Aiko, Jhene - Boy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I want to be close to you
I want to feel what you're thinking
I want you to feel my
Emotions no hesitating
You can be as bold as you want
My love is here and waiting
And no longer will I stand
For just imagining

Boy I don't know
What it would be like
If I had you here with me
Boy I can't say how
It would brighten my day
Just to have you here with me
Boy I don't know
What it would be like
If I had you here with me
Boy I can't say how
It would brighten my day
Just to have you here with me

[Verse 2]
Now it's getting stronger
The feeling's more than amazing
You see when I am all alone
It's of you that I'm thinking
Each and every night
Your thoughts have me mesmorized
And when I am by your side
My dreams become real life

[Repeat Chorus]

Is it really love
Is this reality
Or possibly a dream
Could you be all I need
And looking for
To complete my life
Is this for real
Or just my imagination

[Repeat Release]

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Aiko, Jhene Boy Comments
  1. Edgy Egirl

    2019??? anyone???? this song SLAPS

  2. Beauty_Classy_Bossyxxx


  3. Chelsey Farris

    She she b putting out this type of music this is the the songs that new music some of it I don’t feel it

  4. Kayla Hinojosa

    2018 we still out here BOY, listened to this since I was probably 10 lol. Love her forever :')

  5. Ashleigh Griffin

    Still love this song ❤️

  6. Tanquanzza Bell


  7. Jay SeCUre

    She came a long way! This used to be my jam tho...Souled Out brought me here

  8. Annie Morrison

    brings back b2k days lol

  9. CeceAaliyahBorelandMoss.

    Love Jhene

  10. Islande Lucien

    The worst is me song that little Chinese girl can sing


    shes not even chinese

  11. Boogiefizzie

    My Name Is Jhene Album Tracklist:
    -My Name Is Jhene (Interlude)
    -No L.O.V.E.
    -Gonna Love You Anyway
    -Down For You (Part 2)
    -Wanna Be
    -Promise Ring
    -You Don't Know Me
    -Make Believe....

    All I need is Sorry and Make Believe. If you have these in particular, plz let me know. :-)

  12. numberonefan313

    This is my jam!

  13. neofunkyman1

    The sample is from "Angela" by Bob James which was used on the theme tune to Taxi comedy series

  14. Tianna Jefferson

    oh mah gosh this girl got some serious talent

  15. Angel Nguyen

    Love this song(=

  16. Arianna Bryant

    When did this song come out?

  17. Poetic_j

    So chill.

  18. neofunkyman1

    @LilBlkAznBeauty Ironically Taxi was one of my fav programmes so this really appeals to me!


    dign all her tracks!!! BOY this is REAL TALENT!!

  20. dirtylilpig98

    she should have blown up....such a talented and beautiful artist but as usual very underated and not marketed right.....

    Ceecee Narine

    She did...bless you


    2019 and still going strong. And stronger than ever !

  21. Mzcrazigrl12

    wow ive never heard of her she sounds pretty good

  22. Tim Brown

    i have this album if you want a copy just hit me up with your email and i'll give you the link

    Lynn Shaw

    [email protected] please email me the link for the album please the Jhene album

    Audrey Johnson

    please email me the link to this album please, [email protected]

  23. beforrealyea

    click my link for rnb!!!

  24. beforrealyea

    im feeling dis tune

  25. youngmiracale

    Thanks guy!!! i have yet to even leave this page.

  26. neofunkyman1

    that's what youtube is all about, pleased you've found it!

  27. youngmiracale

    ive been looking all overfor this