Aiko, Jhene - Dog Lyrics

Woof! [x5]
Platinum Status
Oh no
No no (Now cause we'll never be)
You're a dog
Why you go and do that
Know it didn't work
You were playin' games on me
You're a dog

You thought I was in the dark (No no never me)
Baby boy, from the start (You was trippin)
I was askin questions to see if you was creepin
(For no reason) At all (At all)
I am accusing you of cheatin no matter what you sayin
So irritatin so baby stop the playin

Dog - Tryin run game on me
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust
You're a dog - And I know its obvious
Dog - Tryin run game on me
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust
You're a dog - And I know its obvious

You were playin games on me
I'm your new enemy

I heard you say you were gonna push up on her
I played along boy you think I'm stupid
I'm on point no I don't miss a damn thang
Fed up but Jhene ain't fallin
They all know (But she is my dog, yeah)
I got my friend on you tellin her to call
(You got caught now that you're a dog)

Dog - Tryin run game on me (Tryna run yo game)
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me (Ohh)
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust (You were tryna test me)
You're a dog - And I know its obvious (I played it all out)
Dog - Tryin run game on me
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me (I was tryin to test you)
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust (I was playin games on you, baby)
You're a dog - And I know its obvious

I'm a D-O-G
From the T-U-G
It's hard tryna be F-I double Z
I'm the Jay Z of my generation
So sick I'm every hospital's number one patient
Girls be killin me with they fantasies
When all I really wanted was the GTD's
Two minutes of conversation then ya outta control
I'm a D-O-G, ain't no changin me

You think I didn't know you (You could be doggin me)
Tryna play me for a fool (I'm your new enemy)
(You barked up the wrong tree)
(Now you turned into my enemy)
I planned it all out
I tried to test you
I guess it didn't work
(I'm so, I'm so, I'm so)

Dog - Tryin run game on me
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust
You're a dog - And I know its obvious
Dog - Tryin run game on me
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me (Ooh yeah yeah)
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust (I'm so disappointed)
You're a dog - And I know its obvious

Tryna run yo game, tryna run yo game on me
Thinkin you could cheat on me
Boy you know you lost my trust
You're a dog - And I know its obvious (Ohh I)
Dog - Tryin run game on me (You were tryna test me)
You're a dog - Thinkin you could cheat on me (You were tryna test me yeah)
You're a dog - Boy you know you lost my trust (You were playin games on me)
You're a dog - And I know its obvious

I'm your new enemy yeah
Now because we'll never be
You were tryna test me, I'm so disappointed
You were tryna test me, and I'm so disappointed

You're a dog
You're a dog
You're a dog....

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Aiko, Jhene Dog Comments
  1. Marblequeen 2019

    I been knowing Jhené was a beast when I first came across this track at the end of b2ks pandemonium album! 2001 baby ! I was 15, nostalgia!!!

  2. Jameice Hancock

    Omg her voice was so little and cute..i def remember dog from back on that B2K album!

  3. Nicole G

    Used to be my shit

  4. Nia Nia

    You’re definitely not a Jhene Aiko fan if you don’t know this song 🥴🙌🏾🔥

  5. Nayendyw Guity

    She been lit 🔥

  6. Purtisha Wood

    Chillin though the night

  7. Martrice Henderson

    Wow memories . 💿💿💿

  8. L'Oréal T

    2019 here😧

  9. Courtnay Edgerton

    Still listening in 2019

  10. Jarrett Jackson

    This intro was lifeeeee!!!! Wish it was longer !!

  11. Jahi Henderson

    Dog gives me Aaliyah vibes she could of sung this song

  12. Candy Love

    2018 my shit still this girl started out in a groy then she went dolo now she more popping then ever

  13. Kryssi Love

    Sooo I'm 31 years old and singing all the words for my name is Jhene and Dog...


    Kryssi Love diddo

    Kisha LaShawn

    It was only 15 years ago. It’s not that long ago lol

  14. aGwEENapple

    Which song is 1:25. I looked for that video a while ago couldn't find it


    aGwEENapple “No Love”

  15. aGwEENapple

    Is that her sister Mila at the end? Talking?

  16. Mesha Capone

    "I'm the Jay-Z of my generation." 😂😂😂


    The way she singing on this intro is the truth and the reason I fell so hard for her. But the music she does now does not showcase her vocal ability. I feel like she's dialed it down a lot and I don't like it.

  18. Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    "IM SO DISAPPOINTED!" Yassss take me back to being 13!!!

  19. Vintage Hoochie

    Wow I remember this song. Years later I'm her biggest fan.

  20. Nicke H

    June 20, 2017 😘 just the intro

  21. Micheisha Wright

    I'm on point, no I don't miss a damn thing!

  22. nanior

    omg 👏

  23. sxm

    so happy she decided to sail herself instead of sell herself

  24. Jay SeCUre

    This used to be my jaaaaawn Lol I remember I was waiting for that damn album forever too then I forgot about her after the b2k drama and all of a sudden here comes Sailing Souls, Sail Out, and now Sold Out! I always had faith in you Jhene!

  25. Adrianna Rankin

    My b2k pit bull dog fizzo ★

  26. blue

    I think I have heard this before...i can't put my finger on where but I'm so happy she's becoming more successful now I love the intro she is amazing

    I C

    It was the end of one of B2K's cd.

  27. Ashley Ford

    They were out of line saying that she and lil fizz were cousins.. lying asses lol

    Travis Augustine

    Ashley Ford why wouldn't they be

    Tyra S.

    I remember that, Fizz even admitted it was a publicity stunt for B2K

    DD X

    It was a publicity stunt. In order for Jhene to gain some fame and recognition her manager who also managed B2K decided she should say that

    Keisha Todd

    Ashley Ford lol ikr. And the biggest lie of all they told was that omarion & marques houston were brothers lmao

    Layah Jhene

    Keisha Todd Lmao I hated when they did that

  28. ravencreno

    Still love Dog lmao. I used to be mad that couldn't have this on repeat because of it being hidden in that b2k track.


    ravencreno lmaoooooo I tell you what you get

  29. Chandra Styles

    I remember thIs! ! Used to jam

  30. Ally Blogner

    Im so in love with the intro . I swear I hate how underrated Jhené is. She has REAL talent

  31. buu700

    wow 2002 song right here.. still listnin in 2014

  32. Zee A.

    She looks like Paige Hurd

  33. Deanna Hatcher

    i use to listen to this intro on REPEAT when i was 11 wow! 10 years ago!

  34. Tyler Covington

    i first heard her on the end of pandamonium & now she's on j. cole's album. lol shes doing pretty good

  35. cherie7110

    Totally remember this bonus track on B2Ks Pandamonium. I was so impressed this voice came out of such a tiny girl. Her voice gave me chills BACK THEN, and I knew she was a beast. So excited for her success now, its her time to shine!

  36. kangaji2

    Yo so I wanna buy this song and support the artist.... Anybody got any idea how I can do that?

  37. lil bill

    I wish this would happen to more artist - stop being relevant in the music industry and then come back years later as an indie artist making more artist music.

  38. JasDevina

    This is when I first fell in love with her! I always wanted to be Jhene, she truly my musical inspiration! She is amazing <3

  39. tayottt

    "Sailing Souls" was an incredible album. Jhene Aiko definitely has a following

  40. KE Shawn

    Omg there was a song on the Cd that was joined on this track and it made me cry so much . #Gooddays .!

  41. PhloeFanSince2000

    Jhene and ORyan have a beautiful baby!

  42. Brittney Mechele

    - OMG! The Memories. This was my issssh especially 'Dog' awww with Lil Fizz On it. I used to blast this everywhere especially when I cleaned my room! :D - @iRoyaltyDopex3

  43. Nay Neverson

    I had the Pandemonium CD when I was little...I still know all of the words to this song lol

  44. 3YECANDY08

    Pretty girl , Slammin vocals. I used to wear that "Pandemonium" Cd out bck then

  45. classyjay

    ooooohhhhh !!!!! i remember thiss songggg ,,, itss sooo oldd !!!!!!!!! Didn't know this was her ! 4got about this song !

  46. YaKwtFGoL8ON

    lil fizz really said im the jay-z of my generation =/

  47. YaKwtFGoL8ON

    @dynastygurl06 oh she bout to get there!!

  48. AmaddiesWorld

    Jhene is still my girl! I lobve all her songs! She deserves to be known!

  49. SimplySchaun

    this used to be my jam!

  50. Monique Simmons

    i just like this song.. i wasnt her biggest fan

  51. Porcia Smith

    tryna run ur game on me, ur a dog...... please really....

  52. quasia

    @freshflyy1 lol it just sounded good

  53. Ivan Walcott

    @dynastygurl06 she still comes out with stuff n she only 23!

    Justin Lee

    Blaq Rogue wow, now she's 28

    Chantol Phillips

    And now she’s 31 ❤️

  54. MsGhostX1

    @freshflyy1 lmao!

  55. MsGhostX1

    i love this girl!

  56. LoveFuturePresent

    @tippyphl404 Sailing souls

  57. Donneice Brownlee

    @LoveFuturePresent what's the name of it?

  58. LoveFuturePresent

    Her mixtape she has out is dope

  59. Corin Pauls

    I'm the Jay-Z of my generation. Nigga please.

    Vernese . Mohammed

    Corin Pauls LMAO!!! I said the same thing when I heard that line too. “Jay z of what nigga? Nigga what? Nigga who? Nigga not chu lol” But for the time it was cute.

    chanteria delbridge

    Corin Pauls 😭😭😭😭😭

  60. Steph Liliana

    I Love the beginning

  61. pleasure412

    She got a new mixtape its called SAILING SOULS Its hot"

  62. Rashawn Olds

    @dynastygurl06 what ever happend to her

  63. Jessica Ray

    @lilmissiowa she is Jewish.

  64. DaPrincess007

    @TheKimberlyphillips She and O'Ryan(Omarion's little brother) had a CUTE baby girl...Research it on google.

  65. MaYaYaYa

    She is "mixed" with Jewish. She even said so on her MySpace pages awhile back & Ustream (her brother Miyagi even said so too). Jewish can be a religion, ethnicity, and culture as well because Jews are ethnoreligious people.

  66. jsc12839

    ummm jewish is not a race it's a religion

  67. Jacobi mcfadden

    she's really pretty too. and extremely multiraced.
    Japanese, Spanish, Afro-Dominican, African American, Jewish, Native American

  68. Aspensworld

    omg i miss these days when i was a jhene & b2k fan

  69. Mariah T

    awww i used to love thisss! lol i was like 14!

  70. Steph Liliana

    I Love the intro i nthe beginning,More than the song o.O

  71. breshauna thomas

    Tryna run game on me your a dog ! ayyyye, this used to be my shittt . (:

  72. Angel Jones

    i lov diz song

  73. ShyBuddafly

    u wasnt the only one lol i bought it too

  74. mzbeautiful504

    jhene is so talent

  75. Zeus for mayor

    @rissa567 you degrading bitch she can sing

  76. Tara Allyse

    OMG me && my sister used 2 sing My Name Is Jhene EVERYWHERE but say our names instead ctfuu we were losers back den lol such memories!!!

  77. Maya W

    she's on drakes new song ''july''

  78. simone crawford

    i loved her. she just dissapeard. never releasd that

  79. Jackie M

    sad her career never took off and still cant. the game needs an asian singer to do it big. thats messed up what b2ks manager did to her. sad sad sad sad sad sad!

  80. kyon Catajen

    I remember this was on my B2K Pandemonium album! wow

  81. beforrealyea

    check my rnb channel!

  82. Monae Johnson

    omg i use to copy every single outfit in this video of hers back when I was young, I was soo obsessed and thats actually how i got popular in school.. thx jhene

  83. Tanae_Was_Here

    i remeber i had this song on repeat for the whole first day i heard it lol its funny because i still know the whole song lmao

  84. dynastygurl06

    I hate Jhene never made it big. I always loved her style.

  85. ReeseBaby06

    i liked this song! too bad Jhene didnt really make it big. i remember dog on
    b2k's cd

  86. charleidria

    096756 i hope that you get the help that you SERIOUSLY come up on here and say some ignorant shit like that makes me feel so sorry for you. you must have alot of pain in your life. GOD BLESS YOU

  87. dakota92336

    BLACK MEN N WOMAN dnt even respond to assholes like these 1 we dnt age 2 we live longer n 3 anythang we touch turns to gold cuz we jus dam gud at evythang n the people who r racist have issues with themselves

  88. alea robinson

    oh im goin to need you to look in the mirrow,or cut yourself cause if you havent realized we all have the same blood running through our vaines justt because ur lighter does not at all mean ur better

  89. Jazzi Ma

    not true at all hun sry but5 ima have to rebuke that negative spirit in you cause GOD dont like ugly and baby u being ugly

  90. Jazzi Ma

    what are u talkn bout

  91. Vivian Ekey

    o ight go head girl!!

  92. Epiffani1andonly

    How did you know she has a daughter??

  93. Jazzi Ma

    no thats not her cousin they just said it was but its really not i know cause that my homegirl

  94. Jayla Noel

    i think she is so cute and her songz r nice

  95. Tiara Holloman

    yea dat is lil fizz's cuzn

  96. Tenae G

    i remember when i used to listen to this song on the b2k remixes cd i would say "my name is tenaeeee" cuz it rhymes lol

  97. dizzle smit

    i think shes 20 turnin 21
    is mila j her sista