Aiko, Jhene - LSD Lyrics

How you like it up there?
What's your view from there?
I bet it's so cool to jet across the moon
That's how I picture you in my head
Can't get outta my bed
Ever since you had left
Don't got nothin' left
Walkin' 'round half dead, still
Have faith, have faith
We were halfway to Hana
We did some shrooms and we smoked marijuana
Came all this way to escape all our problems
Came all this way just to break every promise
And do
Everything you said I shouldn't do
But those things bring me closer to you, yeah

So the other night, I
Took a tiny piece of paper and put it under my tongue
This white guy said it'd be fun, and it was, but
What I saw
Oh my God
Oh my God

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Aiko, Jhene LSD Comments
  1. Ashley Mitchell

    #DiamondsAreForever 💎💎💎 “what’s the view from there? how you like it up there?” Please wait for me

  2. Iyeazy !

    why is this not a full song giiiirrrrllll

  3. juu

    i wanna know what she saw when she took the LSD 😭😩

  4. Tpizzel Chez

    It reminds me of a new day. time for change

  5. slow jam Floyd

    Damn me and my ex.

  6. Samaria Williams

    creatings the best part

  7. Its Jade

    Right at the end , the beat should drop and the tempo should increase and the song should go on for another 1:30 at least.. WHO agrees??

  8. Vanessa Gomez

    I love listening to her when I’m high it’s so nice

  9. Alo_Official 22

    how you like it up there 🥺

  10. Janayah Askew

    Oh My God, Indeed.

  11. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    Just listened to this whole album last night on 200ug. Fuckin amazing!

  12. Uglycaca You rat

    This is the song I save for later when I go to school🖤

  13. Ahmarnie Stanley

    No wonder why her music is so enchanting, she studies music and how it can affect your mind. It puts me in the right vibes>

  14. jeauxswrld

    Had first my trip to this song everytime I hear this it sends chills through my body

  15. Isabella Guevara

    Jhené if you read this, I’ve officially experienced listening to your album off of LSD. BEST THING IVE EVER DID IN MY LIFE.

  16. 大石まりも

    I hear セイブシタカナトオモットッタンヨー (I thought I'd saved it) IN THIS WHOLE SONG. Or Am I too high?

  17. William Aleman

    Your so cool Jhene


    “How u like it up there? What’s ur view from there?” I’m guessing this song was made for a dead loved one🙏🏾💙

  19. NYC Majesty

    I got high, put this song on repeat & cried.
    I wish you could experience what that felt like though my body, it was magical ✨ Love me some weed & good music

  20. amber lynn

    Not overdone or underdone. A beautiful truthful album

  21. universal nature

    Every time i look at the album cover i can see it moving .. am i the only one?

  22. brieze 1

    I am still getting cussed 4 playing this album on a daily even in 2019.

  23. Reshun J

    So the other night I took a tiny piece of paper and put it under my tongue.

  24. Tina Buff

    Listened to you through my whole acid trip 🖖🏽

  25. Sade Tucker

    I wanna kick my own ass for just now listening to this work of art.

  26. dope

    The length of this song makes me pissed. I have to keep hitting replay every 2 mins

  27. Sweet Honey

    Listening to Trip while trippen on acid is the best decision I’ve ever made..

  28. Mi’Ayla Smith

    Her poetry book makes you come back and listen to every song this woman is a pure genius

  29. Cory Torres

    This whole album on acid is amazing
    Hence what the "tiny piece of paper" was

  30. Solar Star

    Was tripping with some girl friends the other night. Went outside by myself to smoke a cigarette. Heard wind chimes in the back yard. Later that night was the first time I’d ever listened to this song, heard the exact same wind chimes. Shit was beautiful & so trippy.

    alexia weaver

    lmaooo this is exactly the type of shit that be happening when you're trippin

  31. Andre Miotto

    que brisa

  32. Tay Off The Top

    💘 U JHENÉ✨

  33. Kid 2005

    On acid rn:)

  34. Sincere Rhianne


  35. tou tou

    y’all this my first time being off it and HONESTLY i cannot.

    Kanye West says:

    Lol you doing better sis?

  36. Jason Sause

    I know im late but this was hard is f###!!! Green waves<3

  37. kayden gacha

    I wanna try lsd now.


    Lauren Li same sis 😂🤔lmao

    Stephanie Gutierrez

    Lauren Li same

  38. Chubbz Bx

    Her music is like getting high! Love her!

  39. Chubbz Bx

    Beautiful album!!!! This young lady is so talented!!!!!

  40. Zabiah Taylor

    Asap Rocky’s LSD better 👀

    Emilia Carr

    Except it aint :)

  41. Roxy 'Blaze' Hollister

    this cover art is very similar to A.CHAL

  42. Margaret Harris

    Jhene Aiko has a lot of good talent but I don't like who she's became with Cushing and drugs on our kids and glamorizing it that makes her look like a ugly artist her Talent it's useless now, the devil

  43. Margaret Harris

    Sad sad sad is enough of our kids od'ing off of drugs that's why I give 5 stars to J Cole he's against drugs and his new CD

    Abcdefg Hijklmno

    Margaret Harris Are you serious, no one has ever overdosed on lsd or mushrooms

  44. Anaelle Pernot

    fav album there is something magically with this album!!!! i hope do another one soon.Love you !!!!!!

  45. Reveal Music

    This album deserved a grammy

  46. Miss Lexi Baby

    Am I the only getting dizzy from that cover😵

  47. Dasha And Co.

    I still wish this song was about 2 min longer.

  48. Amaka Rainbow chick

    I love this whole album her songs put me so many different levels and zones amazing

  49. Saii Shawdy

    Came all this way just to break every promise and do everything you said I shouldn’t do, but those things bring me closer to you 💞💔

  50. Self Made

    #MooD #pennysPen

  51. Natalie Clark

    Only thing I don’t like about this song is it’s not longer, but that’s ok. On 🔂

  52. Queen Haseena

    im in love with this album of hers

  53. Fabinatii

    So I’m guessing this is the new drug hype in Hollywood?

    Rick James

    Fabinatii nothing new about lsd, and it’s a life changing expierence!

  54. DeAngelo683

    Fuck it just, bought the whole album.I love every single song😍😍😘

  55. Marquise Logan

    Bruh I'd have sex to Jhene's entire album; y'all know y'all do the same

  56. Michael Dion Jr

    I really want a full version of this song.

  57. DragonOfTheEast

    I'd like it

  58. Rodney Warner

    Miss you daddy. 💓💍

    Phoenix Alms

    I feel you

  59. Baby Girl

    Beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  60. MIzhani VUi

    I love lsd

  61. Cindy Ayub254


  62. Phillip Wesley

    Tripping of this song takes music to a new dimension

  63. Fishfishfish

    looking at this cover blown up on a 60" screen on acid. "Oh My God"

  64. DJaria Thomas

    How you like it up there?
    What's your view from there?
    I bet it's so cool to jet across the moon
    That's how I picture you in my head
    Can't get outta my bed ever since you had left
    Don't got nothin' left, walkin' 'round half dead
    Still, have faith, half baked
    We were halfway to Hana
    We did some shrooms and we smoked marijuana
    Came all this way to escape all our problems
    Came all this way just to break every promise and do
    Everything you said I shouldn't do
    But those things bring me closer to you, yeah
    So the other night, I
    Took a tiny piece of paper and put it under my tongue
    This white guy said it'd be fun, and it was, but
    What I saw
    Oh my God, oh my God

  65. Intern Ship

    Dot Da Genius is underrated and should be collaborating with more artists

  66. lilsksk

    this song during the come down of an acid trip is the most blissful thing you can experience

  67. Tillman 1223344

    It's qweird when u realize she tlkn bout a LSD tab

  68. Ejoli Korno'va

    This whole tracklist sucked im so dissapointed. This is why i didnt want her to go mainstream!! This is not the jhene i know

    Jewel Trimble

    Ejoli Korno'va dis is so beautiful tho 😰

    Ejoli Korno'va

    Jewel Trimble this song in particular yes


    30 second un-skippable ad.

  70. Myracle Woodford

    Why is *"How to LSD"* in my recommended section ONLY from this vid ? 😂

    Jewel Trimble

    Myracle Woodford OKAY BUT SAME 😂

  71. G'Mario Charleston

    To the 31 who disliked it, get a life, haters! You didn’t stop her check from comin’🖕🏾

  72. Miguel pomales

    She should make a video for this song

  73. Myracle Woodford

    The moment you realize you have a *strange* connection with the artist 💙

    Myracle Woodford

    *Cant get out my bed,ever since you had left,don't got nothing left,WALKING AROUND HALF DEAD*

  74. Amber

    This song sounds like a continuation of Lyin King

  75. Teeresa Torres

    🌌Queen Dope her Voice🎇

  76. arianny ‘

    in love

  77. arianny ‘

    night time vibes

  78. James Guieb

    That second Oh ma gad! OKKKKKKKK JHENE!!

    Portia Jones

    Yessss I kept rewinding it

  79. Mega King

    In the insteumental is it just me that can hear something ??? Its sounds like someone saying Breathe or something

  80. Mark Miles

    The beginning of a trip full of heartache, drugs, and trying to cope with life. I watched her short film, but this album really takes you on a trip that's hard to stop once you get started. I like to drink and turn the lights off and vibe with this masterpiece of an album.

    Ben Owens

    This is one of my favourite albums to listen to when high on weed or low doses of shrooms

    Tay Off The Top

    I Roll Up & Feel The Same💪🏾💯🙏🏾

    Sade Tucker

    I'm gonna sit down tonight and really listen to her album with no distractions. So far, this track is so raw, deep, and dark.


    Indeed brother! A toast from Seattle🥃✊🏾💯

  81. Prettydempc

    This song reminds me of my dad in a way 💙...

  82. Willmarie Cruz


  83. lizusy jarka

    u mnie znajdziesz na kanale jak zrobić LSD ojch

  84. Nate Beck

    Like to listen to this song, it reminds me of my life changing LSD trip, sounds very trippy.


    Sounds like a scary trip

    Dawson Metcalf

    first trip is always the best that’s facts

    Dawson Metcalf

    Cohen facts no trip ever leaves the same mark as that first one 💯

  85. Chloe Wright


  86. Missy Ro

    I fell in love with this from the start, the wind chimes...damn.

  87. Ariel Harewood

    Does anyone notice the background ad-lib where its a voice saying "Faces in the moon" its throughout the whole song. Thank me later.

    Asani Williams

    Ariel Harewood yea

    guess who

    That's crazy. It does.

    Rudie A102

    Why did you mention that. Completely ruined the song. Just annoying voices in the background

    amber lynn

    @Rudie A102 How? It shows every beautiful aspect. These secrets are supposed to be found.

  88. Katherine Izabelle


  89. Adrianna Ramon

    this album takes me to a variety of different zones i’ve never felt with another artist... beautiful in all ways

  90. Tati Allen

    Man this shi den changed me meantlly omm😩❤️

  91. Catherine Mara

    I wish this song was longer

  92. Laniya Pryor

    if this album don't win s Grammy something is wrong her and Tamar are my favorite and they deserve the gold

  93. Za'kiyah Johnson

    She's an amazing artist this reminds me of my late uncle and late friends makes me get in my feelings

  94. Niah J .

    Rest In Peace & Paradise Miyagi ! God Bless & Jesus Bless you & your family members & you all have an Blessed one everybody Amen

  95. sam sy

    I'm in love with this song minus the drug refrences.
    The lyrics are actually really sad, she misses her brother as I miss my brother😭😢

    J H

    weed and shrooms aint drugs they are plants but okay


    Same, this album really helps me deal with the loss of my sister. She really loved this album and listened almost every day.

    Part Of All

    sam sy “‘minus the drug lyrics” he says. Lmao gtfo


    I think the drugs are used as a references, not a promotion.


    sam sy take lsd now son!

  96. Summer


  97. Adreame Howard

    This should have been a whole song.

    TheySayYay Official

    I Swear Im Mad Asf This So Short


    Adreame Howard It is a whole song. It's just 1 minute and 46 seconds. It's designed to leave the listener desiring more.

    Dwayne Wright

    Definitive1  mb bmmipkkk

  98. Bria Simone

    yesssss bitch 🔥

  99. Ruth Samson

    I respect jhene as an artist and a human being so much. If somehow you read this jhene, thank you for being so transparent and honest in your work, every bit of it is absolutely beautiful and makes me feel a million different emotions. we're here for you and love you lots ♥️💕