Aiko, Jhene - No L.O.V.E. Lyrics

All my ladies bop yo heads (ohh)
Come on and bop yo heads (ohh)
let me see you bop yo heads (come on come on)
Bop yo heads (ohh, yo, uh)

[VERSE #1]

Who in da world is dis
Callin me at 2:26 in the morning
Crack of dawn and, got me yawnin
Why you tyin up my line
Sayin you apologize for all the lies you told me (lies)
Said you was chillin wit da homies (lies)
You was chasin all da shorties (dats right)
And now you clamin you adore me (you gets no)

You gets N-O-L-O-V-E from me
you be steady gamin all the time
So get O-U-T my F-A-C-E baby outta sight outta mind

You gets N-O-L-O-V-E from me
Caint kep tellin yo lies
No more K-I-S-S-I-N-G me
baby outta sight outta mind


Who in da world is dis
Ringin my bell
10:46 yo its late as hell
You got da roses in ya arm and ya teddy bear
Tryna use ya thuggish charm
But i juss dont care
You say "dont be (ohhh) dont be trippen" (lies)
But baby ya game is slippen (dats right)
You juss a child and im big pimpin
Im so over you


(Thank you) for leavin me
I can finnaly get on my feet
(Thank you) for hittin da door
Now there's no more "whats mine is yours"
Cause I'm free now, I don't need you now,
Stack my cheese now
Sit on some D's now, wrists on freeze now
You can lie now
I dont cry now
Say bye-bye now
Say bye-bye now
No second try now


You wanna wanna be a playa playa go play
you wanna be a baller baller go ball
You dont evaeva have to worry worry bout me
Baby you and me caint kick it no more

You wanna wanna be a playa playa go play
You wanna be a baller baller go ball
You dont eva eva have to worry worry bout me
Baby you and me caint kick it no more


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Aiko, Jhene No L.O.V.E. Comments
  1. alkiuris alvarez click this link this is the official video lolz she looks like a young ashanti

  2. ShiaGirl18

    I love this song! I remember it from back in the day. Thanks for the post.

  3. Just For me

    I put up the official video

  4. andreaa lovesss you

    Anyone came to this video because of “how jhene became famous”

  5. Sandra Charpiot

    looool who did that? 😂❤️

  6. Haus of Blue


  7. Steve Gold

    this song so hard so find, since she get caught by the illuminati and been Mk Ultra.. turned into a satanic beyonce, arrianna britney rihanna sluth :( so so so dad

    Kisha LaShawn

    Steve Gold you’re a fucking moron.

  8. Tiffany .M

    Omg this was my song 10 yrs ago !!!

    Sheree Fisher

    13 years ago

  9. Tamiah Flowers

    dis my theme song for the ass whole who broke my heart

  10. Shanay Angelique

    Haha this the Jhene I was introduced to in my B2K days!!!


    I remember those days!!!

    Tschan Andrews


    Gabrielle Elliott

    I remember them days been fan ever sense

  11. PersonaG34

    why can't i find the video no where?

    alkiuris alvarez

  12. Autumn Trotter

    Heres the link for the REAL video,

  13. DeeDee Breezy

    i just realized she sampled biggie's "warning" <3 love it!

  14. Christabel

    lmaooooo the comments

  15. Erika Irene

    what the fuck

  16. shida86

    Soooo Jhene gets really popular now and Youtube takes down the original video???! 

    Im mad right now. Still love the song though but damn...I wanted to show people how long she's been working at this. -___-


    You can find the original video on daily motion, just google Jhene "No Love", and it comes up. 

    workingmom 26

    crazy 👀👀👀 find it ???

    Raquel Hewitt

    This video was like this also before she blew up tho

    alkiuris alvarez

  17. Monica patten

    This is exactly like the original except in cartoon fprm

  18. Anon

    lmao this video is embarassin

    Activelyfe Fitness

    Lmao. It is

  19. shavennnn1

    she got a real music video for this song, where is it????

  20. PersonaG34

    I miss the 90's and early 2000's:(

  21. Lexx Zhane'

    help me please wat games do u use to do all of this? sims2 right. just a plain simple game. not the whole expansion pack right?

  22. Lexx Zhane'

    no it wasnt. quit hatin and go some where.dang. if u gone hate get off the site!

  23. Brittany Walker

    lol it really looks like the video