Aiken, Clay - Proud Of Your Boy Lyrics

Proud of your boy
I'll make you proud of your boy
Believe me, bad as I've been, Ma
You're in for a pleasant surprise

I've wasted time
I've wasted me
So say I'm slow for my age
A late bloomer, Okay, I agree

That I've been one rotten kid
Some son, some pride and some joy
But I'll get over these lousin' up
Messin' up, screwin' up times

You'll see, Ma, now comes the better part
Someone's gonna make good
Cross his stupid heart
Make good and finally make you
Proud of your boy

Tell me that I've been a louse and loafer
You won't get a fight here, no ma'am
Say I'm a goldbrick, a goof-off, no good
But that couldn't be all that I am

Water flows under the bridge
Let it pass, let it go
There's no good reason that you should believe me
Not yet, I know, but

Someday and soon
I'll make you proud of your boy
Though I can't make myself taller
Or smarter or handsome or wise

I'll do my best, what else can I do ?
Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you
Mom, I will try to
Try hard to make you
Proud of your boy

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Aiken, Clay Proud Of Your Boy Comments
  1. Sharron Andrews

    The perfect voice for this song!

  2. Skyler Broussard

    When the music swells at 1:34 after “I know but” is my favorite part of any Disney song ever

  3. Michael Kurland

    “Proud of Your Boy”
    Music by Alan Menken
    Lyrics by Howard Ashman
    Performed by Clay Aiken
    Orchestrations by Danny Troob
    Conducted by Michael Kosarin
    ©️1992, 2004 Walt Disney Records

  4. twist58

    Before the mother was taken out of the story due to pacing reasons and the focus was on Aladdin himself, at least Proud of Your Boy was a song Howard Ashman really brought out as heartfelt and provided a moral lesson about a grown kid trying to make any parent proud other than just be seen as a burden or a lost cause.

  5. Lamari Robinson

    I love you mama.❤️ I will make you proud of your boy

  6. PG MX

    On my God! Clay Aiken used to be my first crush when I was 4 years old. I remember my cousins and I rewinding my VHS just to see him. 😂😂

  7. Curtis Martin

    I remember watching a behind the scenes about this song. Everyone choked up talking about what this song meant to Howard Ashman. It seems that his parents didn't "approve" of his sexuality.

  8. The Reviewing Network

    Anybody else disappointed they didn't find a way to put this in the new Aladdin movie?


    The Reviewing Network yes I searched this just to see if anyone felt the same way. Such a sadly missed opportunity

    Chris Smalls

    Maybe they'll put it in the sequel.

  9. Ashaki Bailey

    I love you Mom,as a child's proud of your 👦💗

  10. Crazy organist

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful

  11. pdgarcia1

    Can't belive they delete this from aladin😕but you did well with this song😃

    Ashaki Bailey

    Well believe it,it's s sad 😢Song for all Son's and Mother's love!

  12. Sam Sanchez

    This is like the mirror version of Reflection from Mulan both speak so much to the desperation and despair of the vocalist

    Manuel Orozco

    Sam Sanchez Mulan and Aladdin two equally wonderful Disney movies

  13. mark d

    Gavin mcginness Sent me here!

  14. Manuel Orozco

    #FlashbackFriday I was sent here by Adam Jacobs version from the Aladdin OBC recording. Been a long time since I’ve seen this video. I was actually 11 when it debuted on now I’m 25. Beautiful orchestration

  15. pawprints1986

    Just watched a disney deleted songs video, and their crappier "rough draft" version reminded me of this awesome version!

  16. Jonathan McCormick

    Auto tune glitch at 0:43

    Buddy Mary

    No glitch. This is live and Clay doesn't ever use auto tune.


    For some reason, "Proud of your boy" is kind of similar to "Part of your world".

    Manuel Orozco

    321SPONGEBOLT I never thought it that way before. Not to mention they both have the same composer and lyricist.

  18. Diane Casserly

    Very very nice

  19. Thomas Dollins

    I love this song. It really identified Aladdin’s pain and despair because of his mother sees Aladdin as a thief and she keeps says Aladdin what have you done! and stuff. I owe my debt and my gratitude to Howard Ashman who gave this a deep sorrow and inspiring passion through Aladdin’s point of view and his mother just to be proud of him just like every parent wants to be proud of us for what good gifts we’ve got. I love this song and i hope it will get better in the live action remake. We’ll see. It might not be in there but God and Disney only knows, it’s not our job to answer that until it gets there. Fingers Crossed! 🤞😬

    Manuel Orozco

    Thomas Dollins I’m cautiously excited for the remake and it’s the only one of three live action remakes I am looking forward to in 2019. But I’m desperate to see the Broadway version first

    Manuel Orozco

    Thomas Dollins I take back what I said the remakes of Dumbo and Aladdin were equally wonderful.

  20. Rafael Augusto

    Eu amo Aladdin.

  21. Beau Fonville

    This is my #1 Favorite Disney Song!😂

  22. Diane Casserly

    Love Clay -this song is sung with such feeling

  23. GSU05

    No Wanks! Proud of your boy!

  24. tiffanychamberlain

    love the song clay did great with this song

  25. FirstTenor76

    I recorded myself doing this song and I'd love to hear some constructive criticism, good or bad!? If you're interested, please check my profile. I really appreciate it! ---- I did it more in the style of Aladdin, not as a pop singer.

  26. FirstTenor76

    Right? Who's the idiot that decided to take this song out. I mean this song is GOLD. Someone seriously screwed up by taking this song out.

    Chris Smalls

    FirstTenor76 Aladdin's mother was originally going to be in the movie and this song had something to do with her. But after Howard Ashman's death, they had no choice but to take her and the song out of the plot and make the story more comedic since the Three Disney movies before this were dramatic enough.


    See Chris Smalls reply, but it was really after Howard Ashman's death that they decided to take the song out

    Manuel Orozco

    Chris Smalls That actually sounds fair enough to me. And while we are at it, I prefer Aladdin over Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast.

  27. Griwhoolda

    GREAT song! And I love Clay's performance of this.

  28. moodyindigo

    he sings this so well!

    Ashaki Bailey

    Out of a voice of a Son's 💘LOVE

  29. jamieaiken919

    Gah, I cry every time I hear him sing this song... It's such a beautiful song, and Clay sings it so well.
    But hey, Clay Aiken could sing the phone book and make it sound good.

  30. DollarStoreWhore

    The real DollarStoreWhore didn't post this. DfyingGrvity4Good accidentally posted under my name.

  31. happy7117

    Good stuff!

  32. DollarStoreWhore

    Yeah I know. I've watched the special features on the dvd thousands of times. Haha.

  33. happy7117

    Aladdin's speaking voice was Scott Weiner. Brad Kane was Aladdin's singing voice whenever "Al" sung in the movie.

    Buddy Mary

    Not this time.

  34. lovinlifetothedeath

    allan menkin was the was to bad about howard ashman...this was his song....

  35. Arrialovesyou

    and its a song, it doesnt need correct grammar

  36. Arrialovesyou

    I love this song

  37. AbbieRose1203

    his voice is amxing is it the same voice from the film ???

  38. tiffylouhooo m

    politically incorrect?
    don't you mean grammatically?

  39. Diandra

    I don't think it was politically incorrect. It was just how a child thinks their parents are perfect, and he doesn't think he is yet. :\

  40. alanwandrey


  41. DollarStoreWhore

    You're right. I DON'T now you. I DON'T know if you're "famous" or not. But I was just saying, if you're going to diss Clay, I think you should be able to sing the song better yourself before you say anything. Or at least say what you think could've been better. Just saying someone isn't good, is a waste of everyone's time.

  42. Eltima

    That doesn't change the fact that his voice is amazing.

  43. James McNabb

    hes cute but in a nerdy type

  44. Transformergirl

    So true. I only found out about it after watching the special features on the special edition Aladin DVD.

  45. Katrina christoffersen

    you right he should do music for disney and it goes with his looks too :D

  46. NN47

    Fourth comment here: I love this song. It's great, and I think it's a shame that so few people know it.

  47. chic2222

    i love u clay. i know u're nt perfect but, u're the closest human being to perfection.