Aiko, Jhene - He Couldn't Kiss Lyrics

uh yeah
Uh, what, what, what, what
yo yo yo drop it [giggles]
Yeah, what, what, what
uh, bounce
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
what, yeah, come on, come on

[1st verse]
we pass each other in the club
and I notice that he be checkin me
I hope he gets the nerve to push up
or maybe even dance with me

we didn't dance, but we got to talk (got to talk)
before I knew it, girl we hit it off, (hit it off)
I didn't know it would happen so quick (no)
I got to know he can't even kiss

(ew, dang)

he was cute and all
but girl I tell you he couldn't kiss at all
wish I had known before I took the fall
you can't judge a guy just by his looks at all
he couldn't kiss at all

[2nd verse]
from the jump he had it going on
I knew he had everything I need
I wanted to be down because
It seem like he was right for me


[hook 2x]
(he was a cutie but, and girl I tell you I wish)

[bridge (kissing sound)]
(no, no, no, no, no)
(oh, no, no, no, no)
[Guy:] Damn
He couldn't kiss at all
he was a cutie but
and girl I tell you I wish
that's right [4x] Jhene

[hook (3x)]

[B2K (I think):] girl I tell you he just couldn't
wish I had known before I
you can't judge a guy by his
not at all [3x]

he couldn't kiss at all
oh, oh silly boy
I tell you he couldn't kiss
no, I really wish it, by his looks at all
oh, no, no, he couldn't kiss at all, I really wish I had known
now I know now we cannot kiss tonight

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Aiko, Jhene He Couldn't Kiss Comments
  1. Giving you tha REAL T

    Yall kids dont know nothing bout this.....

  2. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    This joint slapsssss. That damn beat <3

  3. Beauty By Blaire

    3:23 lol

  4. WiiRFam

    He was cutie but...

  5. Cephas Foy

    This used to be my damn song!!!

  6. Destiny Latrise

    boyyyyyyyyyy when i say this was my jam! 2003 I was in third grade lol talking about how he couldn't kiss lawdddd

  7. Constanty Okolie

    is this jhene AIKO??

    Anti Riku

    @Constanty Okolie The one and only.

    Humblee Tamiaa

    Constanty Okolie yaz

  8. Christopher Dew


  9. D Clark

    I remember this song. It's a throw back. "Uggh dang." LOL.

  10. Mark King

    okaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooo farr shes nooo where close too aaliyah dead or alive she will never be aaliyahs kind of talented


    This was just the image they were trying to mold her into, she doesn't even sing or make songs like this anymore.

  11. CeceAaliyahBorelandMoss.

    Do happy she got the fame she deserved.

  12. NetxEnigma

    slappin it!

  13. Rell's corner

    I used to jam this back in 02/03

    Tara G

    Me too. I was age 18 going on 19, I remember I had to find it on the Internet to listen to it. Cool. :)

    Miracle Smith

    Chris brown

  14. Dontworryaboutmyname

    who is the guy in the background? Reminds me of Static Major

    K. Durisseau

    His name is Steven Russell Hart's he produced and wrote this with Dejuan Dstone Durisseau

  15. Hesheylefteyefan

  16. deborah rose

    shes like the new aaliyah in town

  17. Alasha W

    he couldn't kiss???

  18. Angel Anderson

    definitely makes me thinks way back to those b2k days!!!! man i wish i was kid again!!!!!!! lmao

  19. Kerria W

    Loved this song back in the day!!! So glad that she is finally getting a chance to get out there!!! And her music is sooooooo much better now!!! Love her!!!

  20. Hesheylefteyefan

    @Joshmf shes says "silly boy"

  21. Jame Neon

    This song is so awesome I'm still listening to this song in 2012. This song is very true.

  22. sherrita mcleod

    Wow when i listen 2 these songs feel like im freakin 14/15 again!!

  23. Joshmf

    Sounds kinda like she's saying "tsui" つい but that doesn't really make sense there..

  24. Idoreviews

    i looove this song but umm did jhene speak in japanese at 3:23 lol ?

  25. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    @IceeBabii2010 TG4 felt like they weren't getting enough exposure so they left the label; Davida left the group. SeVen, Ashley & Keisha then changed the group name to Epiphany & came out with a song called "It's A Party" with some male rapper doing the last verse. It was really hot; I listen to it on occasion, but they didn't get signed unfortunately; not to my knowledge anyway. Do you have the album? I can get you their album, 'Time 4 the New'...

  26. Valarie Archer

    OMG She Sounds So Young o.0

  27. Jessica Jae

    this use to be my song lol.

    thanks for this((:

  28. Monique Johnson

    OMG!!! I use to listen to this song all the time on the B2K Remixes Vol. 1! I wish they would've promoted her more.

  29. caramelking0693

    omfg thank you so much.