Aiko, Jhene - In Love We Trust Lyrics

Turn, turn me up.
Don't, don't turn me down.
Don't turn me down.Yeah.
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn me, turn me up.
Don't turn me down.
Turn me up.
Don't turn me down.

Oooooh. Oooooooh. Oooooooh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I got, I got to slow it down
wanna hear it?
Here it go.

In the heart of L.A. there's a lost little girl with a head full of curls,
and the weight of the world on her shoulder, but her story is colder. Hold up.
All the men that she's ever encountered have proved to be cowards,
misuse and abused her and bruised her with power.
Now her doubts getting louder.

And all her tears are building up, building up, building up.
And all her fears are killing her, killing her, killing her.
She don't believe in love no more, no more, no more.
She don't believe in love. No, no.
But I believe in her. (Yeah, yeah)
But I believe in her. (Yes, yeah)
Cause I believe in love. (Love, love, love)
And love believes in us. (Yes, yes, yeah)

In the streets of N.Y. there's a guy who's just trying to get by.
Nine to five selling dope on the side.
But his son turning one,
money grams every first of the month for his mom.
Baby mom's always calling with problems.
Plus, his brother in Harlem,
just got killed a drug deal that has gone wrong.
With everything that's going on.

All his tears are building up, building up, building up.
And all his fears are killing him, killing him, killing him.
He don't believe in love no more, no more, no more.
He don't believe in love.
But I believe in him. (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yes, I believe in him. (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I believe in love. (Love)
Cause love believes in us. (Yes)

[Casey Veggies]
She a bad little chick, focused on good living.
I chased a bad rap life, trying to find good in it.
I had to tell her every city got a hood in it.
All the time fine girls got me thinking I would hit it.
She assuming me and him is just the same,
but she realize a real nigga, and accept the change.
Girl I got separate brains, and they in separate lanes.
One is chasing your love, the other never thinks.
I love the fact you filled with knowledge,
a freshman in college with a mindset;
love life won't help you prosper.
Tryna help your love life, keep you from imposters.
Maybe you just rap money, give you a couple options.
Really feel you deserve it, and I don't think that often.
I'm just lost in, facts the truth hits.
I'm riding around town with my new chick, old chick.
Throw my mental, man that shit it too sick.

Now all our tears are building up, building up, building up.
And all our fears are killing us, killing us.
We don't believe in love no more, no more, no more.
We don't believe in love. (No)
But love believes in us. (Yes, yes)
Love believes in us. (Trust love)
Love believes in us. (Trust love)
Cause love believes in us. (Trust love)
Love, love, love, love.

Believe in love.
Turn, turn me up.
Don't, don't turn me down.
Don't turn me down.Yeah.
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn me, turn me up.
Don't turn me down.
Turn me up.
Don't turn me down.

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Aiko, Jhene In Love We Trust Comments
  1. mystery gang

    This music of her it means so much to me it really connects to me for my depression and my happy moments I listen to her, J cole, dmx, futuristic and a lot more that helps me thru my tough times

  2. Nicole Lynette

    Why isn't this available on spotify!!!!😵😵. Bad ass jam!

  3. Yahusha is Savior Melchizedek King of Kings

    still listening.


    Oh my... i dont know how i forgot about this song!!

  5. Love Pleasure


  6. Love Gram94

    All the men that she’s ever encountered have proved to be cowards, misused and abused her and bruised her with power. Now her doubts getting louder..

  7. Elaine Broady

    I love this young woman's musicality and I'm a grandmother turned on to Jhene by my granddaughter... Never to old to enjoy the new!!!


    Elaine Broady 💗💗💗

  8. ૨σყαℓ ƭεε

    She definitely needed a video for this. I feel like this song could change the world 🌍❤

  9. Shakyra Echols

    Still bumping in 2019

  10. Lilac Calandra

    The intro alone sets this song off! I saw Queen Jhene in Sacramento last April and was not disappointed. She is just as awesome and magical as expected! I'm convinced that she does not make bad music! 🎶💜👏

  11. Queen 99

    This beat just gets to my soul frfr

  12. Dawn Andrews

    I absolutely love this song like frfr...

  13. Queen 99

    I really could rock this beat with my vocals

  14. Nomvuselelo Phoswa

    finally found this song

  15. Mary Hayward

    I still love this song

  16. Ken k

    One of the greatest tracks ever

  17. Rsstp C

    This is just beautiful, goes deep for me 😢 but a sense of hope I feel when I listen to this.

  18. Ken k

    One of her best a classic

  19. Dawn Andrews

    I love this song 😍

  20. BerryGang

    Still playing this in 2018

  21. sheena m

    This gotta a 90s feel

  22. Bby Dee

    Song on repeat 👏🎶✌❤🌍

  23. Sasha Wood

    I feel like the rap part is completely irrelevant to the song. She sings about love, the struggle and the hustle.

  24. Rain Smith

    Made my Countdown to 2018 List!

  25. Tina B.

    This is the real thing

  26. Hannah Eason


  27. Fake niggas Contagious

    This song is kinda ass but it's also kinda okay 👌🏽💯

  28. janicia williams

    is the dude tyga??

    Gucci flipflops

    janicia williams Casey veggies

  29. Mary Hayward

    Been looking for this song for the longest.

  30. Dakota Powers

    I Dont Believe In LOVE Nomore ✌💔

    Meredith Kensington

    Dakota Powers 😢

    ૨σყαℓ ƭεε

    I must say, I'm definitely losing hope :\

  31. Aliciana in wonderland

    Pisces ♓ love 💕

  32. OG Castro

    Need this video

  33. LaCretia McGraw

    My song!

  34. Enigma Netxx

    I Luvvvvvvvvvvv This....!!

  35. Queen 99

    my testimony lies in this song!

  36. Queen 99

    i wanna meet jhene aiko!

  37. Queen 99

    after all the guys who hurt me i still believe in love!

  38. Alana Lloyd

    why am i just now hearing this :( wow. so beautiful. can definitly relate.

  39. YbB La'Sh

    low-key teared up

  40. Frenk. Hiawatha Harks

    I am not like them

  41. Aisha Muhammad

    love this song 😢❤

  42. Tamala King

    I Always turn this up loud ....I love this song !

  43. Marquia Jones

    Maaaad underrated.


    this is classic

    Nikki Coco

    Marquia Jones Right?!

    Arryana Johnson

    Marquia Jones STILL

    Hannah Eason

    I swear.

  44. Ramona Jackson

    brooooo! throw back asf😭 the feels. this was my favorite song for years

  45. Shereece P

    Cried while listening to this

    Donna Moore

    Reecy Makavelli B ₩

  46. Lmarie

    First song I ever heard from her by accident back in the day ❤️

  47. Tasha Green

    Her voice mixd with this amazing track is definitely on point!!!

  48. KiKiAmina

    I swear her favorite word is "yeah"

  49. Natalie B


  50. Obed Rabothata

    Where can i download this

    Eda Albay

    +Obed Rabothata try listentoyoutube dot com and you can then copy the link of this video and get the audio for it :)

  51. edivaldo fernandes

    Eu amo esta musica, jheine aiko, eu amo suas musicas...nem imaginas o quanto..

  52. TheSelec71

    she has the most wonderful voice ...

  53. Jet Kurlz

    Remind me of my days in school. Class of 2013!!!

    Tea Marshae

    India Myshae I am too 😀

  54. Beautiful Girl

    It's good to see people finally realizing Jhene's talent. I have been rocking with Jhene since she was 14 years old. Now she's 27, people notice her in her 20's age. But it's never too late I guess. Love her voice


    yeah I've been listening to her since 2010 and seeing her come up and get opportunities as an artist it's like seeing my own child graduate 😊

    Beautiful Girl

    I used to follow her since I was 12 years because of b2k...she used to sing in one of their songs. I'm still a fan of her and wish she released album when she was 15 because she had good songs back then too

  55. nadjib lounis

    if you speed it to 1;25 its even better well fot me it was hhh

  56. Horace Kimbrough

    My little sister. Shout out from Europe, come on over. STAY, HOT!!!

  57. Maya Morgan

    1.25 speed your welcomee cx

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    Her words are like a siren to my soul.

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    Still smooth, again and again.

  60. Allie Got it Covered

    Still on repeat

  61. RealityCheck6T9

    Kind of weirdly reminds me of The Weeknd, kind of cool and detached vibe (listen to Kiss Land)

  62. Damion Lamonte

    Finally, An ARTIST with Depth & Integrity.Oh & a Beautiful Voice!

  63. Louis Gentry

    She reminds me of Aaliyah

  64. Tricia C.Moyo

    This is the first song of her's I ever listened to that made me fall in love with her music, damn... all the memories and emotions come flooding back...

  65. Arielle Sermon

    Such an inspiration to everyone I love you so much 💋💝

  66. Michael Dawkins

    After hearing this...I'd have her babies

  67. Ashley Danielle

    Love the beat .

  68. mohamed ashraf

    in the heart of the lake there's a lost little girl with a body full of curls* :P

  69. Dana walker

    #Jhenessey str8 no chaser

  70. Dana walker

    Double shot of jhenessy. Everyday all day.

    Nassla A


  71. karabo thaba

    Nice lyrics

  72. Gaming with kej

    Who is the man?

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    This song is one of my all-time favorite from her 😍😍❤💓❤

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    love this woman

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    Why can't I get this on the iTunes Store!!!???

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    Damn! This intro kills me each time. Amazing artist 

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    This describes me

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    Damn I'm so in love with her

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    she has the voice of an angel

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    I wonder if you're listening to this(?) Where are you? How are you doing lately? ... -.-,

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    V im willing to trust if you can do the same.V

  89. Kimone Leach

    If her songs bad one more time🙌 all hail jhene aiko my all time fav.. Hands down👏👏👏

  90. msbeautifulll19

    I can relate to this girls music so much, its like she writes for me, its crazy! :(