's no better time than now
You gotta stay ready
There's no place quite like here
There's no better time than now
That's why I stay ready

All that I know is right now
Nothing's for sure but, right now
Gotta get yours like, right now, like, right now

I been through some shit man
But I be on my shit man
I decided that what you give is what you're given
So I been tryna do it right
I been doing like
Whatever gets me through the night

What a life

I'm steady always on the go
You steady always on the go
We steady losing all control

What a life

They say
The truth ain't pretty
But coming from that pretty mouth
The truth is fitting
Cause you ain't never talking loud
And you know plenty
Yeah you know what I'm talking bout
Cause you just get me
Yeah you so pretty

If everything is dipped in gold
Then baby it will never grow
Everything sweet ain't sugar coated

What a life

What a life
What a life that I've been given
What a life
What a life that I've been living
What a life
What a life we die to live in
What a life

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Aiko, Jhene Stay Ready (What A Life) Comments
  1. Apsara __

    I love u jhene

  2. Daddy Doug

    whos here after flawless?

  3. isaiah williams

    I’ve had so much disgusting sex to this

  4. aymesm

    I am here after rhythm and flow but this woman is so much more than that. Her music is so special. I think a lot of it has to do with her spirituality. She’s definitely about something. I’m so glad I have been introduced to her because I don’t listen to a lot of new artists. She’s incredible!

  5. Kgomotso Mako

    I only discovered this song yesterday I'm so mad at myself 😭💔

  6. Katie Godinet

    Im just here bc ive BEEN fcking w jhene from the get go

  7. CoutureBeautyTv

    Everything sweet ain't sugar coated!!!! What a life!!!

  8. Miguel Villar

    Who’s here after watching.... ahh nevermind

  9. Kanya Brown

    Sad to say I just started listening to her Idk why I waited so long because she's dope!

  10. Rahul Rajkhowa

    Dammit The Kendrick verse is off the charts but Woahh to come up and match that level of Finesse gotta give it up to Flawless. In the midst of this whose rap is better please let’s not forget that Jhene is absolute fire on this ❤️

  11. Don Hunter

    That Flawless remix got the original version pregnant 😂

  12. G W

    Who been here since 2013 when the song first came out

  13. Jabu Wilfred

    2019 still ...

  14. andrew jackson

    The Truth for the whole world king p$SSY & queen trueful peace and love family ASE LOAS

  15. TraDina Mosley

    Ooou ok come thru yall love me some kendrick...mis aiko dont get recognition she deserves yo time comin baby

  16. listentogrey

    Chi ✨

  17. hellokittybaby251

    Jhene ft Kendrick💙keep writing right now

  18. The Stoner Queen

    Been bumpin this since 2013 y’all late asf lol

  19. Myrah Chavez

    This hits different when you hit the blunt 🌬😍


    Myrah Chavez all facts !

  20. Red Snaps

    i love this song but that "What A Life" yes! talk to my soul baby!!!!

  21. Jayline Baez

    If y'all here solely after that show I'm sorry y'all don't know music

  22. Rodrikka Jones

    That show made me fall in love with her, artistry, all of it💯✊🏾🙏🏾🤟🏾

  23. Patricia Turner

    She is so beautiful inside and out. Her music is inspirational.

  24. Abigail Alegria

    Who came here after Rhythm + Flow Before 2019 ENDS !!

  25. Une [Logique] Squelette

    This shit nostalgic asf now

  26. Carlos Sandoval

    “flAwlEss DId BeTter thAn Kendrick “ I’m disappointed


    Why? Kendrick is not what y'all make him out to be, he's good, but come on y'all stay gassin

  27. Angie Segovia

    I like her performance with Flawless was so much better. Wish that could be
    Released I would buy it in a heartbeat, they were both amazing.

  28. Lisa's Security Guard


  29. Lisa's Security Guard

    After her performance with flawless.... It's lid

  30. Maritza Mullen

    who here and her

  31. Tea Miller

    FLAWLESS!!!! Grammy

  32. GREENT

    Sounds just like live. Amazing

  33. Chr1st1an

    you guys are sleeping if rhythm n flow brought you here this was my jam back in 14'

  34. BoomShakaLaka! TM

    Yasssss! Come through with the Vibe.....

  35. Gerald Binnic

    Flawless version was better for a live show.
    Kendrick’s was better from a studio aspect..

    Flawless could’ve done Kendrick’s verse word for word and still woulda been critiqued.

  36. quentin white

    I always roll up to this

  37. Alyssa Cooper

    I absolutely adore jhene her songs and voice are so calming 😊😎.

  38. MiMiMalibuu

    Dont even watch no TV to know bout no dumbass show, deh yah from day 1 say no more.

  39. Mariam A

    I have waited lifetimes to find you, now that you’re here I can remind you of the things you’ve been dreaming times two, I promise you 💕

  40. Ashley Young

    Jhene aiko is that chic

  41. Tina Lopez

    *I need an actual feature w Flawless😩😩*

  42. Darth Vader

    Imagine listening to this under the stars laying down looking up at the stars as you hold her/his hand. 🤤

  43. Money Bags

    Listening to since 2016 since I found this 😁

  44. oscar urquidy

    Who came here because u were already a fan

  45. Daisy H

    Omg!! Flawless RealTalk topped Kendrick Lamar on this!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!


    Lol no he didn't. His verse was corny asf

  46. Vincent_ 007

    Loved this B4 the show!

  47. Ernesto Mejia

    The homies: tf?
    Me: foo say some.

  48. 3rdCoastRecruiting

    It always kills me when folks claim the remake to be better than the original. There is NO REMAKE without the ORIGINAL, jeeeezzzz!!!!

  49. Daniel B

    I don’t know why, but when I hear Jhené’s music, I feel loved. It’s weird.

  50. fiorung

    This song starts really well, then gets worse as it goes along

  51. Sara Y

    this has to be one of the best songs ever written... period

  52. Kasarra Calloway

    Subrib to amir meto

  53. Kasarra Calloway

    Money gang

  54. Mariah Breanna

    I hear nothing but flawless verse 😫😭❤️

  55. Jeremy McQueen

    If it wasn't for rhythm & flow I would have known about this song

  56. Sabrina Abisai

    The best song ❤🇧🇷

  57. August XIII

    Polish. Fa ozkd j l . He bought it up. Ge lei:ja9y

  58. August XIII

    Hebrew. View y .

  59. Paulamae Adderley

    Well I’m just here because of her 😫

  60. Visions II

    Flawless did it better.

  61. Jayden C

    9 Times in a day?

  62. Brina Pearce

    No disrespect to Kendrick,but that other guy flawless Lyrics were better. I felt them a little more.They should definitely remake this song.

  63. You Are Magic

    Kendrick's verse took me to another dimension.

  64. C Sc

    Fuck underrated... She is KILLING THE GAME.... She has her own lane... Nov 2036 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. max ruiz

    Who’s here to compare who did better at the rap ?

  66. Naeysha Sneed

    Yall  here because of a show. Lmfao expand yourself people. Don't try my good sis, she's been a WHOLE VIBE.

  67. Monroe Tiara

    This song makes me wanna love on my bae 💯😍

  68. Bishal Chetri

    Her voice is really amazing.

  69. Evo Pang

    Play this soundtrack speed at 0.75 😌

  70. Raymond Victorian

    I'm not gay but my god

  71. max ruiz

    Who's here to see who did a better performance Flawless or Kendrick?

  72. 420god fr


  73. Paul Peart

    Who's here because Rythm and Flow ?

  74. Riu

    who wants a clip ?

  75. Posh Garcia

    Who's here just because we been loving her music since day 1 and not because of some show??


    Hellooooo been a fan 😘

    Tânia Marinho

    better be late than never!

    Naomy Isabelle

    Posh Garcia how abt let’s just show so,e love to jhene whether you knew her since day 1 or from a show? 🤫😉

  76. isaam willians

    I guess am not the only one watching that show

  77. isaam willians

    Lol i know i am

  78. CJ B

    Here after Rhythm and Flow. Flawless killed that shit but hearing this again, yo Kendrick's verse is immortal. Kendrick just has that extra level.

  79. AXioS TraLLö

    Didnt know this song until Flawless Real Talk.

  80. Jaffe Owen

    i like flawless real talk version better sorry kendrick

  81. cellgod uno

    The Breakup season is rough this year.Bryson Tiller & Jhené helping a nigga through it though Ngl.

  82. The dominquez Family

    Helps us grow. Subscribe to our channel and like our videos.

  83. Jamie Altenbach

    Miss you q friends for life I'm ok just stop know I got the help I'm a lot better big hug ready know to do. What it takes my sister is good bye the grace love ya friends for life forgive me know please seriously please baby1


    *Who's been here bumping this b4 all this Rhythm and Flow*
    Kendrick released, a deeper spiritual connection which vibes perfectly; when Jhene chimes in near end off his verse 🔥🎤🔥

  85. Ashton Cook

    Flawless tore Kendrick up on dis feature ! 🚫🧢

  86. Alicia Wilson

    Jhené has a special voice she was meant to put music here . To bless our souls with those vocals 🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    niegel Gomez

    I love her voice it touches my heart and soul everytime i hear it

  87. JAH7885

    Is it just me or is she like the Sade of our generation? #underrated #sexytime

  88. Tony Nguyen

    Who was here before Jhene Aiko appeared on Rhythm and Flow?

  89. Na Mo

    Forever one of my favz

  90. Mark Mabel

    No one:
    Comments: Who is here after Rhythm and Flow?

    cellgod uno

    Mark Mabel goof ball ass fans

  91. Melba Orange

    I haven't seen the rhythm and flow yet but this my issh ive been on this dor about 5 years 😆

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    Flawless did it better than Lamar

  93. Crystal Hernandez


  94. Jordan Saenz

    Big Krit should’ve remixed this

  95. Jesus Naranjo

    Im so glad this song got more notice after rhythm and flow, this song has been a masterpiece for some time now.

  96. perledor ivory coast

    Who prefer the version of flawless

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    Everyone : Who’s here after rhythm & flow?