Aiko, Jhene - My Afternoon Dream Lyrics

We were coastin' on a coast when you opened my eyes
Made me notice where the ocean is holdin' the sky, bright
I was blinded, your smile shinin' behind those green eyes
The horizon so enticing please say you'll be mine

Don't wake me up cause I'm in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself cause nothing else can take me so far

My afternoon dream when
The world is speeding
I am still sleepin'
In my blue dream and
I know the meanin'
For all the seasons
You are the reason
My love

My mind is open
So hard since you came inside
I feel so alive
Without you life just passes by
Passes by, passes by

Don't wake me up cause I'm in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself cause nothing else can take me so far

My afternoon dream when
The world is sleepin'
I am still thinkin'
Of my blue dream
It's, bliss

Don't wake me up cause I'm in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself cause nothing else can take me so far

My afternoon dream when
The world is sleepin'
I am still thinkin'
Of my blue dream
It's, bliss

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Aiko, Jhene My Afternoon Dream Comments
  1. I. Marie

    She is so amazing!!!! 💕💕✌🏽

  2. Angel Angela

    Always come to this video 🌊🔮

  3. lemonppr wngs

    I love this version more

  4. shamira k

    listening to this before going to sleep in the afternoon. such good vibes

  5. Da'Naisa Love

    I didn’t like this song until she made the Blue Dream version. I don’t like this at all. Blue Dream is a vibe for me. Funny how the lyrics are the same but the beat makes a huge difference. I can listen to Blue Dream without getting getting tired of it.

  6. gabe

    thank you for posting this with the normal audio bc when jhene posted it , it was all distorted

  7. Breezy Sinatra

    I love the visual they put together for this sing😍

  8. maria sky

    This one is better than the album version

  9. Katrine Dam

    This version is so much better

  10. Alexxis Woods

    I use to sing this song to my niece when she was little 😫 and she loved it she use to calm down n fall asleep

  11. Gigi D

    Afternoon dream> blue dream

  12. Love Peep Forever Always

    someone hour loop this ❤

  13. Love Peep Forever Always

    I love this song

  14. Jiwon Kim

    I remember finding jhene for the first time and just completely obsessed with her mixtapes. So happy with her success 💕

    Daniel Pyon


  15. Edgar Sandoval

    This is the perfect cannabis song. I've heard so many in English and Spanish, but its like she put into words how I feel about marijuana. The different perspective of life that I gain whenever I get high. What a beautiful song.

  16. NeezeBabi


  17. sabelo sokhela

    i was in the forest (deep) when the first time hearing this song... 2014. at the time i was using blackberry 9320 i pull it out...i shazaam the song. since that day i was addicted to her until today 2018. my life is good now.

  18. Mac Bando

    I love this version more 🙏💕

  19. Ethan Ybarra

    When I go to the beach I hear the waves and think of you jhene ❤️🌊

  20. Danny Quintero

    Timeless music. Brava Jhene. Song still takes me there....

  21. Mac Bando

    Was a simpler time

  22. ғ૨αทɔเร. ·伊內洛

    This song always fire haha jhene its fucking beautiful inside

  23. ғ૨αทɔเร. ·伊內洛

  24. Invisible Brad

    Please play this in my funeral.

  25. nehway

    damn...just when i thought this song couldn’t get any better.

  26. basedguxxi

    I was looking for this ._.

  27. Ayo Shakim

    🌊 Bliss 🌊

  28. calo Nju

    I heard this song before Blue Dream but I love both, different sounds, different vibes

  29. Its Japenn

    blue dream is literally a popular strain of weed, whoever is pointing out the “green eyes” part before the name is retarded for not noticing it in the first place

  30. Myracle Woodford


  31. Tremayne Finney

    I love how this song is the perfect double entendres so perfect

  32. Shanchez Adams

    I how you can feel her music its fire


    LOVE IT,
    Very Similar To "Birthday Suit" Of The Weeknd !

  34. Kinnea Easton

    Til this Day!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. trcstful

    it is called blue dream

  36. Lennel Adams


  37. Mykidscome1st86

    this song jus makes me zone out

  38. Miya Joi

    I just love her😍😍😍

  39. Lesha Johnson

    my favorite song

  40. Lesha Johnson

    my favorite song

  41. Leah Rose




  43. Chris Matthews

    this is the orginal and the better version. . should have stuck with this one

  44. CC Chan

    The instrumental, the lyrics, Jhenè 😫😩😩💦 😍 Ugh! Food for the soul.

  45. Alma Pulido

    This>>>>>blue dream

  46. Lizzie S


  47. Aisha Muhammad

    my favorite ❤

  48. Tramika Williams

    Best song Ever !

  49. Lesliet Vargas

    My heart literally shatters every time I hear this song. DAMN HEART BREAK IS AWFUL.

  50. NeezeBabi

    This song saved me on plenty occasions... and still till this day cant believe it never made the radio 😒

  51. Jae Morena

    cooking my game 7 dinner to peaceful

  52. Trenityy

    First time hearing this and I can't decide if I like blue dream better or this 😫

    Troy Zo

    somehow my brain has made them into completely different songs when i listen. idk if that makes sense.

    Bongumenzi Jigster

    Makes perfect sense to me

    Red Chili

    Don't gotta decide, love them for what they are.

    Barry Reddick

    This came out before blue dream, I like them both but this one just gives vibes especially when you smoke

  53. Hob Art

    This is trippy

  54. txgal20

    Still need you 💖........

  55. matthew blyden

    still my jam.

  56. Marcus Powlette

    great song, always love it

  57. IfYou Justbelieve

    this soo chill you can play this anytime....

  58. LilSteph950

    So this song isn't Blue Dream? And this is an official song and video that's she's created


    It's the same song. This is the original version and it goes by two names "Blue Dream" and "My Afternoon Dream." On the album, she just sent out an acoustic version. (Hope this helped. ^_^)

  59. Rodney Wright

    naw i like the beat music to the remake

  60. Bri

    This song IS bliss.

  61. jsseger

    This song saves me daily.


    +jsseger right? It instantly makes me happy.


    jsseger awww...same here too. Have a broken rib fractured elbow.

  62. Shay & CJ Vlogs

    I wish this was on the album

  63. chris vaughn


  64. moe zboun

    high af

  65. j k

    I play this song over and over

    Rodney Wright

    me too the album version tho

  66. Exquisite Lyric

    She's talking about dro ..people

  67. Jordan W.

    All of her music is beautiful and has very solid meaning, reasoning or message behind it. It makes me so at peace, this tune.

  68. Energetic™ Cuunt™


  69. Emilio Tirado

    why was the video taken in red

  70. sanjay bailey

    am so loving this song it had me going and i think am in love with this Jhene Aiko

  71. Stan Diggs

    still prefer this version to Blue Dream, way more dreamier.

    Red Chili

    I don't, for some reason the other version is just way more mood for me. The beat in this version is on point, but, damn Blue Dream - it's just different. Both tell different stories for me though, so I enjoy both.

    - BenjiSmoove

    Stan Diggs I love both!

  72. Phillip Gomez

    It's called blue dream bitch


    @Phillip Gomez this is a different version

    hi cj

    fake ass fam

  73. m a s h a Yakovlev

    This song is so dreamy ~ feels like a refreshing drink of cold water

  74. Bullzeye101 Martinez

    If I spot a star with you .. Will you forgive the mess I tend & view .. Grasping yesteryear's overview, I'm thinking perhaps it's a blessing I'm here on the telle; w/out you .. I spoke to so many others, all with less than a care for the tuggers, as I tell you I'm more of uh filler for you .. I'm sure your true love will approach you; soon .. I don't believe in you, but I'll sit here, again, star gazing for just a few .. All because she asked me to .. Why wasn't this you, all along looking for something .. truly .. true...

  75. Starr Sinches

    my mood now

  76. MOLE

    Jhene Aiko is as refreshing and different as her name is. She is a rare musical gem!
    Except that song with Omarion and Chris brown every thing she has done is fresh and brilliant

    Rodney Wright

    yessir i have all the music I can fine

  77. KeithxoTV

    I like that she reaches out through her music and it has meaning and the words to every song she makes people can relate to and that what people look for in a artist she is amazing and so is her voice much love for her. 

  78. Tia Williams

    She's talking about marijuana she already said it! Called blue dream

    Tom Jonez

    Nigha this about her damn daughter her video has a silhouette of a little girl and her daughter is talking in the back

  79. Illy Shuaib

    firstly this songs called blue dream #2 it compares her love for this guy and how relaxed and at ease she is with him to the effects of blue dream...which are calming and extremely relaxing ...he is her blue dream

  80. Indica Indigo

    I think it's all 3 you guys. Its her love, her love for her daughter and her love for weed being described as a dream like spiritual experience. 

    I dont have a daughter but I have a cat and I can understand that. :p

  81. Kendra

    I love the part when her daughters like "do do do" "ayye yay" on 2:47 it's so adorable I'm in love with this video and song. It's so simple but so empowering/ inspirational. 

  82. Hannah

    This is a different beat/tone from the 'afternoon dream' from her album... but i prefer this version :)

    Yakria Gray

    @forevereveryours the one on the album is called Blue Dream

    IfYou Justbelieve

    hannah 🌹🌸🌹🌼

    ybzuoiun ygzh xintyawmade

    I think both of them are good, equally.


    Hannah this is more dreamy

  83. Antonio Martinez

    Breathtaking song, it's music evolved.

  84. Lyrical A

    Her voice mixed with the melody is so peaceful its like her music touches the soul

  85. Earl of Lemongrab

    She talking about blue dream

  86. Vanessa Johnson

    💯💯💯🙊🙊😭😭😨😓😢 I love it

  87. Peadar Connolly Davey

    Why did they change it so much? I way prefer this to Blue Dream. Really gets me high :3

  88. Bray Zap

    So underrated, She definitely has something nobody else really has. She's the only female artist currently i can stand listening to, let alone for 8 straight hours. Not sure, she just has that special thing about her, it takes a certain person to like/understand ALL of her music not just a song here and there. I don't really like anyone else to the point where I can listen to every mixtape/album she has straight through without skipping a single track.

    Ana Cici

    Bray Zap you should listen to Nf for example One of his songs named Breathe


    Bray Zap you got it right 👍

    Myracle Woodford

    Bray Zap SAME...Maybe even longer than 8 🤣

    Liz Garoutte

    Right,,non stop

    Tom Jonez

    She there now

  89. Dana Wright

    Beautiful song

  90. Sara Reina

    Kind of has a JCole feel in the beginning

    hi cj

    it's produced by key wane, j cole was on one of his tracks called 24k gold by big Sean.

  91. mario butters

    one of my fave Jhene Aiko songs.  love the video as well.  so innocent

  92. Malik Wynne

    She made a love song about Blue Dream. Awesome lol

  93. Ernesto Uiterloo

    Tooo bad this song isent on het Souled Out cd. This versions beat is sick

  94. Tati Travels

    I'm assuming this is this original of Blue Dream? Someone can answer this please?

    mario butters

    i much prefer this version to the one on Souled Out.  This sounds more natural to the song

    Tati Travels

    @mario butters yes, it's way smoother.

  95. Kelly Squire

    winston campbell <3