Aiko, Jhene - Growing Apart Too Lyrics

Where are you going now?
Why are you slowing down?
Why, why, why?
Where are we going?
Why are we slowing down?
Where are you going?
We should be growing now!

Try and visualize how to get it right
But my vision's so blurry.
Trying to slow it down,
Take us to the ground
But were always in a hurry now!
And if I could make this world spin a little slower
Then I would, and we could grow a little closer!
I think we’re getting closer!

Where are we going?
(Closer, closer, closer)
Why are we slowing?
We think we’re getting closer!
Where are you going?
(Closer, closer, closer)
We should be growing now!
Where are we going?
(Closer, closer, closer)
We should be slowing down!
Where are we going?
(Closer, closer, closer)
We should be growing now!

So in conclusion,
sometimes we lose focus,
Planning our whole demise
We’re getting the big picture and making it the wallet size.
So to what's important in my life I apologize.
I hope to stay faithful, focused and sanctified.
We all get distracted,
The question is would you bounce back, or bounce backwards.
You wouldn’t know how to act or would you take action,
That's just a part of life and if your visions impaired
You'll probably lose it all tonight!

What’s going on Marvin, dearly departed?
Young Marta, Bar or Parker…
Upon them all upon mighty days,
But sweet alcoholic nights are feeling faraway.
son can only skype with his Pop,
He’s only feeling love from his Mom.
Got rocks in my stomach
I can feel my soul bleed self love,
But I never want my son to be me, holla at me!
So I pray until I feel it’s not working
I’m a showman on the surface,
Either way it’s perfect,
You ever feel like the purpose ain't worth it
Well I do, I’m the poster child for young fathers working
I swear to god I wanna be free,
And he just wanna be me!
And I just wanna be him!
I’m jealous and discreetly
I’m one of your own!
I’m trying to raise a child,
Still trying to raise me right now!
Where am I gone?

Try and visualize how to get it right
But my visions are blurry.
Trying to slow it down,
Take us to the ground
We were always in a hurry now!
And if I could make this world spin a little slower
Then I would, and we could grow a little closer!
I think we’re getting closer!
Where are we going?
Why are you going?
Why are we growing apart?
We should be growing together?

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Aiko, Jhene Growing Apart Too Comments
  1. kvtsmokezxo

    Jhene is always a vibe 🔮

  2. City M


  3. Franki Phoenix

    Listening in 2019 🧘🏿‍♀️

  4. 814 Apollo

    Who still listens to this in 2019 besides Me? In fact check out what they are saying is a fire remix of this song..👉🏾

  5. Princess A

    Forever fave

  6. Aileen Doe


  7. Olivia Gilbow

    This song is always my ish ❤

  8. Jenny Contreras

    2017, will always be in my playlist 🌊

  9. S4br1na L

    Jhene makes me emotional and happy at the same time! ❤️ one of my favorite songs by her!

  10. Leon Lewis

    The best version is on k dots mixtape

    Mario Sanon

    they both good tho

  11. Diego Vasquez


  12. Carlton Miller

    her voice is amazing

  13. Melonie McPeters

    Why are we slowing down

    Melonie McPeters

    This is my song

  14. Abel Voskanian

    Jhene is the only one that can get me emotional

  15. Darryl Edwards

    This song is one step under spectacular.

  16. Da Illuminati

    wow her voice is amazing.

  17. bitchyouknowwhoitis

    Lol it is NOT schoolboy q it'd HOPE MOTHAFUCKIN WRIGHT

  18. Edwin Ventura

    It's upsetting people know who she is 'cause of Drake and not Black Hippy

    Lanae Hill

    oh my gosh you are soo right!!!

    hi cj

    Drake and jhene collab in Drake soooo

  19. Chels Nicole

    this really was my shit

  20. Bailey Jones

    This song is everything

  21. Taeylor Hanney

    i love this song...

  22. Armani Jackson

    beautiful voice 

  23. LikeUsTv

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  24. Kc Rebel

    The other rapper is school boy q


    @jmuriel2412 who is it?

    Jay Muriel

    @mauvelauritzen H.O.P.E.

  25. justsomething4

    jhene aiko is soo beautiful and that voice <3 im in love. Biggest crush on her. Anyone know where i can get a poster for my bedroom?

    Pamela Renzi

    go to her FB page you can order stuff on her

  26. johnny jeanjacques

    Drake better then Kendrick Idc

    Huey Freeman

    @Dixie Normous Well I could hate your opinion but I have to respect it. I hate hiss opinion but I have to respect it. Or I could persuade em Drake isn't better.

    Dixie Normous

    @Huey Freeman You could. But you'd be wasting your time.

    Huey Freeman

    @Dixie Normous I conceded before it even starting and that's why.


    @Huey Freeman

    you guys are so respectful towards each other , people that listen to Jhene Aiko have a higher IQ  than half the people on the internet :)

    Amira A

    @ChurchNewCreation I feel like that used to be true until she got signed then this new breed of folk came along with these simple questions and comments. At least from what I've witnessed.

  27. Andrew Vu

    both of these top comments are jokes dude... they're not serious

  28. Abongile Xhantini

    Dude, I swear her voice does the same to me :) Love her style!

  29. Abongile Xhantini

    How weak are the American though hahahaha! really?

  30. scarymonstersandshit

    her voice calms me down. it's only my mum that has the same effect on me

  31. jessejoeyjames

    What the hell is lol about dat=

  32. TheNerdWhoNvrGotLaid

    Kendrick Lamar isn't the only guy in this song. There's another guy. Don't know what his name is. So stop complaining.

  33. angelica padilla


  34. rjdoit21

    Voice of an angel

  35. TheObeezy inThis

    eargasm :$ <3

  36. justin adams

    her voice is so sexy

  37. Goniee Rogers

    It's beautiful, she's so beautiful, her personality, her about legalizing weed lol. Everything she say's and sings it just comes out beautiful.

  38. Kelsey Kathleen

    too funny

  39. Steve Galindo Jr

    wana make money!!?? Only if ur 25 n older send email for more info [email protected]

  40. Gabe Waddup

    hahaaha what?

  41. Nishanth Ponniah

    Beautiful, but the original version is better

  42. universalpaper

    She has the voice of an angel

  43. InfernoTV

    I think his name is H.O.P.E

  44. MelloLife

    Whose the second Guy?

  45. Melissa Green

    i could listen to this ALL DAY

  46. ameire johnson


  47. woodpushervinvin

    Why is her voice so sexy?

  48. Boar Reese

    damn Nautilus is most common sample ??

  49. mcmugget

    lol 1 in 15 americans dies of a sprained ankle

  50. Stephen Henderson

    This is so relaxing

  51. Jhovan Walker

    this song is just so Peaceful shes underrated she needs to be recognized evn mre

  52. Jaquan Wilson

    Love this this my jam

  53. Bharti Bhardwaj


  54. Victor Williams

    This is just peaceful.She is so underrated

  55. DustyAddums

    We dont want more cus that sucked...(your name here)

  56. moks4248

    This song is relaxing

  57. Fran-soul

    This video should be banned for causing severe eargasm.. love this tune

  58. StarKita

    I'm Subber 1700 totally significant <3 Your beautiful Love the music keep it coming

  59. Ron Garcia

    her voice makes me cream in my pants..

  60. ashleigh mathis

    We all lose focus the question is will u bounce bck or bounce backwards

  61. T Lizzle

    this track gives me hope my sprained ankle will heel soon and everything will be alright

  62. MobbVillain

    lool nigga you corny

  63. jay mayfield

    pay attention to the title so SAD

  64. Caseykae

    you mean H.O.P.E

  65. Caseykae


  66. Lex In The City.

    F.A.T.E is the second rapper .

  67. J Gorveatt

    who's the second rapper on this track????

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    Beautiful . . . ♡

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    Wow first time i heard this and love it

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    Still love this!

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  72. Angie Babie

    Wow!!! I love this song she is an amazing artist and oh so beautiful!!! 3 3

  73. jeremy wilson

    this versions way better and im a huge kendrick supporter but her vocie is one of the few beautiful vocies left

  74. milahtequila

    Jhene aiko existence

  75. litlit6

    Amazing song :) love it

  76. Rads021

    well she will never be yours.

  77. Neosha White

    I'm killing this repeat button lol


    she is amazing.!

  79. Filthy Richy

    Shoutout from the bay boi Filth Rich instagram @Filthrich []

  80. shaani thugzlife

    In LOve :)

  81. Langston Tucker

    She was born on my birthday.... I think it's a sign that we're supposed to be together!

  82. Cemal Kampmann


  83. jazzylulu22

    @interlussion15 that's HOPE

  84. Interlussion15

    Who's the second rapper?

  85. Aliyah Ghent

    love jhene...she needs to come back quick

  86. Diana Anita Boi

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    I love Jhene Aiko , all her music touches the soul . Makes you think about life .

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  92. plzstopimchanging

    as long as we remain aware of our actions and the mistakes of our parents i believe we will learn and grow into better people