Aiko, Jhene - Mirrors Lyrics

If I'm your reflection
Then baby you must be an angel
Cause when the light hits you just right
One could mistake you for a star
That is exactly what you are

Better to consider all of the good things
A glimpse in the mirror
To make sure you are still there, yeah
But then the night takes over
And you are nowhere to be found
Your face in broken pieces
Don't you look down
Don't you look down
A shame I couldn't see this
Coming around

You're my reflection
So tell me why can't you be more clear?
What's up with all these tears?
Don't be regretting
All that you've done, and haven't done
That shit don't matter here
What's up with all your fears?

You better consider all of the good times
A glimpse from the mirror
To tell me you're just fine, alright
But then the night takes over
And there is no one else around
Your face in broken pieces
Don't you look down

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Aiko, Jhene Mirrors Comments
  1. Emmily Jones

    2019 anyone?

  2. Ryshawn Penn

    I’ll have this song on repeat before I end all.

  3. MeshiaDreadheadParker'R.I.P.Eunice Plummer

    So deep this song really got me through a rough time thank you jhene I loss my mom and you made me KEEP pushing 🌷 I was looking for me and this song gave me strength to keep pushing on 😏

  4. Brianna Moss

    Listening in 2019

  5. OOBE V

    Voice of an angel I swear

  6. Shatoria Renee


  7. Preston

    August 2018 and still. playing old jhene aiko over new jhene

  8. Buzz Killington

    Goodbye ❤️💙

  9. Kim Wesley

    She must be speaking to her twin flame! It's deep! And painful during the mirror stage.

  10. Angel Bee

    This is her inner 'angelic' voice singing to keep herself sane.

  11. edith

    this is the first song of jhene i listen to <3

  12. Maya Neshea

    who is listening in 2017

    Niecey Smith

    Maya Neshea whose listening in 2018? I am for sure 😂💯

  13. Tiny Brother

    What is she talking about in this song can some one help me

    Angel Bee

    Tiny Brother i think its her inner 'angel' voice keeping herself sane, with references as reflection & to consider the good things. Just listen & read the her lyrics. It has a beautiful meaning. She is singing from her inner angelic voice.

  14. Badgyal E

    It's amazing how deep this woman is she's literally sent from God and it's sad that these artist don't get the recognition they deserve but I bet if she was showing ass and twerking she would. This world is nuts

    Latorya Thompson

    Exactly!!! And she's naturally beautiful as well

    raw trout

    she is showing ass lmao


    Haha jhene is very sexual and shows quiet a bit. Where the f**k you looking at ???

  15. Maya Neshea

    like this song

  16. Arianna Matlock

    I sing this to my boyfriend

  17. Carla Mardenborough

    what's this song about ??

  18. Brezzy Davis


  19. Nubian V

    💜 august 2016

  20. Russell Brown

    This song always gets me in my feelings😞😖

  21. Nikki Williams

    so fuckin deep👐👐

  22. nicklong1981

    she's the best female RnB artist

  23. Shannon Wade

    I listen to this to relax 😊❤

  24. Tomeka Williams

    My song

  25. Anuhea812

    She needs to come out with a new album already!! Hopefully 2016

    V Athena

    :) trip is amazing

  26. Zaya Covers

    she's unique

  27. Kira Karter

    this song always gives me chills damn

    Kylaá M.™

    same 😞

  28. Kat Johnson

    Having a Jhene Aiko moment 😍

  29. Mz. LouiV.

    & this beat slappin 👋👌

  30. Primadonna

    bro her voice is beautiful❤

  31. ஐCrossing.the.Cosmos ஐ

    she too deep.

  32. Helen Anderson

    Absolutely love this song!

  33. breezy lana

    I kinda want a remix of this with a rap added

    breezy lana

    not really. if its done well it can be super dope

    breezy lana

    hahahaha no

    breezy lana

    hahah i know bad raps can really f up a song

    Samantha Steele

    check out Selah the Corner After Party...I just realized where his snippet came from.

    Royal Tee Official

    Theres one called dont look down that sampled this

  34. Nikki Williams

    she so deep✌✌

  35. Brandon Luckett

    This beat is RAW!!!!!

  36. Delaya Singletary

    "if im your my reflection".....aaaaayyyee

  37. Rene Haggray


  38. Rene Haggray


  39. Tanika Bailey

    So much soul love her

  40. Love M.

    Twin Flame Love

  41. Andy Th


  42. Nãní G

    Love dis song 👊

  43. Amira Lam.

    Love Love Love

  44. DaShan Sowell

    Her lyrics are so deep

  45. DaShan Sowell

    I love the melody of this song. It's very sexy

  46. elguapolaflame


  47. Marthesia Cunningham

    love this song dedicated jermaine t

  48. Veliel__

    I haven't stop playing it since the first day i heard it <3

    JAG 21INC

    Teresa me either..She's incredible

  49. Niecie North

    Jhene is so talented love her music and lyrics r so good they actually make sense

  50. Summer Grafg

    she's my bae <3 omg

  51. Angel Meares

    People like this song what is wrong with people this song is AMAZING but I guess they just don't have good taste in music #Team Jhene Aiko all day everyday!!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💖

    resilient - skink

    You have errors in your comment just so you know.

    Brooklynn McClough

    @Angel Meares Are you like 12?

  52. Angel Meares

    #Team Jhene Aiko

  53. Angel Meares

    Love this song

  54. SeanUBoss


  55. Drake Foster

    Holy chiz this song is totally ace

  56. Damn Woboh

    <3 This is amazing 


    I can imagine Jhené and The Weeknd make a song together

    bryce albritton

    That would be a awesome collaboration

    Jada Hall-Monroe

    @bryce albritton they did its caledl runaway 

    Marcelle Petite

    @Jada Hall-Monroe that wasn't an official song 

    Celiz Ana

    They have its call all i want it even got frank ocean

  58. Kayla Holmes

    Jhene and tori kelly all day

    Robert Hello

    Yesss only female artists I've been fuckin with lately.

  59. Joshua Baker

    Illimunati Sound!!!! Captivated; Almost in a trance over here

  60. Joshua Baker

    They kind of Did.... July

  61. kalexis143

    such a great song that has great meaning.

  62. Maribel Cortez

    so nice!

  63. April Moufik

    This song is amazing «3

  64. April Moufik

    I love this song!!!

  65. TheMindlessHippie

    "jah-nay eye-ko"

  66. Stealth

    its not hard its juh-nay ah-ee-ko

  67. Bianca Blancc

    (jah-nay / je-nay)

  68. Monte H

    pretty sure it's ja-nay

  69. daughterchild

    They have its called july 3

  70. Lai Liam

    Jhene = "jenay"

  71. kyndal glenn

    this remind me a lot of the weeknd

  72. Kashae Brown

    her and drake should do a collab:)


    they hve one

  73. Justine Colon

    Can someone tell me how to pronounce her name

  74. thomas val

    I love this music

  75. Sonny Bo

    I did an {evolution} to this song, its on my playlist, check it out and leave me some feedback pls

  76. J M

    love her music nothing could be better!

  77. Brenda Martinez

    3 her music....shes so pretty

  78. Dreamz4

    She is such an amazing songwriter!

  79. Chloe House

    that's true but i usually don't like that shaky kind of sound in peoples voice but when she did it i liked it a lot

  80. Chloe House

    i like her song 3:16am better than this song and she is way better singing slow songs than fast songs

  81. therealBluestar

    its not that just have to feel it enough to curve your voice like that...i love jhene aiko but shes not the only one who has amazing runs like brandy norwood

  82. Chloe House

    the very last part where she said don't you look down she made her voice do something no one else can do with their voice :)

  83. Cece Elliott

    it was a mash up song :)

  84. stonerceez11

    Man she is such an amazing artist.

  85. Kayla Sutherland

    it's not real it was a mashup of songs

  86. Lauren Dexter

    she did actually with the weekend and frank ocean called ''Runaway''

  87. 777Albatross

    they already did i think

  88. omgstarkqmb143

    yes these girl sing with emotion and i like it

  89. Power4Living10

    Jhene Aiko and The Internet should make a song together... I would lose my mind lol

  90. Ghetto_Gypsy

    this song speaks on how i feel,

  91. PrettySuccessful

    Love Jhene :)