Aiko, Jhene - Ascension Lyrics

What do you do it for?
What are you running for?
What are you running towards?
What are you trying to prove?
What do you got to lose?
What is the path you choose?

I lost my way
I lost my way
I lost my way
I lost my way again
I lost my way again

Then you showed up and I got up
Yeah, sort of
Found my way again
Found my way again

I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way to heaven
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, if I can make it out of this hell
I know I can and I know I will
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way to heaven
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, if I can make it out of this hell
I know I can and I know I will

What do you do it for?
What are you running for?
What are you running towards?
What are you trying to prove?
What do you got to lose?
What is the path you choose?

I know of a cover girl
From another in the world
Analog, not digital
Invisible and spiritual
One, now I got a love

I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way to heaven
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, if I can make it out of this hell
I know I can and I know I will
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way to heaven
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, if I can make it out of this hell
I know I can and I know I will

I'm on my way
Way to heaven
I'm on my way
On my way, make it out of this hell

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Aiko, Jhene Ascension Comments
  1. Stanley

    This song is ministry. It has pulled me through time tough times and tough feelings and emotions. I am on my way...... my God

  2. Carmen Jones

    Repeat ❤

  3. Aj Breeden

    Right Song ♥️ Right Time #2020

  4. Cre8v Xprsn

    This song is so healing

  5. Stanley

    I’m on my way to heaven if I can make it out of this hell! Man touches my entire soul! I’m on my way! Here’s to all to all of our journeys. 🙏🏿

  6. Jasmine

    Anybody know the other version of this song without brandy in it... this song came out in jhenes trip movie but it sounded like another version

  7. charlex

    This song saved my life! I remember a time earlier this year where I was lower then I have ever been. I saw no way out and no purpose. I felt like I was spending my days just going through the motions, miserable and hoping for something to change. I never realised that I already have everything I need to be happy inside me. I remember I came across this song when it played on autoplay here on youtube, and heard the line 'If I can make it out of this hell I know I can and I know I will'. It struck me so much and I remember suddenly feeling like everything is okay. Since then I started getting into spirituality and reading about raising your vibration, detaching from your thoughts and trusting the process. And I feel like I have been reborn ... thank you Jhene. I am on my way to finding peace :) Your music has helped me heal and grow x

  8. Von Lanair


  9. Sunshine Love Yashar'al

    Brandy Brandy Brandyyyy ! Them runs was GOLD 😌😍🤗😁

  10. MrPrincessdlow

    Brandy was cool BUT She wasn't power punched as people are saying in the comments.

    She laid her vocals intertwined with Jhené perfectly.

    No competition, just soul.

    Two Goddesses in sync.

  11. David De Souza

    This song actually makes me cry

  12. Carmen Jones

    This song makes me so calm 🥰😊

  13. Elenie Arias

    I listen to this whole album when I’m stressed and just need to mentally relax and sing 💖

  14. BrittBrat PattyWack

    I get emotional every time I hear this song... it came out around the same time I lost my aunt. I think of her every time 🥺😢

  15. Tyler Flear

    I wish this had been a single with a video... and a few live performances too.

  16. I. Marie

    I love it!! Brandy comes in so strong! They sound great together, this is beautiful 🙌🏾💕💕🥰😘

  17. Mehari Milton

    DO YALL HEAR THE THINGS BRANDY IS DOING WITH HER HARMONIES & VOCAL STACKS OR IS IT JUST ME ? 😩🤯❤️ That woman’s tone is heavenly. Wow. So slept on .....

  18. Alyn Gomez

    Djogkale said he wants this played at his funeral... praying he goes home safe and god heals him. Lord knows many people will be hurting if the world loses him. Amen

  19. Paris Tamaki

    Someone took their life listening to this song mannn

  20. geoffrey kamrein

    finally gets peace listening to this daily

  21. Carmen Jones

    song is soo soothing ☺

  22. Tolen Thornton

    I love this. 2019

  23. MichaelMakeup

    I listen to this every sunday

  24. Fattie 2 BaddieTV

    “Im on my way , I’m on my way , I’m on my way to heaven. If I can make it out of this hell. I know I can and I know I will. “ 😓

  25. Patricia D

    Girls cruise brought me here.....amazing song

  26. Kiara Mendez

    Sent here by my boo 💓

  27. code. testfn3

    Jhené stop doing this to me 😩😩😩💕💕💕💕 I can’t stop listening to this song 👏🏽✨

  28. Nadiera Lacey

    ❤❤❤❤ this album literally saved my life 🙏🏾

  29. She Mar

    Lil' Kim's Girls Trip brought me here.

  30. Xrvql

    Angelic voice 😇

  31. prettyy girl nique

    So last night I was playing this song crying nd praying to God to help me beat all the things thats holding me back I never cried so hard in my life

  32. code. testfn3

    Idc idc brandy gave me chills 😩❤️👏🏽 The goat 🐐

  33. CA CA

    Came back here after watching Girls Cruise. This song featured at the end of the episode during a beautiful, uplifting, breakthrough moment 😭😍

  34. A C

    Anybody here from Girls Cruise. 👀😍

    code. testfn3

    A C me 🙋🏽‍♀️

  35. YahYah18

    Just now finding this song, but it's so relaxing and comforting.

  36. Ellen Coleman

    Girls Cruise bought me here!!

  37. Becca The Sun

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever...I keep crying and reminding myself of who I am, in my soul: "not digital, invisible and spiritual"

  38. Stoned Mermaid

    Baby Brraanndddyyyy gave us fulll vocals yassss

  39. Wil McMullen

    Disclaimer: I have been listening to music from Jhene since way back in the mid 2000's, and I have always appreciated her God gifted talent. But that damn Brand (smfh).... It is as if the song began to truly take form as soon as she opened her mouth to breathe what became life as intended, to the same lyrics seeded by Jhene at the entrance of this song. There will never be anyone else who has the ability to color songs so beautifully as Brandy

  40. Beeby

    am i the only one who cries when listening to this song?

  41. E Frank

    Yes Jhene‼️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Ft. #QueenB #Brandy👸🏾 #OnRepeat 🎧

  42. Sophia Chenelle

    Ascension and Jukai *Chef's Kiss*

  43. Nana Gyambibi

    This is gospel

  44. Ivana Humpalot

    omgggg i loved brandy when i was a teenager <3 <3 <3

  45. Nkateko Caroline Nkuna

    whose here during exams- May 2019?

  46. Renathe Nuuyoma

    Here May 2019

  47. Marlon Thomas


  48. feather4045

    I appreciate you for this album you helped me with my 10year old niece passing with this album I listened to this everyday just letting my emotions take its course while sipping and smoking, you helped me in the darkest times in my life thanks my Pisces sister

  49. Simone

    Hey guys, I just posted a cover of Triggered! It would mean everything to me if you guys gave it a listen :) xoxoxoxoxo

  50. Deez NUTZ

    Wow this is gospel right here

  51. Sofi Singley

    Love Jhene! 😘

  52. jade griffin

    Brandy sounds so nice. I love brandy ♥️♥️

  53. Musty Gunz

    I love you sis

  54. Terry Johnson

    Every time i heard this song i had to repeat it and adding Brandy made it a MASTERPIECE.

  55. Thovan Maulana

    This song so so so gothiccccc ambience. Ahhhhh adore they sound 💕🌿🍃💕💕💕💕💞

  56. Jamie S.

    This song always gets me right 💯

  57. Owethu Pellem

    Spiritiual sensations too overwhelming the voices just blend

  58. Thovan Maulana

    BLESSED MY EAR 💕🌿🍃🍃🍃💕💕💕💕

  59. Tony Rebel

    Why am I crying listening to this song

  60. J M


  61. Robbin Hatchett

    Bow Down to the Pisces Queen!!! Happy birthday to one of the most Creative, Beautiful, Spiritual and Introspective artists of this Generation!! Jhene Aiko, we got Nothing but Love for you.👑🎂👑

  62. m J

    I understand

  63. soul rebel9

    Im legit crying right now ! My lawd this speaks to my soul

  64. Dion Kamogelo

    i just fell in with Aiko's music woow

  65. Dee Jess

    When both of your favs link up 😍

  66. Lucimar Teixeira

    Thank you!!! Love it!! 🙏🙏

  67. Kianna Solomon

    How could someone dislike this masterpiece

  68. Yessica Hernandez

    Her album helped me through the toughest times in my life. 🧡💛💚

  69. Fresh Patterson

    brandy was a perfect fit in this song😊

  70. Tshepiso Modupe

    wow their two styles of singing come together so beautifully. Like lil sis and big sis absolutely speaking and releasing. I can feel how Brandy sang that, from her soul.

  71. E B

    Ohmmmmmmmqeee this song is my life right now, Jhene speaks to my soul man ❤️ shes so underrated I hate that

  72. Koriand'r Of The Stars

    Jhene - The Daughter
    Brandy - The Mother

  73. Spirit Spice

    This album saved my life

  74. Carmen Jones

    love this...

  75. Ricky Cannon

    Who saids you have die to go to heaven?

  76. Astro Amber

    Heaven and Hell are states of mind. We all vibrate at certain FREQUENCIES (one of her songs.) if you are low frequency (hate,fear,ego,selfish) you will live in “hell”, if you are of higher vibration (love, gratitude, etc) you will be living in “heaven.” ❤️ ascension is reaching That point of pure unconditional love of oneself and everybody else (because we are all one 😌) heaven 😇

    Lyfe is Beautiful

    Well stated


    Live from the heart = All is Well
    Live from the mind = All is Hell


    I’m on my way 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  77. Michael Boles

    I lost my way again!!! Lol I know what u mean!! Such a beautiful song! lovely! Heaven! Love u Jhene!

  78. Nu-Unique Choice

    Only God can judge and she has touched my life in a tremendous way.....As i go thru my spiritual awakening so many of her songs resonate with me and my journey and my Spiritual Ascension. I see things so much clearer. Her music is soothing.......💜💡💜💡🙏

  79. naenae

    Can we pleeeease get some ethereal visuals for these angelic voices

  80. CLASS

    I played this while escorting a older white couple for Lyft. They had to be in their early 80s or late 70s. They were silent the whole time while this and another song played. When the two songs finished the couple just said “wow, that was some great music” and they complimented her!!!” The more we talked I realized we had allot in common, when honestly I wasn’t expecting any kind of reaction from the songs I played or what I had to say(usually when I escort older white people they don’t converse or vibe with me lol) It’s funny that in these days how we think age and race causes separation in the world. Then we hear music like this and come together as a whole and just....vibe. Music like this helps heal the world and bring people together. You can take this comment any way you want to! Thank you Jhene Aiko for keeping music alive and bringing people together!!!

    Rich Mahogany

    CLASS bro so deeply happy to read these words🙏🏽 it’s so fucking important to somehow keep our hearts open to the truth that we are all one. This comment should have 7billion likes


    @Rich Mahogany ✊🏿💯

    M Zambrana

    Loved the comment/story. Just really curious what the other song was 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️


    @M Zambrana it was frequency of course. That song started playing as soon as the couple got in the car. The man was the first to comment on that song. I could tell they were listening by the energy in the car, meaning it was dead silence

  81. Shakeema Shuler

    Wow every song I played multiple times 🖤 PERFECT ALBUM

  82. Edge Kontrol

    Even though both verses are the same Brandy really got it to my heart!

  83. Anthony Brown

    I know I want a video to come out for this song 2nd best song on the trip album.🤑

  84. Angelice Jones

    swear i play this song abt 30 times a day lol .. so in love with this song ...

  85. Alana

    Cheers to whoever whatever help put this beauty together... Amazing!

  86. Shawna

    To grasp the feel of what the song is saying is 'heavenly' ❤

  87. Kenneth Moore

    I'm so so so so so sorry kiyah baby I wish you was here with me it feel so unreal love live kiyah 💔

    Royale DaChosen


  88. Kayy Benitez

    this song is so beautiful...

  89. dat_. famouskid


  90. KrysDior

    Brandy’s part whoooooo those runs are so smooth and perfectly placed my goodness

  91. MooBerry2009

    oh no this is to beautiful but i cant listen to it to much cause ill end up boohooing, feeling some type of way right now

  92. Ayo Shakim

    1:45 My heart is heavy when I hear this part 😞💕

  93. Uptown Will

    Spiritual uplifting Music in its purist form. Instant Classic

    Thank u

  94. Joseph Johnson

    "Now aah got a LoooOoOooOvee...." Yes HARMONY!!! 😻💘

  95. jqueen

    If I can make it out of this hell I know I can and I know I will 🙏🏾🤞🏽

  96. Arts Barbi

    The best collab ever <3 My two faves

  97. SunKissNicole

    My goodness this is dope!
    Brandy and Jhene Aiko need to do a tour together