Aiko, Jhene - 2 Seconds Lyrics

Okay you back to talking that shit again
Question me about where I been
I don't even know why you here
You ain't even 'po'ed be here
I put it all on the line
I be loving you every night
You the one I come home to right, right, right

Man I wish I had some weed up in my system
Cause I'm bout two seconds away from just flippin' out
How could you say that I did it when I didn't
Think it's 'bout time that we end this now

I don't need your trust
I don't need this shit, yeah
I have had enough
I think you should just
Run away
Get away, find a new love
Run away

Cry me an ocean, build you a boat then sail away
If this is so difficult I cannot make you stay
I had been hoping you would be more than just a phase
You don't believe me, just leave, ain't nothing more to say

Man I wish I had some weed up in my system
Cause I'm bout two seconds away from just flippin' out
How could you say that I did it when I didn't
Think it's 'bout time that we end this now

I don't need your trust
I don't need this shit, yeah
I have had enough
I think you should just
Run away
Get away, find a new love
Run away

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Aiko, Jhene 2 Seconds Comments
  1. Raajkumari Artopee


  2. Aku The Shapeshifter

    back to the days my country ass lived in compton😍🥰🥰

  3. youloveangelique

    I FELT THIS , i stopped talking to everyone for this person , i dedicated all my time n effort to him. but he still couldn’t trust me , and what’s a relationship with no trust?

  4. Shanieka Curry

    I am so hurt yet a bit relieved that I just walked away from a 2 year relationship full of hell😪😪🙏. It really pains to do so but I just can't take it more. I've tried my hardest to love a person that repeatedly disrespects me with out a care in the world. I can go on and on but I'll keep it short. I pray God's heals my brokenness. I will never look back. I refuse to ever give a person all of me. There's absolutely nothing left to say. I'M running away... TO YOU GOD! 😪😪🙏🙌🙌🙌

  5. Paul Kelly

    I love this song by her! It's really good

  6. Coco Carter

    I'm still banggin this in 2019 ayee

  7. BellaB TV

    Cry me an ocean,build you a boat and sail away

  8. Ana Hale

    I came here from the “Runaway” mashup 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Jada Amor

    i think i played this song 18X

  10. Jada Amor

    This my shit for the past 6 years. I smoke my weed to this and think of my ex

  11. Koni Sharma

    Man this spoke to me on another level.

  12. Shawna

    2019 and I still need this song to be longer 😭

  13. A J

    this is so sooothing and beautiful and sexy and omg love it!

  14. Honey Nicole Reign

    Omg this song! Such a vibe and so relatable 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Kee Rose

    Runawayyyyyyyy get awayyyyyyy fine ah new lovvve...2019💯

  16. Love Pleasure


  17. Tay Beauté

    Still my fave in 2019🙌🏾 jhene so overrated

  18. Cheyla Is Cheyla

    My thoughts 💔 need this instrumental

  19. Jennifer Harris

    I'm so feeling like this right now! Jhene is the truth

  20. TSB. LilDock


  21. MzSongbird Shey

    My fuckin MOOD now 👌🏾💯☝️ think bout time we end this NOW👌🏾

    Lovely Love

    Yess girl, say it again!!! Period💯💯💯

  22. jonathan pineda

    2019 & this still my shit

  23. Mya Taylor

    I love this song😍😻💕

  24. byram1

    I miss this Jhene’😫

  25. Adriana Campos

    I need this on Apple Music. Is there a suggestion box?

  26. lakindria shoemaker


  27. Elodie van Dam

    watch this :)

  28. Denna Johnson

    I'm 12 and I love this song

  29. SincerelyKeeia

    Omg this song brings back hella memories 😩😍 I love Jhene 🤞🏽

  30. Qannette Mcgrudee

    Man I wish I had some weed up in my system cause I’m about 2 seconds away from just flipping out... 🤙🏾 ♓️

    Camille B

    Oh you get it

  31. Salma Karimi

    This song makes me think of freedom.... 🕊🕊🕊 and the feeling of escaping somewhere 😍😍😍

  32. KrysDior

    Runawaaaaay getawaaay find a new love 💕

  33. Latia Jones

    I used to listen to this a long time ago wondering if I should run away from u.and end this.i love u.but I am running now lol I will get away but it’s not easy😞💔😢😫

  34. MONET8iAM

    Yes this is one the first songs I got put on to

  35. 2blessed 2Bstressed

    fr I can relate on so many levels. I can't stand the nigga at times and it becomes hard when ur kids love him and one or two of them look like him and then u find yourself trying to make it work out in the end right back up to where u started with him.

  36. Karen Thomas

    2018 🅿️👌🤗

  37. Emmy

    The runaway mash up with TheWeeknd and Frank Ocean is a killer hit

  38. QueenLee Nash

    It was Published on My Birthday it Was Meant For me 😍🤗😍

  39. Denis Moreira

    Brasil ??

  40. Roxy Shadows

    Roxy Shadows:*

  41. Shalyn Harris biggest fan of ciara

    I love this song

  42. Latia Jones

    What we have is nothing.i wish u were more than jus a phase.i wanna run away from how i feel.maybe its bout time we end this now.

  43. Angell Diaries

    I don't need your trust ... I don't need this shit !!!! I have had enough . She lit speaking my life in a song 😩😩

  44. Reese& Dia

    I haven't heard this song in a while to be honest

  45. Nyesha Howard

    Nyesha:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  46. Nyesha Howard

    Nyesha :-) :-)
    Love you

  47. Latia Jones

    I had been hopen u were more than just a phase.i guess i should run away💔

  48. Latia Jones

    people leave my life when i need them them the most.i am alone that hurts and makes me cry.

    Denzel Jenner

    Latia Jones you keep your head up. We all experiencing the same shit, don’t forget to water yourself and stop wasting your water on weeds.

  49. inkedgirl23 F

    this is the song you play when you're about done with the shit

  50. Jylynn Watson

    my jam!!

  51. Tyisha Young

    If you dont believe get away!

  52. Tyisha Young

    wonderful song.

  53. Shay Marlee

    Davonte w i am so tired of u hurting me using me lien 2 me dogn me im tired of chasen you the feelings i have for u i must burry them no woman deserves what you put me thru i am too good to u only in cleveland

  54. April ALEX

    I accidently ran across this song after listening to living room flow by jhene love this song👌👌👌

  55. patrice e

    Cry me a ocean build you a boat and sail away. Powerful 😍

    Bradley Forbes

    patrice e

  56. Mimi Mariee

    Great lyric prank lls

  57. sakinaxx

    wow this song is beautiful

  58. Nancy Fischer

    I thought it was a longer version to this song! This song is the story of my relationship right now!

  59. Peua Muruko

    "I dont need this shit" she's AMA-ZING

  60. Dominique Mcmullen

    I mean she jus everything, her music make you feel like you been in her shoes

  61. hot kebab

    she is so underrated....

  62. Soso Sanchez

    run away 🎶get away 🎶 find a new love..

  63. Brenda Good

    When you get hacked and shit is popping up on your search and recent app history and your fiance thinks your cheating. So you just listen to this song getting ready for the worst.

  64. Anuhea812

    it's been one of those stressful days so I put this on repeat to ease my mind...

    Brenda Good

    Anuhea812 I feel that.

    karina patton

    Anuhea812 major stress reliever

  65. Shabree Chance

    I don't need yo trust , I don't need this shit yeaaaaaa , I have had enough , I think you should just runawaaaayyyy , get awaaaayyyy find a new love 🎶🎶🎶😍

  66. Malcom Givens

    i don't need your trust , i don't need this ..
    she said it all..

  67. Shaniya Lowe

    You the one I come home to right ?

  68. Aliyah B

    isn't this called runaway ft the weekend and frank ocean ?

    mikah vasquez

    i thought so also

    Mariana Reallybitch

    no that's a mash-up

  69. Brett Alston

    what font is that?

  70. Michael Hernandez

    good vibes

  71. Tikerya Reynolds

    find a new away 😍😘👏

  72. Dani Zareen

    this bitch got some LYRICS <3 such an inspiration

    Thomas Thomas

    yet you call her a bitch, nice job

  73. Thomas Thomas

    run along*


    yyyyeeeeaaauuuuuuuuupppp! Lyrics right on point for a single father


    but my daughter called me Superman. Good luck trying to stop me from moving on successfully.

  75. Sindie Tanya

    my jam, my gal!!

  76. Clarenzo Twitty

    song so goood

    Boujiee Kaylonnii

    So goooooodddd yeaaaa

  77. Stacey Tabura

    I don't need ur trust. I don't need this shit! Hell yeah!

    2blessed 2Bstressed

    Stacey Tabura all us females can so relate.

  78. Míchaél McBrídé

    I wish i had some weed up in my system

    Vanessa Lewis Garcia


    Vanessa Lewis Garcia

    October Skies

    2blessed 2Bstressed

    Míchaél McBrídé shit don't we all

    Lynn Shaw


    Dee Putmon

    Cause I’m bout 2seconds away from flipping out

  79. AJ Lexxii

    Wish this song was longer😔👏


    some songs seem better when they're short and sweet maybe it's just me though

    Myracle Woodford

    Alexis Williams Same. Someone in a comment said "This song last for 2 seconds"😔

  80. Maria Moran

    i love this song!

  81. Jade Davis

    this should have been reached 1 mill

    Dewey Raines


  82. Marley Vincent

    This song can take me from feeling hurt and tainted to feeling empowered

  83. Camille B

    How I'm feeling at this very moment

  84. Yasmine Love Luster

    Run away, find a new love.... <3

  85. D. Boxley

    soooo is the version with her the weekend n frank ocean not real lol kuz i been boastin n braggin bout it 😂

    D. Boxley

    Thank u girl :-)
    But boy do I feel stupid lol

    Brianna Williams

    +Dominique Boxley lol ur not the only one who thought that haha I thought the remix was the original song too😂😂

    D. Boxley

    +Brianna Williams 😂😂😂😂


    Lol yeah that'd just a bomb ass Mashup

    D. Boxley

    +imsierramorse right lol 💯💯 they DID that 💯

  86. Chatese Harris

    Why this so on point tho?! #getaway #findanewlove

  87. Joade-gisellan Kuhlewind

    You gotta love Jhenè 😍😍😍❤

    Shantell Vining

    Joade-gisellan Kuhlewind v do jfrnufdh we fil

  88. Nora Mitchell

    Beautiful voice, sooo talented.

  89. Kylese Taylor

    Love this song