Aiko, Jhene - Bed Peace Lyrics

[Jhene Aiko:]
Wake up, wake up
Gotta get this paper, get this cake up
Gotta do my hair, gotta put on make-up
Gotta act like I care about this fake stuff
Straight up

What a waste of my day
If I had it my way
I'd roll out of bed
Say bout 2:30 mid day
Hit the blunt then hit you up to come over to my place
You show up right away
We make love and then we fuck
And then you give me my space

What I am trying to say is
The love is ours to make so we should make it
Everything else can wait
The time is ours to take so we should take it

Wake up, wake up, bake up
Gotta heat the vape up
Let's get faded
Gotta call your job tell 'em you won't make it
Ain't nobody here baby let's get wasted
We should just get naked

'Cause I've been working hard and I know you be on the same shit
Every other day's a different game that you just can't win
I just wanna ease your mind and make you feel all right
So go head tell your baby mama you gon' be with me tonight

What I am trying to say is
The love is ours to make so we should make it
Everything else can wait
The time is ours to take so we should take it

[Childish Gambino:]
It's not love, but it's pretty close
Hot fudge and a little smoke
I didn't mean it means nothing to you
Hands locked on my black couch with nothing to do
Can't stop on cloud 20
Buried in the drugs, but the feels keeps coming
Finally stop crying, but your nose is still running
Wipe it on my shirt, ha ha on the sleeve
You tell me that you wanna do it big
I love it when you say "guess what?" (What? What?)
Reading stories to some other nigga kid
And I wonder why I'm all messed up (up up up up)
'Cause we gotta be responsible sometimes
Be a class act, never mind my alumni
I don't wanna be around a baby so dumb high
That I don't see the beauty of a momma on insides
Curled up with my head on your chest
It's the best remedy for the pain and the stress
If the world doesn't change then we'll never get dressed
It'll be like this to the kiss of the death
Of my soul, bowl of the blue dream, no
Not a good team, one soul, two halves
No joke, who laughs?
Just us (just us, just us)

[Jhene Aiko:]
Okay, got this OJ and Jose
Mixed it up with that Rosé
We gon' do this our own way
Alright, okay,
What is it that you're smoking?
Piece it up with this peace and love
And this peace and love like the old days

What I am trying to say is
The love is ours to make so we should make it
Everything else can wait
The time is ours to take so we should take it

We should stay right here
We should lay right here
'Cause everything is okay right here
You should stay right here
We should lay right here
'Cause everything is okay right here

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Aiko, Jhene Bed Peace Comments
  1. Dawn Jagger

    Hell yeah, 2020.

  2. Morrison Morrison

    This reminded me of a piece John and Yoko did during the war....Today is my first time connecting her face to some songs I odd places...and could never remember to get her name. Can't forget it. I like Triggered, thinking of others I'm hearing for the first time....this is overwhelming....staying up..searching...listening...purchasing.

  3. Amazing Amy

    Nahh F all that we need to know what the lick read for today

  4. ratso69ful

    For those that are confused, this is where they got the idea to do this, enjoy! :-)

  5. Joe Johnson

    is it me, or do these two look super similar to one another

  6. SkyyGirl_ BlessyN

    Who's here's Dec 2019?

    Raise your hands darlings ✋🏼

  7. Real Talk

    Wish they make more songs together

  8. Diana Romana

    Jhene's voice❤️❤️

  9. Blue 1967

    Did Jhene get a node job

  10. sally chemutai

    One of my faves from Aiko 😍😍😍

  11. Abigail

    I got this song from musically when this song first came out

  12. Terelle Lowe

    OMG I love her. I think they make a better couple

  13. Mungai Emilliana

    Almost 2020 and still listening to this song.who is with me?

  14. Titose Macha

    Am i the only one who wishes they dated.

  15. Guilherme oliveira

    Zayn killed it

  16. KING GEE

    a couple times a day.

  17. Christine Dennison

    I just discovered this artist last week.

  18. MAK SLIM

    Love smoking to her music

  19. DTerry Carter

    88baby has taken over. So in love with her songs

  20. Lathi Tsobo

    December 2019❣

  21. Vania Orozco

    Amazingly peaceful😌she’s so graceful!

  22. 6in 6laQ

    This song made me fall in love with jhenè aiko' s music

  23. Cutie 78

    Oooof love this 💕

  24. Soos Ramirez

    who's listening in 2020 ?

  25. Keara Sally Mojela


  26. Regina Robinson

    It’s the end of 2019 and I’m still listening ❤️ Jhene is a musical Goddess! ✨

  27. Stone Gypsy

    She had Gambino wrapped

  28. Ruben Gutierrez

    That bed scene happened 50 years ago, classic!

  29. WT Actual. . .

    So good.

  30. N A

    This is my first time hearing this Nov 2019. WOw! love it.

  31. Eric Girard

    but does he "eat the ass like you're suppose to"?

  32. wig

    so go ‘head tell your baby mama you gon’ be with me tonight, right 🤭

  33. Candace Seabolt

    how can somebody not be in love with her ???

  34. norra lauren

    vibing, most calmest song

  35. LR-Island Dreams

    Thumb up if you find yourself head bumping 😏.

  36. cordelearts

    I'm here in 2021.

  37. d z 9 0 9 0

    You're here for 4:00

  38. Celeb Things

    Zayn snapped this

  39. Mahnoor Fatima

    Came here after listening to Zayn

  40. Innocentiah Motanyane

    I am here for Childish Gambino

  41. Stephanie Liddle

    Absolutely Love Jhene Aiko and Childish Gambino they just killed it Again!!

  42. Ann nzioka

    49 days to 2020 and I'm still here❤

  43. Obakeng Moribe

    Who will be here in 2021!!

  44. Kagiso More

    the most underrated song ever!..

  45. Sifisokuhle Maseko

    November 2019 and I’m still sailing on this boat 🌻❤️


    1st time I'm hearing it n I'm loving it

    Sifisokuhle Maseko

    gullygod777 which rock have you been living under 🌚😻😂


    @Sifisokuhle Maseko a huge one lol

  46. Nick Jones

    Wow have I never heard this song?

  47. Cayla F.

    I had no idea that this existed but I wish I did before 🔥🔥

  48. Devin Lucien

    Wake up Wake up 🥰🥰

    This nostalgia childhood moment

  49. Upuia Afafala

    This is the song that introduced me to your music and since then I've been hooked.

  50. putri hatmanti


  51. Royal Justice

    I love it.

  52. Kopano Mosese

    Everybody in the comment section hope y'all sail out

  53. rita castellanos

    Oakbzku Re e

  54. Silethemba Sibanda

    6 years later and this song still slaps 🔥
    this song will forever be a hit ❤

  55. Reni Neela Voecker

    I love the instant connection I feel between her music and the interview. It’s very seem less.

    Reni Neela Voecker

    I picked one of those colourful sunflower flowers today with the intention of bringing it to my grandmothers grave tomorrow and now I’m just finding such peace in this song 🙂

  56. Erin Avery

  57. Champ Champ

    She's so attractive!
    I would pinch myself if I was the guy waking up next to her every morning.

  58. Cheyenne Jay

    October 2019.

  59. Blue Butterfly

    When she said ive livec around a lot of chaos and my bed was my retreat!!! 😭🙏 JUST✌🕉

  60. Benjamin Franklin

    Best Song ever 😍🔥🔥

  61. Brittney Jones

    I liked everything but the part she said call yo bm like yu females lack respect for yourselves smh

  62. anotherbillieeilishfan

    October 2019

  63. Kasheena Watson

    Everything else can wait

  64. Thobile Mbasa

    18 October 2019 😍

  65. Yaseen Baker

    All I'm saying is they make a very beautiful couple

  66. cherrie sunie

    i like this song.....^^^^^

  67. Joe Mabiala

    This type of love😩

  68. thandokuhle madi

    my ringtone for two years now

  69. kayla torres

    Who still listening to it now October 12 ,2019


    Oct 27th

    Denis Nicky

    October 28th

    nyambura mson

    October 30th

    Ubenathi Ntsada

    01 November.

  70. Onalenna Masike

    She's cute

  71. Llah

    I love both artists but this is a crap song.

  72. Ahmed Bokhari

    lol i thi k Zayn version is 10 × better.

  73. FamMayaGaming 1

    I miss musically

  74. chyy freeman

    I wish her sister was just as active

  75. I am Philishia

    Where have I been!!!!! Omgggggg end of 2019 VIBE

  76. ShunJ89

    Dude Jhene Aiko is literally the sun I swear her beauty just blinding.

  77. Faith Njiru

    Her voice 😍

  78. Lester Sloan

    I can't believe I just listen to this song for the first time today❤️...😂 Wish I could go back in time and vibe with it in 2013 🔥🔥😔

  79. Biborka Batki

    She reminds me of Gabriella from hsm in this vid, like her facial expressions vise 💞💞

  80. spnz87 videos

    September 26 ,2019

  81. Mohamed Elammary

    The beginning is like Eminem's mockingbird

  82. O N I

    Jhené Aiko 😍 my crush ❤️

  83. Kono Dutch

    But baby im here for you...lets create love

    Kono Dutch

    We dont have to touch or be face to face.

    Kono Dutch

    What I am trying to say is you reflect the old days

    Kono Dutch

    And I'm not exactly trying to change it

    Kono Dutch

    I just want to paint it brighter

    Kono Dutch

    We have to be responsible. Its the best remedy. One soul but no halves because im not me without you.

  84. Alysse McCargo

    Who listening in 2020

  85. Caesar Nyangoya

    Childish gambino looks like donald glover


    This is my shit
    Well hell all of her music is 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  87. Hello Brooklyn

    I can’t believe this is a 2013 song. Only discovered and on repeat in 2019. Anyone else? Lol

    India Aiyana

    Gamer Girl 101 same

  88. shamar meusa

    Here after hearing this while re-watching Single Ladies!

  89. Coughin wigz

    4:00 is from tik tok 😂😂

  90. Coughin wigz

    2019 anyone?!

  91. Pepperoni Unicorn

    kek, John and Yoko laying around doing fuck all whilst their maid cleans their bed "Imagine no posessions"

  92. Elizabeth Rivera

    Who remembers nessas (simplynessa15) old intro 4:50

  93. Sunni

    Jhené's voice is so Angelic. So sweet and gentle, yet she cuses and tells you how she feels, Beautiful combo.🌻☮️🕉️🕊️

  94. Jo M

    The Shaderoom brought me here today. I used to love this song!

  95. laurie s

    She is such an angel

  96. Ntombi Mdluli

    I must have been living under a rock, i discovered this song 3 days ago and it's September 2019. I can't go a day without it 😍

  97. Tiffany Gutierrez

    Bruh lol