Aiko, Jhene - Spotless Mind Lyrics

Change is inevitable
Why hold on to what you have to let go of?
Like, did I really break your heart?
Was it all my fault?
If you don't knock it off
You know like I know where this was headed

I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer, baby
I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer

Lani Kai was nice
Turquoise seas and ocean breezes
Loving you was nice
But it's a new day, a new season
I've been sad inside
And he could see it, picked up your pieces
We are just alive
And alright, alright, alright

He's a wanderer
He's a wanderer, baby
He's a wanderer
He's a wanderer

I started as a love song
24 years in the making
Moving from place to place
And I never really settled down
Without a place to call home
I got so used to the changes
Moving from stranger to strangest
You should face it
I am crazy

I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer, baby
I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer

Shame on me for changing
No, No, No,
Shame on you for staying the same

Shame on me for changing
Shame on you for staying the same

I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer, baby
I'm a wanderer
I'm a wanderer

Maybe I'm just a wanderer
Maybe I'm just a wanderer

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Aiko, Jhene Spotless Mind Comments
  1. Lauren Yankiling

    Feels 🥰

  2. trisha mendes

    Love u jhene

  3. Sungie Rashid


  4. NewStyle Modeling

    never heard this song before but it's very relaxing.


    Very much so

  5. Ashley Young

    This is seriously a pisces!!!! Lmao

  6. AndreaMichelle

    Their babies would be....😍😍😍 Damn

  7. Carlos Dickerson

    My absolute favorite song by her. I still play it because it is me in every way....

  8. Heavenly Kiya

    See she got bd in the video ❤️

  9. CurlConnoisseur

    still one of my favourite songs! I will never let this go

  10. black butterfly

    I'm a Gemini that can relate to her music.

  11. Reggy Ervin

    Shame on me 4 changin. Shame on u 4 stayin da same!!!!!


    Love her.this is so me. Love everything Jhene Aiko has put out.🎶🕉☸🕉☸🕉🥰🥰🥰🧿⚛🌠🧿♒♒

  13. Titose Macha

    After watching the None of Your Concern video with Big Sean, i realize it was not the first time she has used an ex in her video. The guy in this video is her ex husband. how mature of her. wish I could handle breakups like her lol

  14. Titose Macha

    if this isn't the best Jhene Aiko song I don't know what is.

    Fezile Likhanyise


  15. hagakuru

    Lost count of how many things are blurred-out in this video. Distracting af.

  16. MariDaBarbie

    I’m a whole libra and i feel the same exact way

  17. Nathalie Ana

    December 2019 but still listening to this ✨✨

  18. JTashã

    I want to get on the boat and sail the ocean with you listening to all of Jhené songs...

  19. L Dot

    2019, 2020, 2021 till eternity 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Barbara

    I LOVE this song.

  21. art ofthewildmind

    love you jhene you really speak thru people’s hearts

  22. &Yaz

    why are her tea cup and yellow jumper blurred?

  23. Amazing G

    Is this her daughters father in the video ?

  24. Tysherah Christie

    I absolutely love this song, but this video could have been way better. Great song

  25. Clive Kalunga

    Holla if you still feeling this jam!!!

  26. Eric Morrison

    She's hiding her evil

  27. thabo khabele

    😂😂😂😂, The guy does not change his clothes at all.

  28. Mercedes Evelyn

    Even tho this song is her being a Pisces I also get my gemini vibes from this 😰

  29. Susie

    Having a bad day today and this song really brightened it. Thank you Jhene for producing incredible music.

  30. Sam Nixon


  31. Eloise Rys


  32. alan828

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind <3

  33. Zandile Khumalo

    Jhene ft ella
    I'm waiting
    Jhene ft 6black
    I'm waiting

  34. Storm Born

    This song always punches me right in the soul 😖💛🌱

  35. Moette Gee

    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind I see you Jhene

  36. Jada Lynn

    The most beautiful woman in the universe

  37. Kimberly Cleesat

    Thank you for your 💪 !!!!!!!!!


    Omarion's brother O'Ryan ..the father of her daughter has really grown and a acted perfectly!


    O'S brother

  40. Kiarra Symone

    Ahhhh I used to be so obsessed with this video and song in high school!!!! It’s been years since I’ve listened to this again wow I’m still in love 😍

  41. Casey W

    Feel like this MV just came me a few date ideas

  42. Jahreel Sargent

    2019 ❤😚🔥💞

  43. christian Kummer

    hehehehehe i really like this video thanks giovanni for showing meee ehehhehe

  44. Clare Jordan

    Who’s listening to this in November 2019?

  45. Delfearo delfearo

    The music video makes me smile a lot trust me

  46. Kenneth Yarbro

    She is gorgeous

  47. Racks last name

    Your my spirit animal👸

  48. ernest bediako jr

    Change is inevitable so why not do what you have to let go

  49. Zandile Tshabalala

    Love that the guy in the video is her baby daddy... Goes well with the theme of the song.

  50. Amazing Amy

    Wanna try walking in these shoes lol

  51. Erin Avery

  52. Tonnet Anais

    Jhené has such a relaxing and calm spirited melody to her musics. I so adores her.
    Shout out to us *Pisces, selfless & loving beings* who cares not just about ourselves, but to people who can relate and do appreciates musics like these.✊❤

  53. Aobakwe Tsosane

    This song brings back so many memories. The first song I ever listened to that was by Jhené...🍵🌻

  54. Rika Nicole

    Is that O'Ryan?


    Rika Nicole yes

  55. Sandile Mhlongo

    Indeed change is inevitable

  56. Dee xx

    If you cannot enjoy her music.. That says a lot more about you than her because she speaks to souls... I swear. 🙌

  57. Miz Ann

    This song sailed me through a recent break up. My soul could have died if it weren't for this and meditation. Her music is healing.

  58. Geneva Frans

    Every time I listen to this song or watch the video.. I think of me and my ex.. im a Pisces and he is a Cancer... and one problem of the many we had was that I was CONSTANTLY changing and trying different things.. and he kept chasing me down trying to make me settle down.. the scene where she is a hippy and he is basically trying to chase her down so that she doesn't get hurt is something that constantly happened to us.. he always tried to save me when I didnt need it... I love this song so much.

    Juanele Webb

    I can relate

  59. Moon

    This song totally describes my current relationship. We love each other but we are totally different. I've just come to realize we are not going to make it like this. It makes us both miserable but no one wants to speak on it or do anything about it. Totally sucks but in life, people out-grow each other.

    Lady J

    You're not alone. I've been in a relationship for 8yrs, & we finally let each other go. It's hard, I do miss him, but it's for the better. Only you will know when your ready to make that move. Maybe it's needed, for you both to breath to find inner peace. Best wishes.


    @Lady J thank finally happened and we have both let go. I wish u the best in finding your true love and applaud u for not settling for less than what feels right.

    Lady J

    @Moon you got it. Thank you & I wish you well on your journey.

  60. faceofantasy

    Pisces moods in 1 video lol

  61. quiqui5875

    I have listened to this song several times a day for the past few days. I'm going through alot of changes in my life on many levels and I've also got to let go of someone who's been apart of my life damn near all of my life and its bittersweet all across the board. But it's for the best. This song and Jhene's music are speaking to my soul heavy right now. Cheers to who's here October 2019

  62. Sheba Cat

    What kind of Asian is she

  63. Princella Sekyere

    fuck god i dont want him at all

  64. Male Sensitivity

    Welp. I'm over four years late to this song. Almost five :) This is fantastic!

  65. Marissa Cali

    i still listen to this song like it just came out 😭

  66. Tramell Carter

    🎧 2019

  67. ced12

    Wtf I swear this shit came out last year😢😭

  68. Rayquelle Grayson

    The motel scene😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny.
    Good song. Good video

  69. christopher hart

    𒀭 𒁄 𒆠 𒁄 𒀭𒁀 𒆠 𒀭𒁀
    an bal ki bal an-ba ki an-ba
    Across the heavens , across the earth, litter (anba) is distributed (anba) over the earth.(based on puns)

  70. ALo Pack24


  71. Alma Ventura

    Whip me

  72. Refiloe Ndlovu

    Now that I'm older, that "Shame on me for changing, shame on you for staying the same!" Means so much more..

  73. Ebony_Marie

    one of my favorite visuals of hers

  74. N. D.B.

    This sample sounds so familiar. From Curtis Mayfield!

  75. Thando Khanyi

    He found the most boring way to dump the most interesting person ever 😝😔

  76. Raymond Ezell

    Wow never saw this video before smh


    Describes me ❤️

  78. Morena Moreno

    O'Ryan still fine...nice to see that she still has a good relationship with her child's father.

  79. Truth Eternal

    ... We (Humans) are complex ... It's just that simple🌈

  80. TV Jumpshot

    Wonderer? Nah..... You weird. Not the good weird either.

  81. D&E VLOGS

    who else is still watching and listening to this in 2019?!!!!

    Mo Huff

    Watching in October 2019 🙌🏿❤️✨

    Ebony J. T.3121

    Mo Huff same....

    Brandi House

    Nov 2019- I was here 2 years ago.

    Surprise Monyai

    Watching in December 2019... was also here 2016

  82. DesertNight Light

    I always come back and listen to this song during certain periods of my life. Heartbreaks, lost friendships, a situation requiring me to change and grow, and during it all this song makes it feel like im always doing the right thing

  83. Ian N

    LaniKai!!! Mahalo nui loa for this jam

  84. Sahar Incognito

    This is so me🤭

  85. Maurice Fuqua

    She is so beautiful

  86. Cristian z32

    watching the person you love gradually changing right in front of your eyes, i felt dudes pain just from the way he looked at her

  87. Alan K

    2019 nearly over and I'm still stuck on this song


    who else want them back together if you know who he is?

  89. Glynnisha Dixon

    Man this !!! Just when u go through a relationship trying to wonder if your good enough bc of your uniqueness I’m still listening and watch to the greatness in 2019 and so on #stampedddd

  90. AwHailBree

    I started as a love song

    24 years in the making

    Moving from place to place and

    I never really settled down

    Without a place to call home

    I got so used to the changes

    Moving from stranger to strangest

    You should face it

    I am crazy

  91. Khethiwe Ntombela

    Still listen to this song every morning just to be calm, relaxed and just connect to inner peace or my inner spirit if there is such. lol. This song never gets old. All the way in South Africa

  92. Lee Edmonds

    Dumb ass big sean....smh. traded a diamond in the tough for a 1975 penny


    Lee Edmonds this song wasn’t about Sean it was about O’Ryan, the dude in the video. It was a song to her daughter to explain why her mom and dad didn’t work out.

  93. Gilbert Chavez


  94. Fatima Aa

    4:29 is my favourite part as well 🥰🥰☹️😂

  95. Mi'kayla Brown

    I want this played at my funeral

  96. Peytonfan

    The first 3 seconds or so ALWAYS brings me back.... like she said change is inevitable 💚☸💚