Aiken, Clay - I Want To Know What Love Is Lyrics

[originally performed by Foreigner]

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I'm older

Now this mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
I through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
And I wanna feel, I want to feel what love is
And I know, I know you can show me

Let's talk about love
I wanna know what love is, the love that you feel inside
I want you to show me, and I'm feeling so much love
I wanna feel what love is, no, you just cannot hide
I know you can show me, yeah

I wanna know what love is, let's talk about love
I want you to show me, I wanna feel it too
I wanna feel what love is, I want to feel it too
And I know and I know, I know you can show me
Show me love is real, yeah
I wanna know what love is...

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Aiken, Clay I Want To Know What Love Is Comments
  1. Debora Migotto


  2. ruby rachma

    i'm big fans of clay aiken,,,

  3. Nadine Deberry


  4. Lana Hodge


  5. Lisa Bertolini

    chills! all 3 of their voices are so beautiful

  6. Beverly Hicks

    He is awesome and sooo talented,

  7. Abby Mortensen

    I lurve this video, shows his humor. he is really good live, he puts on an awesome show! I wish he'd keep touring but he's all up in politics now!

  8. FrankieandJim

    Great video. Thx for sharing. I just discovered an up & coming musician that's worth checking out... Mikey Wax... Search his song "Love Always Wins". Really catchy.

  9. Aikenclay P

    Amazing... Great job.

  10. Catherine


  11. Simply Mhe

    Love it ....awesome

  12. jedimomma

    those ladies had fun messing with him lmao

  13. TheInvincibleViolet

    Terrific !!


    Yeahhhhh !!!

  14. MrGabeanator

    nice song

  15. Terri Miller

    You don't need to see years on my tab, TODAY'S!!!!That so so great and funnier than shit!!!!!

  16. Andrei Espindola

    beatifull voices

  17. Leo Augustus

    Who the fuck dislike this video? curse them to hell in the name of clay

  18. gaby ave

    how they can sing like that with funny situation? awsome

  19. Karen Murray

    This is awesome, a Clay I have never seen. Talented young man for sure..

  20. Judy Farnsworth

    When is Clay coming back to Florida ? Does anyone know?

  21. jetsat100

    i still think this is a performance, which none of them, really pay attention to the lyrics and the sensitivity hard -rock-rock-scene (when a guitarist do this) it's called wanking. take a look @ Billy Idol(a old one) he is totally present for the audience.

  22. beaniecree

    ummm ya they are singing for a singer and that is part of the performance...if you dont have fun with it noone will! just sayin

  23. Jodi Moffett

    It's amazing how they can be silly and joke around, and still put on a BREATHTAKING performance <3

  24. dalecs47

    love it! he so good!

  25. Aikenclay P

    So funny. But still awesome. As always and listen to that crowed screaming..He sure is loved. And I'm one of the ones that love him.

  26. Daryl Fernandez

    amazing performance

  27. Kevinelle

    He should've won Apprentice... and Idol LOL

  28. Aikenclay P

    Still loving this song..

  29. eracism09

    You betta sang Clay!

  30. jetsat100

    @Teelit i care...and it only sounds great when you understand the meaning of this song.we have a lot of good voices but a leck of artists. there is nothing special in this performance. boring and loud ,thats all.and the worst is i feel that they don't want to sing for us ,the audience.Clay seems to sing for himself..and i hate that


    jetsat100 i think so too. He ruined this beautiful song

  31. Teelit

    @jetsat100 why so serious? Who cares, if they still sound great.

  32. Aikenclay P

    I love this song and the way that Quiana and Angela belt their part out there..GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!! And of course Clay just keeps doing his part.....Well done!!!
    And thanks again for sharing this...

  33. PepiitOo Matías

    wwuuuuaaaaoOoo!!! que voces tan maravillosas... Dios los bendigaa!!!

  34. jetsat100

    don't think it's outstanding,the voices are great....but they missunderstood the song... shoudn't be a party ...this song has so much soul in it...IT'S THE JOB OF AN ARTIST TO ACT SENSITIV NOT LIKE A DUMB CHICK!!! thanks

  35. Aikenclay P

    They did an AWESOME job on this.......I love how Angela and Quiana sang it with him.......Thankks for sharing this with us...kb0326

  36. indigo franka

    I love this funny trio

  37. bigcrunch82

    @RealHipHopGirl ,....he should of have one the american idol ... Ruben wasn't even close

  38. Shannon McLemore

    You go boy!!!!!!!! Sing that song!

  39. Réginald Chérubin

    lol....then end was my faovorite...he's a great singer

  40. Andrea sierracoswort

    cantano da paura darei l'anima per cantare cosi

  41. Cecelia Faulkner

    It's hard to perform Foreigner...but are amazing. Just fucking love you.

  42. kdmomont

    Awesome!! Voice & stage presence!!

  43. Sylvia K

    Don't you just love this man. There's something about you Clay. Something about you.

  44. sandra2sg

    WOW!!!! WOW!!! Fantastic!!!! I'm speecless hearing Clay Aiken higest note.. Just love u Clay Aiken...From Singapore with love..

  45. pamt726

    Amen! As long as an artist does equal to or better than the original; as long as he/she doesn't murder it, I can live with it. Clay can never do a bad version of anything because he has the chops and style to pull it off.

  46. theTeabag

    Is this the same Clay Aiken who took part in Xfactor/idol ???

    OMG what happened to him? he's faaat ugly uglu ugly puke

  47. Pia Tims

    This is an outstanding performance!!

  48. THEOBC2315

    any reason we can't just compliment clay's version of this song without having to "dis" any other artist's version? i don't think any artist sets out to make a bad version, but some artist versions touch people more than others. lou gramm's (foreigner's) version is classic and clay does a tremendous job here too.

  49. Linda Delgado

    Mariah who?

  50. Aussieirishgal

    thats was cool

  51. Kim S

    While I appreciate that others have done covers of this wonderful poignant song, NO ONE does it like the original & GREAT LOU GRAMM, THE MAN!!

  52. FutureMcGinty

    he's about as strait as a crooked line he will never find love so keep on singing this song buddy/ homie

  53. Charles Agostinho

    This is sooo "OMG"! What a voice, man!

  54. 1arielone

    If you close your eyes you can hear how heartfelt and special they made this song. These three are great entertainers and know how not to take themselves to serious. Love Love Love this performance!!!!!!

  55. Robae P

    This song is really heartfelt and special and they ruined it by joking too much!!!

  56. calliethecowgirl

    clay and mike jackson the world is better off without them

  57. Osano Neely

    he got fat but still the best :)))

  58. Cathy Hardman

    Anthony is not better, just different. Clay & young, Anthony differ in styles, but both are super at this song. I like that Clay makes it his own. Nice play between him and the ladies too.

  59. rlwagner85

    I freakin absolutely love him!! YUMMY!

  60. 1d9o8g9

    He can sing just about anything and does make it look easy.

  61. psbintl

    Because he two back-up singers would always fool with him as to who was going to start the song, and the audience knew it!

  62. Dallas Destilworth

    who are they??

  63. chef souffle

    to me i think he made a joke of the song and how everyone was laughing, dont runin a classic play it right or dont playit at all

  64. Diana5230

    what an entertainer he is...i'm loving my cd.

  65. Sebastian Hedlund


  66. Thetaquo

    makes it seem sooo effortlesss!

  67. Emily McLeod

    Jesse is going to town on that piano right around 3:55 hes amazing, they are all amazing

  68. Emily McLeod

    I cant tell wether he has such a connection with them or hes looking in their eyes to try and figure out whos going to sing next lol- I love them

  69. tishabyte

    Those girls are good

  70. doobeedoo2

    anthony callea's version so much nicer

  71. iluvjpc

    He IS gooooood!

  72. inonemus

    the best

  73. kb0326

    If you're referring to the girls on stage, They are Angela Fisher and Quiana Parler. Clay's back up singers/sidekicks.

  74. RealHipHopGirl

    I love Clay *.*
    Who are that girls?

  75. ppssff

    my god what a good performance...

  76. Lindsay Dolney

    poor clay was so confused

  77. beverlygw

    They were amazing!!

  78. DangHesHot

    Best performance EVAH!!!