Aiken, Clay - Bring Back My Love Lyrics

When I was young
Love was a lonely lullaby
Then there was you
I saw my future in your eyes
And I threw you away
I was wrong
When all is said and done

And I'm
Gonna to bring back my love to you
Gonna show you what love can do
Believe me
Just give me time
Cause I'm
Gonna bring back my love to you
And we'll lay down like lovers do
Oh my darlin'
Say you'll be mine

Spending my time building my castles in the sand
I was a fool letting you fall right through my hands tonight
Please let me hold you in my arms
And lie here safe from harm

Cause I'm gonna bring back my love to you
Gonna show you what love can do
Oh my darlin'
Say you'll be mine

All that I ever wanted
All that I ever needed
Was your love
Cause your love
Carries me

Cause I'm
Gonna bring back my love to you
Gonna show you what love can do
Oh believe me
Just give me time
Cause I'm
Gonna bring back my love to you
And we'll lay down like lovers do
Oh my darlin'
Say you'll be mine

Oh my darlin'
Say you'll be mine

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Aiken, Clay Bring Back My Love Comments
  1. nova gunn

    Truly my favourite “Clay” song. Sung with so much feeling.

  2. Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli


  3. Linda Murray

    Love Clay . . . great voice.

  4. Daisylady KLG

    Absolute perfection!!! ✌️💞

  5. Helen Fong

    Clay, please make another album!!!!! I miss you & I'm sure many others do too!!!!!!!

  6. bonnie hipps

    What a beautiful voice, looks, with a touch of insecuritie. I see pain behind those beautiful eyes. Even at the top I feel he still feels alone except back in the south.

  7. Lois Scheminant

    Clay is such a gifted and talented human being in everything and every way. His voice is a blessing from God and he has been generous and kind to share it with the world, but he will certainly be remembered as someone who was a kind person who treated each and every person he ever met with respect. and dignity.

  8. Aikenclay P

    Beautiful!!!   Miss him, I wish he would make another album!  Love his voice!!

  9. Jerri Batey

    He has the most beautiful voice of any man, I listen to him every day.

  10. Aikenclay P

    I love this song.  Clay is a wonderful person with a big heart.

  11. Ann Moore

    I think of myself dancing with Clay as he sings this song to what a nice dream

  12. Ann Moore

    What can I say this is Clay Aiken and love his voice he puts some much feelings into his it

  13. 19ford53

    As great as this song!!!

  14. ann vasconi

    u r so right he shouldve won no doubt

  15. Shirley T

    This is absolutely my favorite Clay Aiken song. It makes my want to cry because of the deep emotions he expresses when he sings! OMG! Brings back past memories in my own life. That what Clay does with this song!

  16. gerra730

    Just had to say that Bring Back My Love is absolutely amazing. Great vocals building to a climatic ending. Loving it.

  17. canfly172

    Really love how the pictures move in this montage! Wish more people could hear Clay's song!

  18. ClaysSTO

    Beautiful voice singing a beautiful song -- nothing better -- Clay Aiken! thank you for making this montage using his new single from his Steadfast CD. And thank you, Clay!

  19. zanylynn1

    This song is absolutely beautiful! What a voice!!!

  20. 4evercashfan


  21. agung Hardianto

    love u good voice

  22. Merly Cruz

    I have watched the American Idol season 2 and my God I thought he's gonna win, as well as the celebrity apprentice. that would help alot with his Foundation the Inclusion Project. Hard wrorking guy, please buy all his CD's to help his Foundation. I bought them all and everyone in my household loves it. I have been to 3 of his concerts.


  23. Anthony Hill

    Glorious Voice Is Intoxicating! I've Been A Fan Since 2004. Seen Him In Concert 4 Times!

  24. gerra730

    A great montage all around. Great pics, great song, and the greatest voice,. Love it.

  25. Aikenclay P

    I love this song so much..I listen to it over and over I can't wait for me CD to come..Clay has a loving, caring, giving heart! I hope Clay has a great year..He is still the best of the best to me..What an awesome job he is doing on Celebrity Apprentice..He is so talented!!!
    God bless you Clay!!

  26. Pia Tims

    This is just gorgeous!

  27. Judy Anderson

    LovesClaysVoice..thank you for the beautiful montage. I absolutely love this song. It's definitely a classic, and Clay's voice just soars....I could listen to it all the time. And I do!

  28. SRIFAN23

    So beautiful--the montage, the song, the voice and the man!!
    Thanks so much.

  29. Nickikiwi

    Absolutely beautiful!

  30. ClaysSTO

    Thank you! This song is so beautiful -- should be all over the place for people to hear it.
    Why is it not?

  31. Sassy Pants

    This song is absolutely gorgeous and the man is stunning!!!! Thank you for making this!